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Freebie Friday Coffee With Friends Free Silhouette Cut File

It's Friday and you know what that means....time for another freebie!

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This week I am sharing this coffee and friends cut file, because coffee with friends is always a good idea!

Silhouette Sync-Gate 2024: How to Stop the Library Syncing Errors (A Month In...and Counting)

If you've tried to use Silhouette Studio in the last month it's almost impossible that you did not notice Silhouette library syncing errors. 

A mid-May website, Design Store, user account and server migration has caused what I'm now dubbing Silhouette Sync Gate 2024. Libraries aren't syncing. Design Store Orders - including subscriptions and credits - aren't syncing. Software upgrades aren't syncing.  I think the name is appropriate.  

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to do everything in your power to stop the Silhouette library sync errors and in the rest of the Sync-Gate series I'll show you how to protect your designs, create your own organized and easy to access library, and avoid so much dependency on Silhouette servers.

Laser Engraving Tapered 40 oz Tumblers with xTool F1

You can laser engrave stainless steel tumblers, even 40 oz tumblers, with the smallest xTool laser - the F1. 

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If you are new to engraving tumblers, I would not start with engraving a tapered tumbler or a full wrap. But if you've already mastered engraving designs on a straight tumbler, this tutorial will take you through how to use the xTool F1 portable laser to engrave a wrap on a tapered tumbler. 

How to Make Print and Cut Sticker Sets (Silhouette Studio V4 Tutorial)

I love making little sticker sets with my Silhouette CAMEO and it's pretty easy to do!
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This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.
Depending on the size, you can get several sticker sets out of each piece of sticker paper. This beginner Silhouette sticker tutorial will walk you through how to set up and print and cut multiple sets of stickers in Silhouette Studio V4.

How to Send Files from Mac Directly to Roland Versaworks (BN, BN2, BY-20)

Did you know you can easily send print and cut ready files directly from your MAC to Roland Versaworks - the PC only RIP that runs the Roland printers including the BN2, BN-20A and BY-20. 

This is literally a game changer for Mac users who are not comfortable or proficient on a PC but struggle through for the sake of using the 20" print and cut combo machine.

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The key is using Google Drive for Desktop in combination with Veraworks print queue hot folders. 

This takes a few steps to get set up initially, but once you do it it's a total game changer for MAC users who are constantly transferring files back and forth.  Read on for the step by step. 

Freebie Friday Smoking Hot Grill Master Free Silhouette Cut File

Happy Friday!! Here is another free cut file for you!

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It's BBQ time with this week's freebie, smoking hot grill master design.

Silhouette Studio for Sublimation: Free Software for Epson and Sawgrass

Silhouette Studio can be used for Sublimation printing for not only designing, but also print layout. 

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You don't even need a Silhouette cutting machine to use Silhouette Studio for Sublimation! Just download Silhouette Studio free. 

This tutorial will explain how to use Silhouette Studio for sublimation. 

How to Make Sublimation and Laser Cut Fridge Magnets

One of my favorite things to do is combine the power of more than one piece of equipment.  When I realized how well my sublimation printer and laser cutter and engraver work was a game changer. 

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In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make laser cut fridge magnets that are sublimated! Once you see how to combine laser cutting with sublimation the possibilities of what you can do, including making your own sublimation blanks, really opens up! 

Sawgrass Sublimation Printer Printing Lines? Here's the Fix

If you're wondering why your Sawgrass SG400, SG500, SG800 or SG1000 Sublimation Printer is printing horizontal lines through your prints it could very well be because you are bypassing the Sawgrass Print Manger. 

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Horizontal lines in sublimation printing is a common complaint from Silhouette users who work on a MAC ... especially those who print directly from Silhouette Studio to their Sawgrass sublimation printer. To avoid these lines and get better, more vibrant prints, take the extra step of using the print manager. 

Silhouette Studio Running Slow? Check This!

If Silhouette Studio is running slow and you've already confirmed your computer meets the minimum requirements to run the software, it could be how you're designing or editing that's contributing to the slow processing. 

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There are various ways to try to speed up the Silhouette software, including making sure you're not overloading the software. Read on to learn how to increase the processing speed. 

Freebie Friday Happy Fathers Day Free Silhouette Cut File

Whoo hoo it's Friday!! Time for another free cut file.

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This week we are celebrating the Dads with this adorable Happy Father's day mustache design.