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Amazon Prime Day 2024: Small Business and Crafty Deals and Steals - needs updates

Amazon Prime Day 2024 officially starts Tuesday, July 16 at 3am EST and continues through July 17 - but there are already some early access deals! Just like we've done the last EIGHT years, we'll be following the the Silhouette craft and small business deals both on and off Amazon closely!

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Amazon provided me a sneak peak of what's going to be an Amazon Prime Day deal and while I am bound to silence until the deals go live, I can tell you - there's a TON of good stuff. In fact more than 200k products will be on sale over the next two days! 

In the meantime, I'm sharing some pointers and things to be on the lookout for and tips on making sure you don't miss a deal.

Silhouette Studio Library Missing Gone? Empty? Missing? Try THIS to Recover

If your Silhouette Studio library is missing, won't sync, incomplete or completely gone...I think we can all agree, it's time to stop waiting on Silhouette to "fix" the issues.  I got you...along with a whole lot of doubt we'll ever see a true, wide scale fix from Silhouette SyncGate 2024

Every (wo)man for himself here...well except here because there are things you can do to try to recover your library or at the very least make changes to how you save, store, and manage your first so you can get back to using Silhouette Studio minus the library. (And totally avoid it in the future!!)

This tutorial is going to be a little different than how I usually write tutorials. It will just be steps instead of explanations with a bunch of photos as there are a lot of different scenarios we need to get through. 

Freebie Friday Happy Camper Free Silhouette Cut File

Hello Happy Camper! Here is another Freebie Friday cut file for you!

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Get ready for an outdoor adventure with this weeks free cut file, Happy Camper!

How to Engrave with Silhouette CAMEO 4 and Zoom Precision Etching Tool (Video)

I get asked a lot if it's possible to etch or engrave with the Silhouette CAMEO 4. 

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This is a sponsored blog post, but all opinions are my own

There were tools that fit in the CAMEO 3 that allowed for engraving and etching, but they're harder to find for the newer model Silhouette CAMEO. 

I recently came across the the Zoom Precision 3-in-1 etching tool on Amazon. It not only includes three different size tips, but also several metal blanks to get started and fits perfectly into the Silhouette CAMEO 4's tool carriage with the need for any type of adapter. 

Open Files Directly in Silhouette Studio (Totally Avoiding the Library)

You don't ever have to use the Silhouette Studio library. I am always surprised by how many users aren't aware of this. 

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You can not only open files but also save images without ever using the Silhouette Studio library. In this tutorial I'll show you how to open your images directly in the Design area.

Silhouette Layering Vinyl Tutorial (The No-Fail Method)

Well, I've heard your want to know how to layer vinyl! I must give the people what they want and so today we're going to talk about the easiest, no-fail, pretty much 100% guarantee way to perfectly layer vinyl...on the first try!  You're in, aren't you?

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Just a heads up, this method is meant for adhesive vinyl since it uses transfer tape, not meant for HTV.  If you're trying to layer heat transfer vinyl, click here for some tips and tricks!

I needed a way to better organize my vinyl and of course, I needed to make a label.  For this project, I wanted to make a text label with an outline aka offset...let's get started!

Vinyl Wraps vs Sublimation Wraps: Pros and Cons

If you're looking to decorate glass or tumblers and wondering if vinyl wraps vs sublimation wraps are better, we're going to get to the bottom of it today. 

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There are pros and cons to both vinyl printing and sublimation and deciding which is best will be based on the type of equipment you have, the blanks you have and your personal preference. 

Freebie Friday Sweet Summer Time Can Wrap Free Silhouette Cut File

Happy Friday! Here is another summertime freebie for you! 

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This week we are feeling those summer vibes with this adorable freebie, sweet summer time can wrap.

How to Do No-Cut Sublimation on 100% Cotton T-Shirt

Did you know you can do sublimation on 100% cotton t-shirts...and all without cutting? 

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Yes it's possible...and yes it's easy and fast! Read on to learn the answer to the burning question everyone's asking: Can you sublimate on cotton t shirts? 

Step By Step How to Connect and Sync Artspira App to Brother SE2000 for the First Time

In order to take full advantage of the Brother SE2000 sewing and embroidery machine you absolutely can not skip on using the Artspira app. It's literally a game changer and one of the reasons I'm so excited to upgrade from my SE600

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Syncing the Brother app with your SE2000 will allow you to wirelessly transfer designs with ease and speed. No more thumb drives!  Read on for how to do the initial SE2000 and Artspira App sync.

How to Put HTV on a Sleeve: Placement and Tips to Deal with Seams

If you haven't tried applying HTV on the sleeve of a shirt - you should make it your next project!

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Why stop at just the front (and back) of the shirt? Adding heat transfer vinyl to a shirt sleeve does present a few challenges including the seams, small areas, and placement. But today we'll be sharing some tricks for adding HTV on a shirt sleeve.