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Silhouette Studio V4.2 Features: Which Software Upgrade Do You Need

Silhouette Studio V4.2 was just released and it's jam packed with new software features.

The question is which Silhouette Studio upgrade do you need to gain access to each of the new features?
You can find some free Silhouette tutorials on the  new V4.2 features here. As Silhouette tutorials are released on them, I will also link to them within the chart below. 

Silhouette Studio Upgrade Features List for V4.2 Features

Designer Edition, Designer Edition Plus, Business Edition

V4.2 Feature Standard Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Designer Edition Plus Business Edition
Library Overhaul x x x x
Automatic Library Backups x x x x
Single Cloud/Store Login x x x x
Large Design Preview x x x x
Color Fonts x x x x
Print Bleed x x x x
Studio3 Thumbnails x x x x
(Design Store Fonts) Commercial Font Identification x x x x
Selection Lasso
x x x
Warp/Word Art Templates
x x x
Editable Warp Text
x x x
Flexi Shapes

x x
Puzzle Generator

x x
Digital Font Creation

Export as PNG

Handwritten Font Creation

Edition Toggle

Material Usage Monitor


Are the Silhouette Design upgrades free? No, upgrading to Silhouette Designer Edition, DE + or Silhouette Business Edition is a one time paid upgrade and the price depends on the level of the upgrade.  Below is a list of complete upgrades from the basic/free version of Silhouette Studio.
If I already have Designer Edition, for example, can I buy a prorated upgrade to DE+ or BE+? Yes! If you are already on one upgraded version of Silhouette Studio, and later decide to upgrade further, you can buy the partial upgrade.
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  1. If you already have the Designer Edition Plus will there be a charge for that update?


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