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Free Silhouette Studio Design: Mardi Gras Mirrored (Commercial Use Available)

It's Carnival time! Which only means one thing when it's freebie time at Silhouette School...

freebie friday, free silhouette studio file, free studio design, free silhouette design, free silhouette studio design's also time for a Mardi Gras freebie! 

Desktop DTF Printer Comparison: Roland BN-20D vs Prestige A3+

If you're looking for the best desktop DTF printer then you've probably wondered which is better: the Roland BN-20D or the Prestige A3+ or A3+ R? 

Given that I have both and have used both, this is a question I keep getting and one that I am hoping I can help answer for you. 

I know it's important for you to invest in the best DTF printer and it's not an easy or inexpensive choice! Read on for a comparison between the Roland BN-20D DTF printer vs the Prestige A3+ DTF Printer

Introduction to Direct to Film Printing and How it Fits into Your Silhouette Business

If you've heard the term DTF or Direct to Film printing but you're not sure what it is - or how it could fit into your Silhouette CAMEO world or your small business - you've come to the right spot. 

silhouette 101, silhouette america blog, Prestige A3, dtf printer, direct to film

Read on to learn more about DTF printing and how a desktop DTF printer like the Prestige A3+ can help you make, print, and sell cut-less, weed-less full color transfers from designs you already own! 

23 Silhouette Tutorials, Tips and More! (January 2023 Wrap Up)

I can't believe that we are already a month into 2023...AND it's time to look back at all the free Silhouette tutorials we shared last month!

We shared lots of tips for new and not so new Silhouette users, had some fun with sublimation and stickers and had some fun with the Foil Quill again! Of course there were also lots of freebies shared! 

How to Cut Puffy HTV and Use it on Paper

Are you're looking for a way to add a special something to your paper crafting projects, then look no further than puffy HTV! This material is perfect for adding texture, dimension, and color to your finished product. 

silhouette 101, silhouette america blog, puff htv, heat transfer vinyl, paper projects

We'll guide you through the steps of cutting puffy HTV and using it on paper projects - from cards to scrapbooks and more. Let's get started!

Sticker Paper Vs Printable Vinyl: Which Should I Use?

It's not always super clear the differences between Sticker Paper vs Printable Vinyl and when to use one over the other. 

silhouette america blog, silhouette 101, stickers, inkjet printable vinyl, sticker paper, sticker printer

I've used both materials, from Online Labels, extensively over the years and am happy to be able to share some tips on when to use each. 

Free Silhouette Design: Love Always Wins (Commercial Use Available)

That time of week has already rolled around here at Silhouette School! That's right...Freebie Friday! 
freebie friday, free silhouette studio file, free studio design, free silhouette design, free silhouette studio design

And this week, I've got a cuter than cute Valentine's Day design for you! 

Silhouette CAMEO 4 Pro Review: Pros and Cons of the 24" CAMEO

The Silhouette CAMEO 4 Pro is finally here...and so is my first 24" CAMEO Pro review!

silhouette 101, silhouette america blog, CAMEO 4 Pro,  20 CAMEO 4,  Silhouette CAMEO 4 Pro,

As I always do, I'm here to give you guys all the information - pros and cons -so YOU can make an educated decision on if the new Silhouette CAMEO Pro should find a spot in your craft room! 

Silhouette Cutting Wrong Size? Here's the Fix

If your Silhouette CAMEO is cutting the wrong size, it can be extremely frustrating. 

silhouette america blog, silhouette 101, silhouette studio, silhouette studio 4, silhouette studio troubleshooting, silhouette cutting issue

Fortunately, there's an easy fix to make sure your Silhouette cuts the same size as the dimensions in Silhouette Studio. 

How To Foil Quill On Balsa Wood

Looking for a creative new way to spruce up your kitchen? Look no further – today, I'm going to show you how to make a unique sign with the foil quill and balsa wood. 

silhouette 101, silhouette america blog, balsa wood, foil quill, foil quill on wood

With this simple technique, you'll be able to craft an eye-catching home d├ęcor piece that will have your guests impressed. So come join me as we explore the beauty of foil quill on balsa wood!

Epson F570 Sublimation Print Settings for Best Color (PC)

If you're looking for ways to get the best Epson F570 Sublimation print settings, the key is using the print manager. 

silhouette 101, silhouette america blog, epson sublimation, epson f570, sublimation printing

Accessing the Epson F570 Print manager on PC can be a little confusing so follow this tutorial for a step by step guide on getting the best colors when printing to your sublimation printer.