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Freebie Friday Why Blend In When You Were Born To Stand Out Peacock Cut File

It's Friday! You know what that means....time for another FREE silhouette cut file!

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This weeks freebie is this adorable peacock motivational quote design, Why Blend In When You Were Born to Stand Out!

How to Add Glitter to Sublimation Tumblers (No Epoxy Needed!)

A few weeks ago I shared a few skinny tumblers I had been working on...and immediately the questions on how to add glitter to sublimation tumblers started pouring in. 

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I'm sure there's some way to add actual glitter to skinny tumblers, but you guys...the illusion of glitter is even better and FAR faster and easier! That's the beauty of sublimation - the results are high resolution, bright, and vibrant. 

Trick to Size a Vinyl Decal Perfectly in Silhouette Studio

If you've struggled with how to size vinyl decals..that's about to end. 

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It's actually very, very easy to get perfectly sized vinyl stickers when you use this trick in Silhouette Studio. Read on for the why-didn't-I-think of that tutorial! 

How to Make DIY Sticker Sheets with Easy Peel-Back Liner Using Silhouette CAMEO

It's easy to make Sticker Sheets with an Easy Peel-back liner using your Silhouette CAMEO.  

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It's one added step that will make it easier for you or your customers to peel...and if you're selling you can charge a higher price for these premium stickers. 

Having an easy peel liner is specifically helpful when you make die cut stickers that can often be challenging to get off the back liner if there's no slit. 

Read on for how to add slits to the liner of your stickers. 

How to Wirelessly Transfer Embroidery Applique Files to Brother SE2000 (Using Free Brother Artspira App)

I recently upgraded my SE600 Brother embroidery machine to the SE2000 and OMG the technology in this 5x7" embroidery and sewing machine from my starter machine is crazy. 

Embroidery, artspira app, brother se2000, Brother SE600

I have to say the biggest difference is the compatibility with Brother's Artspira app which along with digitizing your own images, also allows you to wirelessly transfer designs from a PC computer or any mobile device to the sewing machine.  

Freebie Friday Fluent in Silence Cut File

Happy Friday! You know what that means.....time for another FREE cut file!

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This weeks freebie is this funny sarcastic quote design, I wish more people were fluent in silence. 😂

Which xTool Laser Cutter Can Cut Acrylic?

If you're looking for a laser cutter that can cut acrylic, you'll likely find a wide range of answers.

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It's important to understand that not all acrylic is the same, just like not all lasers are the same.  You can technically cut SOME acrylic with all xTool lasers...but if you're serious about cutting all acrylic there's only one option. 

How to Use Sublimation Sheets

If you know how to use sublimation sheets, you'll really expand what you can sublimate because you'll be able to make your own custom sublimation blanks.

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The key is pairing a sublimation printer with a laser cutter that can cut any shape out of the sublimation hardboard sheet. Read on to see how easy it is to use sublimation sheets.

Sawgrass Software and Firmware Update 2024: What to Know BEFORE You Update

The next time you open Sawgrass Print Manager or Sawgrass Print Mate you may be prompted to update to the newest version of the software and/or firmware. 

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While these updates include several new features and bug fixes, they also include an undisclosed change that's leaving a lot - but not all - Sawgrass sublimation printer users with a big surprise.

How to Design Custom Location Hoodies (And the Best Font)

You can easily design custom location graphics if you know a few little tricks including the best font..and how to curve text. 

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The custom location hoodies are super popular right now and they're super easy to make. Read on for how to design in Silhouette Studio.

Free Sunflower Motivational Quote Cut File

It's Freebie Friday! Time for another free silhouette cut file 😀
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Download this Sunflower Quote Silhouette cut file for FREE!