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Two Free Sets of Christmas Gift Stickers and Tags

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you're enjoying your day with those you're most thankful for.

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I count my Silhouette School family among those I'm most thankful for.  To show you all my gratitude for your continued support I'm sharing two free sets of sticker designs.

Best Silhouette Cut Settings for Faux Lather (And Easiest Faux Leather to Cut)

DIY faux leather earrings are all the rage right now and they're actually pretty easy to make with a Silhouette machine if you have the right cut settings and material!

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When I shared a sneak peek of the leather tear drop earrings I cut with my Silhouette CAMEO I immediately got a TON of questions about the best Silhouette cut settings for faux leather and what leather is best.

Best Silhouette CAMEO Bundles Comparison: Buying Help!

I get questions constantly from new (or soon to be) Silhouette CAMEO crafters about which Silhouette CAMEO bundle is best.  I always respond with the same question: "Why do you want a Silhouette?"

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Based on that information I can almost always point someone to the best Silhouette CAMEO bundle for them.  I base my recommendations on the experience level of the crafter, the type of material they want to cut most, the type of learner they are, and if they plan to use their Silhouette machine for small business or crafting.

2018 Silhouette Black Friday Deals Start NOW! (Post Will Be Continually Updated)

It is just me or does Black Friday turn into Black Friday Thursday Wednesday Tuesday Monday earlier and earlier each year? 

Well you're in luck because the Black Friday deals on Silhouette are starting now! I'll continue to update this post through the end of next week so bookmark it so you can find it easily.  You can also join our Silhouette CAMEO Deals and Crafty Steals Facebook group where I add new deals constantly.

Free Silhouette Cut File: Thankful, Grateful, Stuffed

It's time for another round of Freebie Friday on Silhouette School. 

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This week I'm sharing a free Thanksgiving cut file that you can make work hard for you!

2018 Silhouette Gift Guide (And Printable 'Dear Santa' Letter)

Every year before the holidays we put out a Silhouette gift guide. Some of you have called me an enabler....I prefer helper. I'm helping him (or her)...get you the exact craft supplies you want for Christmas.

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Now here's the awesome part...the 2018 edition of the Ultimate Husband's Silhouette Gift Giving Guide is a little different than past years. This year we're able to point you to our favorite retailers and also to a public Amazon Silhouette Wish List (super cool)...and we're able to keep on adding when we find more awesome stuff (like on Black Friday!) 

Hands Down Fastest Way to Open Images in Silhouette Studio (Mind Blowing)

Sometimes you just need to quickly open an image in Silhouette Studio.

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There are countless ways to open a design, picture or photo in Silhouette Studio, but the copy/paste method has to be the fastest.

How to Use the Same Blanks and Designs for Sublimation and Vinyl! (Plus Free Templates!)

I'm gonna tell you a little secret today - you can use sublimation blanks for vinyl too!!!

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This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own
In this easy Silhouette tutorial I'm going to show you how to use the same blanks for both - and I'll even share the free design templates with you so you can get straight to designing, cutting, and sublimating (or vinyling).

How to Screen Print Using Vinyl: Silhouette Tutorial

So you want to know how to screenprint with vinyl and Silhouette?! 

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You've come to the right spot because today I'm going to show you how easy it is to cut a re-usable vinyl stencil with your  Silhouette to make screen print shirts with a silk screen.

Free Silhouette Earring Card Templates (Set of 8)

Today is the day of the week everyone loves...Freebie Friday!! That's where we share a free Silhouette design with you! And this week we have 8 of them!

Open SVG Files by Default with Silhouette Studio Instead of Your Internet Browser

If your SVGs are opening in an Internet Browser window instead of Silhouette Studio when you double click...fear not! There is a fix.

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Once you set this up it will teach your computer how to treat SVG files so they'll no longer open with Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox.