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23 Silhouette Tutorials, Tips and More! (September 2022 Wrap Up)

September officially flew by...but I know why! It was jam packed with some amazing blog posts. 

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It was a busy and exciting month which included the announcement of the Siser Juliet and the Silhouette Sheet Feeder. I also gave some Pros and Cons on the DTF Printer and some help for those looking to go from the CAMEO to the Roland BN-20A! And as always we had amazing Silhouette Studio tutorials, tips and freebies! 

Free Silhouette Design: Self Love (Commercial Use Available)

Another Friday has rolled around here again at Silhouette School which means it's time for another freebie! 

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We are celebrating self love! Something we all need to give ourselves more of. I am starting by sharing this weeks freebie with you guys. 

How to Print and Cut Layered Fonts with Silhouette

Layered fonts are perfect for printing because they usually have lots of fun design elements to them and you can make them really colorful - but what if you want to print and cut them? 

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You can print and cut layered fonts with a few modifications to the file. This tutorial will explain. 

Going from Silhouette CAMEO to Roland BN-20A: 5 Steps to Transition Quickly and Cut the Learning Curve

If you are a Silhouette CAMEO user who is adding a Roland BN-20A to your business - I am here to help you quickly cut the learning curve. 

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I'm also here to tell you - you have a huge advantage already with your understanding of Silhouette Studio. 

The Roland BN-20A and Roland BN-20 run off the Roland Versaworks software, however you will NOT need another software to create the cut lines. You guessed it - Silhouette Studio is part of that equation. Read on for how to seamlessly transition from Silhouette CAMEO to Roland BN-20A in five easy steps

How to Make and Paint Layered Stencils

If you love the look of those crisp paint lines on a stenciled design, then check out how to make and paint layered stencils - which take stencils to a whole new level! 

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In this tutorial we'll share how to turn an SVG into a layered stencil in Silhouette Studio. 

19 Halloween Projects with Silhouette Make, Decorate, and Wear!

If you're in need of some Halloween project ideas to make with your Silhouette, you've come to the right spot. 

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I have gathered 19 of my favorite DIY Halloween projects from over the years and put the tutorials all in one spot for you!  From Halloween nail art to stickers to customized candy buckets to Halloween front porch signs and even a Tide pod upcycle your kids will love! 

Free Silhouette Design: I Love Fall Most of All (Commercial Use Available)

It's Freebie time here at Silhouette School and it is officially fall! 

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I know it may not feel like fall everywhere, but you can officially break out all the decorations (even if you already have - I won't tell). 

Silhouette Studio Gradient Fill Tool Tutorial

Did you know you can fill designs with a gradient fill in Silhouette Studio?

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There are default quite a few gradient color options in Silhouette Studio, but you can also customize the gradient fills as well.

DIY Custom Packaging for Small Business for (Almost) FREE!

If you're looking for a way to create custom packaging for your small business, you can do it for pretty much free.

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Whether you're selling t shirts or tumblers, mugs or other custom items you can customize packaging for free with the help of your Silhouette machine. 

Silhouette Sheet Feeder: Everything to Know

Silhouette America announced the upcoming release of the long-awaited Silhouette Sheet feeder today and with it the first look at the add-on accessory and the opening of pre-orders.

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The two different size sheet feeders are compatible with the CAMEO 4 machines and the Portrait 3 and allow for up to 20 printed sheets to be stacked and then automatically fed into the cutting machine for cutting. 

Prestige A3+ DTF Printer Review: Pros and Cons of the Desktop Direct to Film Printer

If you're considering getting into DTF (direct to film) and looking for a Prestige A3+ DTF Printer review - you'll find it here. 

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If you're not even sure what Direct to Film printing is or how it fits into your Silhouette business, you might want to start here first.  Then be sure to come back to read the pros and cons of the desktop Direct to Film printer so you can make a decision if it's the next best printer for your small business.