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Free Vinyl Application Instructions for Silhouette Small Business Owners (And15% off Cutting a Profit ebook)

 It's Freebie Friday around here and we're doing things a little differently this week.

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Normally I share a free Silhouette design with you (you can find all 140+ free Silhouette studio designs we've shared on Silhouette School Blog here), but this week I'm not giving you a free Silhouette cut file, but instead one of the 10 printable worksheets included in my book Cutting a Profit....and a coupon code to get Cutting a Profit at 15% off!! Exciting... I know!!!

How to Use Cut by Fill Color in Silhouette Studio V4 for Layering Vinyl Decals

If you haven't taken advantage of the Silhouette Studio Cut By Fill Color option, you're missing out. This is especially true when cutting layered designs.

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Silhouette School contributor Elly Mae from Silhouette Secrets+ is here today with a Silhouette tutorial on how to use the Silhouette Studio V4 Cut by Fill Color option so your layered designs are perfectly aligned.

How to Design Instagram Images in Silhouette Studio

For those who run a Silhouette-based business, social media and promotion are hugely important for being successful.

One of the wonderful things about Silhouette Studio is that you can use it as a design tool to make attractive photos for product listings and social media. Instagram is the land of the pretty photo so,
Silhouette School contributor Sarah from Sarah Designs is here today to share some tips on how to  create drop dead gorgeous Instagram images right in Silhouette Studio.

How to Save SVG Designs Directly to Silhouette Studio Library (V4)

There are several ways to open and save designs in Silhouette Studio.

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If you want to import designs into your Silhouette Studio library, including SVGs, PNGs, or DXF files, you don't even need to bring them into a work area first...and you don't have to do the drag and drop method if that's not your thing.

Trick to Saving HTV with on Multi-Colored Heat Transfer Vinyl Designs

Multi color heat transfer designs can create a lot of wasted heat transfer vinyl if you cut the design exactly as it should be applied.

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The problem is if you rearrange the design elements to save vinyl and limit waste, it can be a challenge to get the design layout exactly right. But...I have a trick for you!

Free Silhouette Cut File: "Just Roll with It"

It's Freebie Friday and this week I'm sharing this free Just Roll With It Silhouette design.

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12 Craft Blanks for Vinyl and HTV on Amazon

If you're looking for craft blanks, Amazon has a wide variety of blanks for heat transfer vinyl and vinyl.
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Everything from canvas bags to wine glasses to baby and dog outfits can be found on Amazon and usually with free and fast shipping.  Check out these 12 craft blanks for vinyl and HTV on Amazon.

Silhouette Sketch Pens: Three Tricks for Better Sketching (and No Skipping)

Silhouette Sketch pens don't always get the best rap.

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They sometimes skip, they dry out, they leak...but there are a few ways to get a better sketch when using Silhouette Sketch pens with your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait.

How to Cut Script Fonts: Silhouette CAMEO Beginner Tutorial

Script fonts are hugely popular with Silhouette crafters...but if you're a beginner you may notice your font didn't cut as you might have expected.

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Since the characters in script fonts overlap, the overlapping areas of the letters will be cut out - unless you make one important change in Silhouette Studio.

Coffee Mug Decal Placement Tips

Cutting vinyl decals for coffee mugs is popular with Silhouette crafters, but there's one big question that people often ask.

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Which side of the mug does the vinyl decal go on?

Free Laundry Room Silhouette Studio Design

It's Friday and that means it's Freebie Friday around here...and probably laundry day!!

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Every week on Silhouette School I offer a free Silhouette .Studio Design File just to show you how much I love ya.