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Free Silhouette Design: Farm Girl (Commercial Use Available)

Where are my farm girls? It's time for another freebie here at Silhouette School and this one has your name all over it! 

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And I love this design so much because when I say it can be used for anything - I mean anything!

How to Use Laser Printer Sheets for Stencils When You Have Inkjet Printer

If you got an Ikonart Stencil Kit and you now have a pack of inkjet or laser printer sheets that aren't compatible with your printer - all is not lost. 

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If you have an inkjet printer, like I do, you can actually use the laser printer sheets that came with it to make custom reusable stencils. Read on for how to use the Ikonart Laser Sheets for stencils even if you don't have a laser printer (and same goes for inkjet!)...and how to save 15% off anything on the Ikonart site!

Roland BN-20A: Introducing the New (More Affordable) All-In-One Print and Cut Vinyl Machine

If printing and cutting vinyl stickers aka multi color, no layer vinyl decals is on your wishlist - Roland just announced the brand new 20" Roland BN-20A print and cut machine for at home use ... and with that my print and cut in one machine dreams have all but come true. 

Roland BN20A print and cut vinyl machine

Just like the Uninet iColor 560 White Toner printer and Ikonart Reusable Stencil Kit, this desktop ecosolvent print-and-cut machine fills a need that many Silhouette hobby-crafters-turned-small-business-owners find themselves in need of for faster production and growth with a small footprint for at home use and a lower-than-commercial-price tag. 

How to Distress Painted Wood Signs - No sanding!

Achieve that aged, distressed, rustic look of the popular farmhouse signs using this sandpaper-free method of distressing painted wood signs. 

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It's easier than you think because it's not supposed to look perfect - in fact, don't overthink it! Then, in no time you'll be creating perfectly imperfect distressed farmhouse wood signs!

How to Do Bleach Shirts with Vinyl

After I shared my 7 best tips for how to bleach shirts at home, I got a lot of questions from people asking how I do bleach shirts with vinyl. 

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Using adhesive vinyl as a way to block the bleach from areas of the shirt gives a really cool effect and it's not hard to do. 

Free Silhouette Design: Survivor Stacked Mirror Text (Commercial Use Available)

It's that time of the week again...Freebie Friday!! 

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And since it's Breast Cancer Awareness month, it is always good to bring awareness! 

Halloween Nail Art Set: Free Silhouette Studio Cut Files

My daughter and I love to do DIY holiday manicures - so this week, for Freebie Friday, I'm sharing a recent set I created for some fun Halloween vinyl nail art!

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The set, which you can download below, includes three sizes of pumpkins (sized for adults and kids),  #31, dots and stripes.  Everything is already sized to fit 'average' nails.  I'm assuming the two us are average don't resize the shapes.

How to Import Photos to Silhouette Studio To Use as Fill Patterns (3 Easy Steps)

You can import photos into Silhouette Studio and use the photo to fill a shape in just a few easy steps. 

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Importing photos to Silhouette Studio through the Patterns folder allows you the greatest control including cropping photos in Silhouette Studio, filling other shapes with the image and printing and cutting photos. 

How to Make Sets of Kiss Cut Stickers with Silhouette CAMEO 4

Once you have mastered how to make kiss cut stickers with Silhouette CAMEO, you can take it one step further to create sticker sets! 

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Sticker sets are a little trickier with Silhouette CAMEO 4 because you need to set the blade to a kiss cut setting for the stickers, but then adjust the settings to cut fully through the sticker sheet and liner to cut the individual sets. 

How to Make Gradient Rhinestone Transfers

Want to take your rhinestone transfers and decals up a level?  Make gradient rhinestone designs! 

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While it's a little more time consuming to make gradient rhinestone transfers, it's not hard to do. Follow this rhinestone tutorial for my tips on how to gradient rhinestones. 

Free Silhouette Design: Favorite Place to Be (Commercial Use Available)

It's that time again for another freebie here at Silhouette School! 

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This week we are sharing a file for all of the families and friends that are like families. The ones that you want to tell that being with them is your favorite place to be!