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How to Save as PNG from Silhouette Studio (V4.2 Series)

Silhouette Studio now has an option to Save as PNG directly from the design software.

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It's been a long requested feature that has finally been released with the new version of Silhouette Studio V4.2!
The Save as PNG is only available to Silhouette Studio users who are using Silhouette Studio V4.2 Business Edition - so yet another reason to both update and upgrade.

The option allows you to save your entire work area or a selection as a PNG with either a white or transparent background.

Silhouette America released the ability to save as SVG, JPEG, and PDF in a previous version of V4....but users insisted on the ability to save as a PNG and it's finally here.

To Save As a PNG from Silhouette Studio, with your design open in the work area, go to the File menu. Click either Save As or Save Selection as > Save to Hard Drive.

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A box will pop up. The default file type is Silhouette Studio 3. Click the dropdown menu to see the other options - including PNG.

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Once you select PNG and click "Okay" you'll get another pop up box. This one will ask you what DPI (dots per inch) you'd like to save in. You'll also have the option to save with a white background or transparent.

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Make your selections and then click Okay to finish saving as a PNG file from Silhouette Studio.

In this preview screen you can see the difference between the PNG saved with a transparent background vs a white background. 

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This new Silhouette Studio feature is hugely important for Silhouette businesses that design in Silhouette Studio and sell their digital designs.

Because the .Studio file format is proprietary, .Studio files can't be sold.  However SVG and PNG file types can be. The ability to export as an SVG was great, but it still limited those designs who create in Silhouette Studio because not all customers can open SVG files - only those with an upgraded version of Silhouette Studio.  PNG files can opened by all Silhouette Studio users and can easily be traced to create a cut line around the edge. 

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  1. How do we know how many DPI to save it as? Should we just leave it as is, or does it need to be altered?

  2. I upgraded to business edition but still don’t have the option to save as a png file. Any tips?

    1. You probably need to update your software to V4.2. Not all of the BE features are available in all versions of the software so sometime when you're on an older version of the software you won't see upgrade features.

  3. I have the Design Edition 4.4 but I don't have this option, only various .studio or .gsp file save options? Have they removed this feature or am I looking in the wrong place, please?

    1. Hi there! You need Business Edition. You can find a Designer to Business edition upgrade at Swing Design:

  4. Hi - Do you know why text is not being saved when I save to png?

    1. Hi there! You probably need to add a line weight in the upper left hand panel.

  5. I have the business edition. I have all the options to save, but when I do save the file to png it's blank. Same with jpg. I have followed all the directions. Any ideas?


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