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So Fontsy's 1st Anniverary! Daily Deals All Week and Big Ol' Giveaway!!

Last week we celebrated Silhouette School's 5th anniversary with a huge week-long giveaway!

Apparently I like to start businesses in January because this week we're celebrating the first anniversary of our sister site, So Fontsy!! We're celebrating with 24 hour daily deals all week and another week-long giveaway.

Free Silhouette Design: Love and Tacos

It's everyone's favorite time of the week again and Silhouette School reader's especially...Freebie Friday!
And we are sharing a Freebie that I think everyone will get behind!

New Download Option for Silhouette Design Store Purchases

If you've purchased anything from the Silhouette Design Store recently you may have noticed you now have the option to download all of your purchases to your computer rather than only saving them to your Silhouette Cloud Library.
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This is a big change and opens up a lot of doors for users to work outside of the Silhouette library and Cloud. 

How to Turn Off Automatic Silhouette Studio Updates (and Why You Should)

It's likely that at some point when you launched Silhouette Studio you got a pop up box prompting you to update your Silhouette Studio software.

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I'm warning you now: never click it! In fact, my suggestion is to turn those software update pop up prompts off completely so you don't accidentally click it.  This Silhouette tutorial will show you how..and explain why!

Organizing Silhouette Designs: How to Set Up a File System

Creating a system to store and organize your designs for Silhouette can be overwhelming - especially if you haven't started from the beginning.

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Most of us don't have the forethought to create a Silhouette file organization system from the beginning because lets face it: we don't realize how many designs we're going to start collecting. This Silhouette tutorial will hopefully give you some ideas for keeping your Silhouette cut files and designs organized.

HUGE Silhouette School Celebration: 5 Years and 200k Follower GIVEAWAY!!!

We've got lots to celebrate at Silhouette School because this week marks our 5th blogiversary and we recently hit a huge milestone on Silhouette School's Facebook page...200,000 202,000 followers!

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We are celebrating with an epic 5 day giveaway worth $3800!  That means five days and give giveaways and five winners!

I say it every year, but it's sooooo crazy to think that five years ago this week, I launched Silhouette School on a whim after receiving a Silhouette Portrait for Christmas.  I've been sharing free Silhouette tutorials, Silhouette product reviews, troubleshooting advice, and much more every day since.

To date, more than 45 million people around the world have read Silhouette School's more than 1,500 free Silhouette tutorials.  Our premium membership site, Silhouette U, has more than 5200 active members, more than 100,000 copies of our (13) Ultimate Silhouette Guides have been sold and next week our sister site So Fontsy will celebrate its 1 year anniversary!  We'll have a huge week long celebration over there next week...I couldn't handle two at once and manage to stay somewhat sane.

Free Silhouette Sewing Design Set (Commercial Use Available)

It's the best time of the week here at Silhouette School...Freebie Friday!!

This week we are sharing an adorably cute sewing design set that you can use for so many thing. And we even have an extra large sewing design set for you with the commercial use license..if you're feeling extra crafty!

Best File Type for Silhouette When You Don't Have Designer Edition

If you're using the basic free version of Silhouette Studio you are somewhat limited in the file types you can use - specifically from outside sources.

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That leaves a lot of users wondering what the best file type is to import when the. studio file is not an option.

Silhouette PixScan Mat Project Idea and Tutorial: Upcycle Store-Bought Cards

Don't throw out all those holiday cards or store-bought greeting cards!! You can upcycle them with the help of your Silhouette!

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Using the Silhouette Pixscan mat you can upcycle cards to re-use them as gift bag tags or scrapbook sentiments and handmade card sentiments.

5 Places to Keep and Organize Silhouette Designs

Ever wonder where the best place to store and organize your Silhouette designs is? I'm sure you have.

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With the inconsistency of the Silhouette cloud library and the fear of losing the library, it's becoming a question I see in my inbox almost daily.  In this Silhouette tutorial I'll share five places you can  store and back up you Silhouette library - plus the one I recommend the most.

Adding Weeding Lines in Silhouette Studio (Why and How)

Weeding lines aren't just for those with Silhouette Studio Business Edition. You can manually add them yourself even if you have the basic software.

Weeding lines, Silhouette Studio, Silhouette tutorial, silhouette 101, silhouette america blog

Weeding lines are hugely helpful because they divide the negative space around a design into more manageable sections.

Did you ever try to weed a large piece of vinyl only to end up with the excess sticking  - and maybe even ruining - your cut piece because you couldn't keep it out of the way?