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Free Silhouette Design: Keep Calm Retro Stack

Everyone keep calm...another Freebie Friday has rolled around here at Silhouette School!

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Yes, weeks are flying by that fast that we are here with another! And this one...I believe is one we ALL need!

Silhouette Deep Cut Blade Review (And What It Can Cut in CAMEO)

If you're considering the Silhouette Deep Cut Blade for Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait, this review and tutorial will give you a good start including cut settings for otherwise hard to cut materials.

Silhouette Cameo, deep cut blade, cameo 3, portrait 2, silhouette 101

The Silhouette Deep Cut blade can cut materials up to 2mm thick. Those are usually reserved for the Curio, CAMEO 3, Portrait 2 and Silhouette CAMEO 4 which are the machines that have the higher clearance and therefore can cut thicker materials. However I was also able to use the Deep Cut blade with success in my CAMEO 2. This gives you some options if you want to avoid or can't use the Kraft Blade.

Custom Face Masks with HTV the Quick and Easy Way!

Custom face masks are in high demand right now and with a Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait you can easily make them with both HTV or sublimation.

The biggest challenge of adding a sublimation transfer or heat transfer vinyl on face masks is the shape of the mask itself.  I have few tricks that should help you deal with the shape and any seams to get a better press.

How to Make a Border in Silhouette Studio

If you're wondering how to make a border in Silhouette to frame your design, this tutorial will take you through the process step by step.

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You don’t need to be a digital design wizard to learn how to outline an image in Silhouette Studio.
The Silhouette Studio software makes it easy for you to create a border around any design or text!

Why Bad Silhouette Cuts on Vinyl and HTV May NOT Be User Error (VIDEO)

If your Silhouette CAMEO is not making clean cuts when cutting vinyl and HTV, there's a good chance it's NOT user error (and I don't often say that).

Cameo 4, HTV, adhesive vinyl, silhouette 101, silhouette america blog

The default cut settings in Silhouette Studio V4.1 and higher are not accurate for the vinyl and HTV materials which makes getting a good cut without any adjustments nearly impossible. The trick for how to make Silhouette cut deeper should start with the force, not the blade depth.

Free Silhouette Design: This Bag Contains My Face

I swear these Fridays keep coming around so quick! But I know you guys love it because that means it's time for another free Silhouette cut file. 

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This week we are sharing the cutest design for cosmetic bags!

Cutting and Transferring HTV With No Transfer Sheet (Silhouette Tutorial)

Everything you thought you knew about cutting and transferring heat transfer vinyl goes out the window when you're working with HTV that does not have a transfer sheet.  Most of the time HTV comes with a transfer sheet, but if you're working with specialty or patterned HTV like I was recently with this hunting camo it may not come with a plastic transfer sheet.

Silhouette tutorial, HTV, heat transfer vinyl, no transfer sheet, silhouette 101

The vinyl I was using had a plastic sheet with it, but it was on the back side of the HTV...not covering the front as it usually is if you buy Siser Easyweed.  This presented a few challenges....and so I had to find a few workarounds to deal.

New Silhouette Studio V4.4 Features and Tutorials

Silhouette Studio V4.4 has been released with a set of new Silhouette Studio features.

PNG Auto Trace, Silhouette Studio v4.4, Silhouette Studio, New Features, Print Preview, Smart Snapping

There are three new features in this version of the software that may tempt you to update including a game changing PNG auto trace feature and a list of bug fixes. However, be aware there are still some outstanding bugs that you should be aware of before you jump in. 

Turn a 3D Layered SVG into a Lighted Shadow Box

3D layered cut files are gaining a lot of popularity with paper crafters. But if you've never used a layered 3D SVG design before it can be a little intimidating.

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In this tutorial you'll learn how to convert a layered SVG into a design that really shines in these popular shadow box projects!

New Hobby Heat Presses in Pretty Colors (Plus Heat Press Side Comparison Chart)

If you are looking for a new heat press they are finally here! Long gone are the okay-ish colors that clash with your craft room.
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You can now get what I like to refer to them as a "pretty heat press" - that matches not only your craft room but your Silhouette CAMEO machine.

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The new 15 x 15" heat presses are exclusively available at Swing Design and come in four colors: white, pink, teal, and coral. 

Freebie Friday: Farm Fresh Eggs

Freebie Fridays roll around quick here at Silhouette School! But I know you guys don't mind!

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This week I am sharing one that I think all of those farmhouse lovers will love!