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20 Silhouette Tutorials, Tips and More! (June 2022 Wrap Up)

Well goodbye, June!! And that seemed to fly by fast. I guess it could be because we've been busy having fun learning here at Silhouette School! 

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In June, we continued our creating contour cut lines series, shared tips for sublimating on glass tumblers, had some great freebies perfect for summer...and so much more!

How to Create a Roland BN-20 Contour Cut Line Using Silhouette Studio and Affinity Designer

If you're new to Roland BN-20 or BN-20A one of the most intimidating parts can be creating contour cut lines. Fortunately it's easy to add a VersaWorks contour cut lines in Affinity Designer using a cut line and SVG created in Silhouette Studio. 

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This tutorial is part of a five part series on using Silhouette Studio to create contour cut lines including bleed lines and white borders. If you haven't started from the beginning of the series, I would highly suggest you do that to learn: 
This tutorial assumes you have a firm understanding of the three critical steps before advancing...and that you have Silhouette Studio Business Edition and Affinity Designer

How to Size a Design for a Tea Towel in Silhouette Studio

If you're wondering how to size designs to fit on your project the concept is the same whether it's a shirt or a tea towel or a wood sign. 

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You need the design to appropriately fit the space. 

In this example we'll work with a set of tea towels to give you some ideas for how to create a quick mockup in Silhouette Studio to help you size your design.

How to Sublimate Frosted Glass Tumblers with a Mug Press

If you're wondering "Can I sublimate on frosted glass?" the answer is yes...but. 

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It's possible to do sublimation on frosted glass tumblers, as long as they are sublimation ready tumblers and you have the right equipment, time, and temperature.  This sublimation tutorial will walk you through step by step how to sublimate a frosted glass tumbler for the best results.

Free Silhouette Design: Say I Love You (Commercial Use Available)

Fridays around Silhouette School can only mean one thing...freebies! 
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And since we are in wedding season, I thought we could share a design with you that could be perfect for your home or a great wedding gift!

Layering HTV Without the Bulk (Beginner Silhouette Tutorial)

So one color heat transfer vinyl isn't doing it for you and now you want to layer multiple colors of HTV? You've come to the right spot!

Layering HTV, heat transfer vinyl, Silhouette tutorial, Silhouette Studio, silhouette 101

This beginner Silhouette tutorial will walk you through how to layer HTV in the current version of the Silhouette Studio software (V4).  It builds on Heat Transfer Vinyl 101 and multi-color HTV so be sure you're up to speed on them before you continue here, because this Silhouette tutorial on HTV will assume you know the basics.

How to Remove Unwanted Cut Lines in Silhouette Studio

If you have unwanted cut lines in Silhouette Studio you can easily remove them. 

In fact you can actually avoid them to begin with if you're tracing.   Most often people want to get rid of internal cut lines because they only want the outside edge of the design to cut. This tutorial is a bonus in the 5 Part How to Create Contour Cut Lines in Silhouette Studio series and will explain how to get rid of red cut lines in Silhouette Studio. 

How to Make Nail Decals: Sticker Sheets and Silhouette CAMEO

You can make custom nail stickers for holidays and other occasions with waterproof sticker sheets and Silhouette CAMEO. (This tutorial is so awkward...let's just establish that right away...) 

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These are a fun, fast, inexpensive and temporary way to add nail art without going to the nail salon or struggling through painting tiny designs. 

How to Make DIY Paper Medallions with Silhouette CAMEO

Paper medallions are a fun paper craft that allow for a lot of creativity. 

silhouette 101, silhouette america blog, paper, digital patterns, paper medallions

In this tutorial, we'll share several ways you can customize paper medallions to make your paper projects super special using your Silhouette CAMEO.

How to Use Siser EasySubli with an Epson Sublimation Printer

It's not possible to sublimate onto dark surfaces or cotton fabrics directly which is why Siser EasySubli has become a popular choice for those who don't want to be limited. 

With a Sawgrass sublimation printer you can print directly onto EasySubli and then cut around the image, but Siser EasySubli - which is basically sublimation HTV - can't be fed into an Epson printer and printed on directly which means you have to take several extra steps. 

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I'm going to say right up front I don't recommend this method. It's time consuming and cumbersome and if you are doing this on the regular, there are far better processes and printers available that will increase your production and give you a better quality.  

With that said, follow this advanced Silhouette tutorial for details on how to use EasySubli with an Epson sublimation printer. 

Free Silhouette Design: Hello Summer Ice Pop (Commercial Use Available)

Freebie Fridays just roll around here so quickly it seems! Time for another one here at Silhouette School! 

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With summer here and July 4th creeping around the corner I thought I'd share this super fun summer  patriotic design with you for this week's Freebie Friday!