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Free Silhouette Design: America Y'all (Commercial Use Available)

Freebie Fridays just roll around here so quickly it seems! Time for another one here at Silhouette School! 

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With Memorial Day creeping right around the corner I thought I'd share a patriotic design with you for this week's Freebie Friday!

DIY Faux Leather Earrings Start to Finish: Silhouette CAMEO Tutorial

A few weeks back I shared my favorite faux leather sheets (and Silhouette cut settings) for making leather earrings.

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Since then I've been asked quite often how to finish the faux leather earrings. Today I'm going to share a full start to finish leather earring tutorial including all the supplies you need.

How to Load Vinyl Into Silhouette CAMEO 4 So It Cuts Straight

The best way to load vinyl or a cutting mat into a Silhouette cutting machine is to use both hands to ensure it loads - and then cuts - straight.

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This was much more challenging to do prior to the still little known mat sensor on the Silhouette CAMEO 4, CAMEO 4 Plus, and CAMEO 4 Pro.  Using this relatively new feature you can more easily load the mat and/or materials into the Silhouette CAMEO 4 machines so they cut straight! Read on for how...

Foil Quill Transfer Sheets: Avoid Foil Quill Skips

If your Foil Quill skips while it's foiling with your Silhouette CAMEO - I'm sharing a trick today that will help you avoid skipping! 

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One of the reasons you may be having skipping issues with Foil Quill is because the foil transfer sheet isn't smooth which can results in areas of missed foil.  In this Silhouette Foil Quill tutorial I'll show you one easy way to get your foil to lay flat! 

How to Recover Silhouette Studio Files

If you find yourself needing to recover Silhouette Studio files you're in luck. 

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The Silhouette Studio software has a built in file recovery option that will allow you to restore your library to a previous version thus letting you recover lost Silhouette Studio files. 

Free Silhouette Design: Friends are the Family You Choose (Commercial Use Available)

It's Friday! And Fridays around Silhouette School mean one Silhouette designs. 

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We can't pick our family...but the good thing is we can pick our friends that become family! 

How to Make Reusable Stencils with Silhouette CAMEO | VIDEO

Ever wonder how to make DIY reusable stencils with Silhouette CAMEO? If you create a stencil with vinyl you can use it once then you have to throw it out. 

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But if you use the right material you can make a DIY stencil for wood signs that you can use over and over again!  Look no further than your laminator.

How to Fill a Traced Image in Silhouette Studio (to Change the Colors)

When you trace an image in Silhouette Studio to create cut lines the cut lines are red and the design itself is transparent. 

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So how do you fill a traced image in Silhouette Studio with different colors. In this tutorial I'll explain step by step how to trace a design, separate it, and then fill with color. 

How to Make Stencils for Wood Burning Signs with Silhouette CAMEO

You can use your Silhouette CAMEO to cut stencils for wood burning signs and create totally custom pieces! 

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If you've never cut stencils with your's the time to start!  In this Silhouette stencil tutorial we'll walk through everything including the best stencil material for Silhouette to how to using a scorch solution with a heat gun to burn wood. 

22 Silhouette Tutorials, Tips & More (April Wrap Up)

And just like that April is in the books! While Spring Breaks were happening, Silhouette School is always in session!

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Let's take a look at all that was covered in April - lots of vinyl and HTV tutorials, heat press tips, of course freebies and lots more! 

Free Silhouette Design: Don't Give Up (Commercial Use Available)

It's Friday which means it's time for a free Silhouette cut file on Silhouette School. 

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We all need a little encouragement sometimes to just keep going. And with it being Mental Health Awareness Month, I thought this was the perfect time for this design.