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How to Apply Vinyl to Glass Without Bubbles

Applying vinyl to glass (or other non-porous surfaces like tile) can be especially hard to avoid getting bubbles under the vinyl. 

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The method shown in this tutorial can help you do just that, and all you're going to need, you probably already have in your kitchen - dish soap and a spray bottle.

Silhouette CAMEO Not Cutting Completely or Correctly (Packet Size)

Is your Silhouette CAMEO not cutting completely or cutting odd lines?  There's a default setting you can change that may just fix the issue. 

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The Packet Size setting is buried deep within the advanced preferences, but knowing how to find it and what to adjust can make all the difference in your cuts. 

Freebie Friday Congrats Grad Cut File

Happy Friday! It's time for another Free Silhouette cut file!

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Celebrate your favorite graduate with this Congrats Grad design!

How to Keep Track of Orders for Small Business (Silhouette or Cricut)

If you have found yourself "organizing" orders on sticky notes or a notebook it may be time to get a little more organized and streamlined with a free order management "software" for small business.

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Many Silhouette crafters did not intend to sell their items when they started out with their Silhouette CAMEO...but inevitably a friend, neighbor, or friend of a friend asks "Can I buy one from you?" And you have yourself a small business almost overnight with no way for order tracking.

One order is easy to remember or jot down on a notepad, but take it from someone who was in that position six years ago and now has a handful of's not the way to scale.  You need an ordering system for small business. Also take it from's FAR easier to implement an order management system from the start and the Google Suite tools - all free - make it easy to do.

How to Remove a 40oz Tumbler Handle

Whether you're trying to do a full wrap laser engrave or full wrap sublimation on a 40 oz tumbler, you're probably going to need to remove the handle. 

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Removing the handle of a 40 oz tumbler seems like it should be a little easier than it is.  I'm sharing my tips so you're not left struggling. 

Vinyl Nail Decal Tips and Sizing Guidelines: Silhouette Tutorial

If you've joined the vinyl nail art club - welcome! I've been using vinyl to decorate my own, as well as my daughter's finger and toenails, for almost as long as I've owned a Silhouette.  Whenever I share a photo of our vinyl nail art I get questions - most about cutting such small designs and sizing the decals. Today I am going to answer the three biggest questions I get about Silhouette vinyl nail designs so you can get decorating your nails, too!

How to Make Your Own Sublimation Blanks (and Save Money)

You can make your own sublimation blanks which will not only save you money, but also give you creative freedom. 

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Cutting full sheets of MDF sublimation hardboard into custom shapes means you can match your sublimation blanks to your designs. Read on for how to make your own sublimation blanks. 

Freebie Friday Summer Vibes Cut File

It's Friday!! Time for another Silhouette free cut file.

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Get ready for summer with this cute retro Summer Vibes design.

Silhouette Studio Gradient Fill Tool Tutorial

Did you know you can fill designs with a gradient fill in Silhouette Studio?

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There are default quite a few gradient color options in Silhouette Studio, but you can also customize the gradient fills as well.

What Can't an iColor White Toner Printer Do? (And an Epic Giveaway)

If you're considering getting a transfer printer for cutless, weedless transfers you have a few choices: a white toner printer or a direct to film printer

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I have both...and while white toner transfer printers don't get nearly as much recognition, don't sleep on them because they can do a lot more than what you probably realize AND there's no maintenance. Two HUGE advantages over DTF printing. 

A recent price drop on material means white toner transfers are even cheaper to print! 

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My Uninet white toner printer is one of the most versatile printers in my office with the ability to print white on everything from dark to clear paper (and stickers), create transfers for any color shirt, print sublimation transfers, print vinyl decals, transfers for hard goods and even create foil transfers! Uninet likes to say that for $3995 you can get a business in a box...and given all you can do with it with varying combination of toners and materials, I agree. 

And the best part..I love the iColor 560 so much I've partnered with Uninet and Swing Design to give one away! 

Read on to learn 5 ways to use an iColor 560 that no body is talking details on how to enter to win one! 

Coffee Mug Decal Placement Tips

Cutting vinyl decals for coffee mugs is popular with Silhouette crafters, but there's one big question that people often ask.

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Which side of the mug does the vinyl decal go on?