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How to Remove Heat Transfer Vinyl Mistakes made an ooops and now you want to remove heat transfer vinyl from a shirt or other fabric. While it's not meant to be removed, there is a way to remove HTV if necessary.

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There are several ways to remove heat transfer vinyl mistakes, but in this tutorial I'm going to share the trick using something you might already have around the house!

Amazon Prime Day 2019: Silhouette Deals and Craft Steals to Watch

Amazon Prime Day officially starts Monday, July 15 at 3am EST and continues through July 16 - the first time Primate Day will be 48 hours - but there are already some early access deals! Just like we've done the last THREE years, we'll be following the Silhouette and craft deals closely!

There's never any way of knowing exactly what's going to be an Amazon Prime Day deal - or how long it will stick around - but I can give you some pointers and things to be on the lookout for and tips on making sure you don't miss a deal.

Free Silhouette Cut File: Don't Make Me Use My Teacher Voice

It's Friday and of course, that means one thing around here...Freebie Friday!! 

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And this week I'm sharing a fun file that's perfect for all of the teachers out there!

Inkjet Printable HTV vs Siser EasySubli Heat Transfer

With the recent release of Siser EasySubli, there are a lot of questions about how it compares to the much less expensive inkjet printable heat transfer vinyl - and why you might pick one over the other.

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While the Siser EasySubli and inkjet printable heat transfer vinyl share the same technique, when it comes to Silhouette, they are very different products.  In this tutorial, we'll take a look at the pros and cons of EasySubli vs inkjet printable HTV.

How to Print Patterned HTV with Silhouette CAMEO and EasySubli

With Siser's new EasySubli HTV it's now easier than ever to print high quality custom pattern heat transfer vinyl at home!

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While it's certainly possible to use printable HTV sheets in an inkjet printer, you'll get a much better, more vibrant, and professional quality print using a sublimation printer! 

How to Save HEX IDs and Pantone Colors in Silhouette Studio (V4.3)

When Silhouette Studio V4.3 is released, it will be easier than ever to save HEX and Pantone codes in Silhouette Studio. 

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The new Custom Color Palettes features can be used to save HEX and Pantone colors that are easily accessible right from the Fill Color and Line Color tool panels.

How to Foil Quill and Cut with a Single Carriage Silhouette Machine (Silhouette CAMEO 1 and 2)

If you are using a single carriage Silhouette machine - such as a Silhouette CAMEO 1, 2 or Portrait - you are still able to Foil Quill and cut!

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Using the Cut by Line Color is the trick when you need to swap tools between passes. It's an extra step or two - but nearly as easy as foiling and cutting on a Silhouette CAMEO 3 where you have two carriages, but it's definitely possible!

Free Silhouette Design: Set Goals and Crush 'Em

It's Friday and here at Silhouette School, that means it's time for Freebie Friday!

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This week I have a free cut file that I am totally behind! 

How to Calibrate Silhouette Alta (Video)

The Silhouette Alta 3D printer comes pre-calibrated, but if you start getting bad prints you will want to manually calibrate it.

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All you need to calibrate the Silhouette Alta is a piece of copy paper and the Silhouette 3D software will walk you through the rest.

Silhouette Studio V4.3: Updated Page Set Up Panel

Silhouette Studio V4.3 will move out of closed beta and into open beta soon. Once in open beta anyone can download and install the Silhouette software version.

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Among the new features of Silhouette Studio V4.3 is a subtle, but important change to the Page Set Up Panel.

How (and Why) to Add Laminate Over Printable Vinyl (Video Tutorial)

If you are using inkjet printable vinyl sheets to print your own vinyl or create printable vinyl decals you need protect them with laminate.

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Oracal's clear laminate sheets will help protect against smearing and fading to ensure your DIY pattern vinyl and printed decals keep their color!