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Wood Burning Signs: Quick and Fun Silhouette Craft for Camping Theme

If you're looking for fun Silhouette crafts...camping themed crafts are always a winner. 

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Pair custom cut stencils, torch paste, and unfinished wood blanks to create camping theme Silhouette crafts. Read on for a quick Silhouette tutorial on how to get started wood burning for beginners! 

Making Planner Stickers with Silhouette CAMEO 4

Making planner stickers with Silhouette CAMEO 4 will allow you to make custom stickers and save some money on buying them! 

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So if you're wondering "How do I make my own planner stickers?" on for this step by step tutorial. 

Free Silhouette Design: Create What You Wish Existed (Commercial Use Available)

It's Freebie Friday around here...I know it's everyone's favorite time of the week! 

freebie friday, free silhouette studio file, free studio design, free silhouette design, free silhouette studio design

Today I am sharing a design I hope will inspire you. Everyone that comes to the blog is creative, so I hope for you to create what you wish existed.

Black Friday Deals 2022: Crafty and Silhouette Deals Not to Miss! (Continuously Updated)

The 2022 Silhouette Black Friday Deals (and Cyber Monday, of course) are here..and I'm here to help!! 

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As I do every year I'm excited to bring you not only the best current deals, but a sneak peak of upcoming 2022 Black Friday Silhouette Deals! 

I'll be to keeping this 2022 Silhouette Holiday Deals Headquarters updated so check back often..but know there are limited time and limited quantities so in some cases once the deals is gone it's act fast! 

Finally, the fastest way to get deal alerts is to join our Silhouette CAMEO Deals and Crafty Steals Facebook Group so you get notified instantly when I post a deal! 

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Ready to get those 2022 Black Friday Silhouette Deals? Game on Crafty Fridays, game on!!! 

Print and Cut Sticker Printer: Introducing the iColor 250 Sticker Machine (MAC and PC)

If you run a sticker shop or custom sticker business, I just found what I would consider to be among the best printers to print stickers!!

The Uninet iColor 250 is a super compact, super fast print and cut sticker machine that can print on 5" wide sticker and label material as well as speciality materials like magnet, BOPP (a polypropylene material with permanent adhesive), and metallics. 

There is SO much to love about the iColor 250 including that this print and cut sticker printer works on both a PC and a MAC as well as its small size and fast, high resolution printing. Did I mention the small learning curve?

Yes, the price tag is high, but so are the margins on stickers especially for a machine that both prints and cuts leaving you hands off rather than fussing with registration marks and multiple machines. 

Read on to learn if the iColor 250 print and cut sticker machine is right for your small business. 

Desktop DTF Printer Comparison: Prestige A3+ vs Prestige A3+ R

There's rapidly increasing interest in desktop Direct to Film printers for at-home t-shirt transfer businesses. That's created a market that's trying to keep up with the demand for full color weedless, cutless printable transfers in a compact DTF printer size. 

wide format printers, dtf printer, direct to film, dtf, t shirt transfers

I shared with you an introduction to DTF and how it might fit into your business along with everything to know about the Prestige A3+ DTF printer not long ago. Now there's a second model that gives small businesses even more options to grow.  

There are a few differences between the two desktop DTF printer models depending on your needs, space, and budget!  Read on for a comparison of the Prestige A3+ vs Prestige A3+ R DTF Printer...where R stands for "roll"...and how to get yourself some free DTF film if you decide to invest in a DTF printer setup. 

How to Use Silhouette Studio for Custom Sublimation Tumblers for Beginners

You might be surprised to know all that you can do with sublimation when you learn how to design in Silhouette Studio for sublimation tumblers. 

silhouette 101, silhouette america blog, silhouette and sublimation, silhouette studio, sublimation printer

Keep reading, because in this Silhouette Studio sublimation tutorial, we'll show you the easiest way to create custom sublimation tumblers!

Epson F570 and F170 Sublimation Printer Setup on PC (Why Does Everyone Miss The Most Important Step?)

Correctly setting up the Epson F170 Sublimation Printer - or the larger Surecolor F570 Pro - is crucial in making sure the sublimation printer is printing the correct colors. 

Epson Sublimation, Silhouette and Sublimation, Epson unboxing, Epson f570, Epson f170, sublimation printing

The key to getting the best sublimation print colors is to make sure you are printing through the print manager. This is true whether you are using a MAC or a PC. 

Read on to learn how to install the Epson Print manager on a PC when setting up the Epson SC F570 sublimation printer

If you have a MAC, hop over here to learn how to set up your Epson sublimation printer.

Pre Black Friday Sale: Buy Any Silhouette School eBook Bundle or Gift Card Get a FREE Month to Silhouette U

Black Friday is coming, but I've got a Pre-Black Friday deal for you!! 

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The good news is Silhouette School is celebrating with a 48 Hr Pre-Black Friday Sale...not only are all Ultimate Silhouette Guide eBooks and eBook bundles on sale for 50% off, but when you buy any ebook bundle OR gift card on Ultimate Silhouette Guide you'll get a FREE month to Silhouette U too

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How to Calibrate Silhouette CAMEO

There are times when you may need to know how to calibrate your Silhouette CAMEO machine.

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Silhouette CAMEO calibration is helpful when the machine is cutting in the wrong area and ends up cutting off the mat or off the material on the mat.  This Silhouette CAMEO calibration tutorial will fix that issue applies to the CAMEO 4 and other older machines. 

What Do You Need for DTF Printing? Getting Started Supply List

If you're considering getting into Direct to Film printing and are wondering "What do I need for DTF printing?" - don't let that stall you from jumping in!

silhouette 101, silhouette america blog, Prestige a3+ dtf printer, AA prestige a3+ dtf printer, Desktop dtf printer,

There's nothing more frustrating than thinking you've got a full DTF set up only to realize there's an essential piece that you're missing just to get started. I also understand you definitely don't want to overbuy what you don't need especially if you're on a tight budget when making this small business investment! 

I've created a Getting Started Supply List for DTF that will make sure you get everything you need for DTF printing so you can get set up and start printing transfers within an hour of opening the box or should I say crate?