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How to Press HTV on a Baby Onesie

Adding HTV to a baby onesie can be challenging at times due to the thick seams, buttons and snaps.  

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In this post, we'll share how to press HTV onto a baby outfit so you are successful every time!

Silhouette Studio Not Printing Correct Size? How to Match Your Page Size to Your Printer

Silhouette Studio can print to any printer on the same WIFI network or attached by USB which is a big benefit of the software program especially when you have a lot of different printers like me.

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In order to correctly print from Silhouette Studio to your printer, though, you'll want to make sure you match the page size between your print manager and Silhouette Studio.  This tutorial will explain exactly how to match your printer page size to the settings in Silhouette Studio.

How To Clean Cutting Mats and Silhouette Blades

If your Silhouette cutting mats and blades are in need of a little cleaning you can extend the life of them and get better cuts by cleaning them. 

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In this tutorial I'll share how to make Silhouette mats sticky again and clean your blades - but with that said just know cleaning is usually a temporary solution and you may still need to replace your mats and blades to get the best cuts. 

Free Silhouette Design: We're That House (Commercial Use Available)

It seems like every time I turn around it's time for Freebie Friday here! Not that anyone is complaining about a Friday!

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I have the perfect design if you are 'that house'! You know who you are why not claim it. 

How to Use Silhouette Studio Business Edition (ONLY!) to Create Roland Contour Cut Lines (Video, Too)

If you are a Silhouette Studio Business Edition user and have a Roland BN-20A or BN-20...this is a game changer. 

By combining the power of the one-time paid Silhouette Studio upgrade to Business Edition and the free Roland Versaworks you can create Roland Contour Cut lines without any other software programs including Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, Corel Draw, or Flexi.  

This is hands down the cheapest way to create Roland Versaworks Contour Cut Lines and will significantly cut down the learning curve for those already comfortable in Silhouette Studio...and even if you're not a Silhouette user - listen up because you don't even need a Silhouette machine to use the Silhouette Studio software!

Borderless Printing from Silhouette Studio (Yes, It's Possible!)

You know what's awesome? When you're printing DIY patterned vinyl and you can print edge to edge from Silhouette Studio!

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Not only do you avoid the white border around the printable vinyl sheet, but you also maximize your printable - and therefore cuttable - area.

How to Print Chalkboard Signs on Black Paper

If you've been wondering how to print white ink on black paper to print those popular chalkboard signs...I'm going to share the secret today!

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I love that the Uninet iColor 560 White Toner Printer gives me the ability to print white on black paper. The best part is I do all of my designing in Silhouette Studio then export for the final step before printing.

How to Remove White Border on Sticker Designs in Silhouette Studio

When making stickers there are some times when you want to make them with a white border around them, and then there are other times when you want to make stickers without a white border. 

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In this tutorial, we'll show you how to remove the white border around PNG sticker designs in Silhouette Studio.

21 Silhouette Tutorials, Tips and More! (July 2022 Wrap Up)

Are we really already wrapping up July?  It was such a packed month that it flew by! I blink and the month's over and it's time for another Silhouette tutorial wrap up.

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In July we had TONS of fun with sublimation and glass tumblers, Amazon Prime Day(s) were some of the best, shared a bunch of free cut files in the Freebie Friday series, celebrated Christmas in July and of course shared a bunch of great tutorials!

Free Silhouette Design: I'm Just Here for Recess (Commercial Use Available)

Freebie time has rolled around yet again here at Silhouette School! 

freebie friday, free silhouette studio file, free studio design, free silhouette design, free silhouette studio design

I also know that school is rolling back around for some parts of the country and knocking on the doorstep for others. So, it's time to share a design to get everyone ready for that time of year. 

How to Create Roland Contour Cut Lines FREE Without Any Paid Software (Free Practice File)

Did you know you can add Roland Versaworks contour cut lines for other words without Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Affinity Designer? You can do it right in Roland Versaworks!! 

Roland quietly added a new feature in Roland Versaworks 6.13 (and higher) that allows users to create contour cut lines on an SVG directly in Versaworks and without any paid software program.  There's just one caveat - the PDF has to come into Versaworks with vector data.  Don't worry if you have no idea what that means I'm going to explain...every step and you won't be paying a cent to add Roland Contour Cut Lines to your SVG files!