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Sound Off!!! It's Silhouette School Survey Time!

I need your help! Around this time last year I asked for your help with a Silhouette survey and only about 10,000 of you weighed in. Apparently you have some opinions you want heard. I mean...WOAH!

Now I need your voice again!

But First Coffee: Free Silhouette Design

It's Freebie Friday and this week I am sharing a "But First...Coffee" Silhouette Studio design with you. 

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This week, I needed LOTS of coffee!

Problems Detecting Registration Marks on Silhouette...and How to Fix It!

And the number one question to Silhouette School is:  Why won't my Silhouette detect the registration marks for a print and cut?

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Well, my friends there are a few different reasons and a few different ways to fix this problem.  Some of them are honestly just silly and others are more time consuming than anything else. 

Activating (or Re-Activating) Silhouette Studio Designer Edition (DE+ or Business)

If you suddenly lose your Silhouette Studio Designer Edition or need to active a Silhouette Studio upgrade to a new computer, you'll need to reactivate the upgrade.

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This tutorial will walk you through how to re-activate Silhouette Studio Designer Edition.  The same steps can be used to activate or move Business Edition and Designer Edition Plus to a new computer as well.

Heat Transfer Vinyl Temperature and Time Settings (at Your Fingertips)

If I've been asked once I've been asked a thousand times about the appropriate heat transfer vinyl time and temperature press times.

Apparently not everyone knows about the FREE app that lists all of this info on HTV temperature and time recommendation!

Heat transfer Vinyl, HTV, temperature, time, settings

I'm sure most of you who are cutting HTV are cutting EasyWeed.  Siser's Smooth EasyWeed is perhaps the best known, but it's just one of many types of Siser brand heat transfer vinyl. 

Converting Silhouette Studio Files to PDFs

Did you know it's easy and fast to convert Silhouette Studio files to PDF format?

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You can do Save as a PDF from Silhouette Studio two different ways depending on the software version and upgrade you have.

My First Easter: Free Silhouette Design (Free Commercial Use SVG for Limited Time)

It's Freebie Friday and today I am super excited to share this My First Easter design with you! 

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I mean how stinking cute is this?!?

49 Sketch Designs and Fonts for Silhouette Sketch Pens and the Foil Quill! (Including Freebies)

If you're using Silhouette sketch pens or the new Foil Quill, using single line designs and fonts are ideal.

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Designs and fonts specifically created specifically for drawing, engraving, etching, and foiling tools will give you a single line design rather than an outline.

Fonts Not Showing in Silhouette Studio (Windows Fix)

If you are a Windows users and all of the sudden the fonts on your computer are not showing up in Silhouette Studio it's due to a recent Windows update.

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As frustrating as it is, fortunately, there is a fix.

How to Foil on a Vinyl Decal with Silhouette and Foil Quill

Putting foil on vinyl has never been easier than it is now with the Silhouette and Foil Quill.

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In this tutorial I will show you exactly how to add foil to a vinyl decal AND make sure it doesn't rub off!

How to Set Up a Foil and Cut in Silhouette Studio with Foil Quill (Free Practice Design)

Did you know you can add foil accents to your vinyl decals?!

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The Foil Quill - which started shipping from certain retailers, including Swing Design, last week makes adding foil to adhesive vinyl - like Oracal 651 and 631 - very easy with the Silhouette.  While this foil and cut tutorial is geared toward vinyl, the foil and cut process works the same for other materials as well.