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Free Silhouette Design Set: Fox Friends (2 Ways)

It's that time of the week again...Freebie Friday!

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Like we do every Friday, we have a free Silhouette design...or two... for you!

Second Silhouette CAMEO: 7 Ways to Justify Needing Another Cutter

Many Silhouette crafters - at one point or another - question whether or not they need another (or a new) Silhouette machine.

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There are a number of reasons why it's a good idea to seriously consider a second Silhouette cutting machine.  Some of them would fall under the "want" category while others should definitely be considered a "need."

3 Tricks to Avoid Wasting HTV Scraps: Silhouette Tutorial

If you're like me and you hate wasting material - including scraps - there are some tricks to making sure you get the most out of your materials.

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This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

Heat Transfer Vinyl is not cheap at anywhere from $3 to $3.25 per 12x15" sheet of solid color Siser Easyweed.  Patterns and glitter HTV typically cost even more.

What Happened with Silhouette Studio Beta V4.2?

You may have noticed that Silhouette Studio V4.2 was available for Open Beta on the Silhouette America website and then suddenly disappeared.

You weren't seeing things...for the second time in as many weeks Silhouette America decided to remove the previously released open beta version of V4.2. But why?

7 Tricks to Cleanly Cutting Tiny Script Fonts on Vinyl with Silhouette CAMEO

One of the biggest frustrations for Silhouette CAMEO users trying to cut very intricate designs and text is the more intricate and the smaller the design, the harder it is to get a clean cut.

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The problem is some of the most beautiful designs are the most intricate ones with scrolls and flourishes and swooshes and sometimes you just need to cut them small!  That's when having a few tricks up your sleeve for cutting very small designs or text on vinyl can be the difference between a chewed up design and one that cuts perfectly.

Free Silhouette Designs: Holiday Gift Card Holders (Set of 4)

It's the holidays and it's Freebie Friday and this week we have a set of four designs for you!!

And not just any designs but free gift card holder cut files! 

Exporting Custom Material Cut Settings from Silhouette Studio

If you're like me and you have added a bunch of custom cut settings to Silhouette Studio then you should take the extra step of exporting - as a back up.

Exporting your custom material cut settings takes just a few quick steps.

How to Add New Custom Material Cut Settings in Silhouette Studio

Not every material you can cut with Silhouette is found in the Material list. That's why it's nice that you can add your own custom material cut settings in Silhouette Studio.

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Adding your own custom cut settings is easy and it's a great way to remember the best cut settings you've found for materials that aren't listed by default.

5 Tricks to Putting Vinyl Designs on Round Christmas Ornaments (Silhouette Video Tutorial)

This time of year everyone is putting vinyl on Christmas ornaments...but, man, can that be easier said than done!!

Today I'm sharing 5 tricks for putting vinyl on round Christmas ornaments without the wrinkles!

22 Free Silhouette Tutorials You Can't Miss (November Wrap-Up)

I am not sure where November went...but wow it flew by!

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If you missed anything on Silhouette School - and we were jam packed with Silhouette tutorials, tips, tricks and free designs - we've got ya covered!

7 Free Silhouette Designs: Set Christmas Ornaments

It's officially the holiday season...and it's also Freebie Friday!!! 

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So this week Silhouette School has teamed up with Silhouette U and So Fontsy designer Creative Appliques for a total of 7 free cut files!!