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How to Make Rhinestone Decals with Sticker Sheets

You can make not only rhinestone transfers for shirts with your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait machine, you can also make rhinestone decals! 

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I've shared tips before on how to make rhinestone decals with a speciality material, but I've been working on a new, lower cost option that I think works just as well! The key is of all things...sticker paper

How to Apply HTV to a Wine Glass...And Is it Dishwasher Safe?!

We get asked quite a bit around here if it's possible to put HTV on glass....for one reason or another (maybe you prefer working with heat transfer vinyl vs vinyl or you just have HTV on hand). 

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The answer is YES...and the follow up question is always is HTV on glass dishwasher safe?  Let's get to all of that including some tips on how to make sure your design is wrinkle free! 

How to Use Torch Paste with a Heat Press for Wood Burning

A few weeks ago I shared how to use torch paste gel with wood burning stencils using either a heat gun or heat press.

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Wow...I didn't realize this was such a mind blowing statement because it literally says on the wood burning gel (albeit in size 5 font) you can use 400 degree heat press.  Anyway...I figured it was time to show you how to use a heat press with torch paste gel for your wood burning signs.  

Free Silhouette Design: All You Need Is Love & Football (Commercial Use Available)

It's Freebie Friday and this week I have a design for any football fan out there!

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Fall is around the corner which can only mean one season is officially here! College, professional and even the kids are playing! 

How to Get Crisp Paint Lines on Wood Signs with Silhouette Stencils

Take a look at the latest home decor project that is taking the craft world by storm - oversized wooden door tags. Don't they make such a charming front door decoration? 

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This step by step tutorial will walk you through how to make wooden door tags, plus some tips for perfectly crisp paint lines. 

How to Make Ready to Press Heat Transfers with HTV and Silhouette CAMEO

If you've ever tried to make a ready to print HTV transfer you probably very quickly realized it's not the easiest thing to do. 

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When layering multiple colors of heat transfer vinyl each layer needs to be pressed separately making ready to ready to print transfers challenging.  Sometimes though - whether it's to ship a HTV transfer to an uncrafty friend or prepare your shop before the busy holiday rush - making ready to heat press transfers is necessary.  In this advanced Silhouette tutorial I'll show you how to make ready to print heat transfers for shipping or storing!

How to Perfectly Center HTV on a Pillow (Easy First HTV Project)

If trying to center HTV designs constantly causes you to second guess, I have a few tricks to share today for how to center heat transfer vinyl quickly and easily! 

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Stop guessing where the center is and instead align your HTV perfectly centered quickly, easily, and without measuring. 

How to Make a Rhinestone Template with Silhouette CAMEO 4 for Beginners

All Silhouette machines can cut rhinestone templates including the Silhouette CAMEO 4. 

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You can also make your own rhinestone templates in Silhouette Studio if you have Designer Edition or higher.  Follow along to learn how to make a rhinestone template with Silhouette CAMEO 4 in just a few easy steps.

Free Silhouette Design Set: Spread the Love and Bake with Love (Commercial Use Available)

Time for another freebie Friday for all of my favorite Silhouette School readers and this week is quite special because we have a set of designs to share with you!

freebie friday, free silhouette studio file, free studio design, free silhouette design, free silhouette studio design

These are perfect for all those bakers out there!

How to Use Torch Paste Gel: Wood Burning Stencils Tutorial

If you've never used torch paste gel to wood burn stencil designs you're about to have your mind blown!

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I've done several wood burning with singe pen and Silhouette CAMEO tutorials in the past, but woodburning paste takes it another step further by allowing you to wood burn items that won't fit in the Silhouette CAMEO like wood canvas, frames or wood blocks. Read on for how to use torch paste gel to wood burn with stencils! 

How to Quickly Create Back to School Name Labels

Before the kids head back to school, you may need to label all their school supplies - which means you're probably going to need a lot of name labels! 

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Here's a way to do it in Silhouette Studio that is so fast you can get a whole page of name labels in one click.