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How to Cut Paper Cleanly With Silhouette: 10 Tips for Success!

Vinyl gets a lot of attention around here, but paper crafts are still hugely popular and some of the most amazing creations cut with the Silhouette machines are with paper.

Paper can get a bad rap sometimes because it's not the easiest material to cut cleanly with Silhouette. It can shred, it can tear, it can get stuck to the mat. Today I'm sharing 10 tricks to help you get better paper cuts with your Silhouette.

Heat Press Mistake? How to Clean Your Heat Press

A few weeks back I was heat pressing during a Facebook Live and clearly only half paying attention when I pressed my heat transfer to the top platen of my heat press instead of the shirt...DUH!

heat press, heat press machine, heat press vinyl, heat press nation, t shirt heat press heat press

Needless to say this left a big ol' mess...and my heat press was in serious need of some cleaning!

Silhouette Layering Vinyl Tutorial (The No-Fail Method)

Layering, vinyl, Silhouette tutorial, Silhouette Studio
Well, I've heard your want to know how to layer vinyl! I must give the people what they want and so today we're going to talk about the easiest, no-fail, pretty much 100% guarantee way to perfectly layer vinyl..on the first try!  You're in, aren't you?

Just a heads up, this method is meant for adhesive vinyl since it uses transfer tape, not meant for HTV.  If you're trying to layer heat transfer vinyl, click here for some tips and tricks! 

I needed a way to better organize my vinyl and, of course, I needed to make a label.  For this project, I wanted to make a text label with an outline aka offset...let's get started!

Free Silhouette School Design Set: 7 Cut Files, 2 Ways for Print and Cut and Layering

It officially Back to School time and so as we do here at Silhouette School, we celebrate by giving out free cut files!

Silhouette svg files, svg silhouette, silhouette cameo svg, silhouette studio svg, Free svg files for silhouette

Today I've got not one or two..but seven school-themed designs - two ways.

Silhouette Studio Updates vs Software Upgrades

Alright guys sounds like we've got some things to clear up when it comes to Silhouette Studio updates and upgrades.

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Now's a good time to have this chat since Silhouette America just released a new update for Silhouette Studio.

8 Ways to Import or Open Designs into Silhouette Studio

Knowing how to open designs in Silhouette Studio is one of the first things you need to know when using the Silhouette software.

silhouette cameo library, silhouette studio library, silhouette library designs, silhouette design library, silhouette studio

There are actually at least eight different ways to open and import designs in Silhouette Studio.

Silhouette Studio Print Bleed Tool: V4.2 Feature Sneak Peek

When Silhouette Studio V4.2 is released later this year - it will include a bunch of new features from custom font creation to exporting as a PNG to a puzzle generator tool.

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With V4.2 and the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition upgrade (or higher), users will also have access to the Print Bleed tool! As we've been doing for the last few months on Tuesdays, I'm giving you a sneak peek of how this new Silhouette Studio feature will work so you're ready when V4.2 is released.

10 Cool Craft Gadgets Every Silhouette Crafter Needs But Didn't Know Existed!

We all know when you get yourself a Silhouette CAMEO bundle that's just the beginning...there are more accessories to be had and must have tools. I'm sharing some of the must-have awesome craft gadgets I think every Silhouette crafter needs...but has never heard of!

crafting gadget, crafting gadgets, silhouette tools, silhouette accessories, silhouette cameo accessories

Here's my top 10 list of the best craft gadgets you didn't now existed...

Free Silhouette Design Set: Talk Bubbles

Feeling chatty today on this Freebie Friday? You're in luck with this week's set of free Silhouette designs. Of course you know which one I'm partial too ;)

I have two two super fun and multi-function talk bubbles for you today!

Turn Your Business Logo into a Custom Stamp with Silhouette Mint (Plus Free Mint Templates & Coupon)

Did you know you can turn your business logo into a custom stamp made with the Silhouette Mint?

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This is awesome for marketing and branding...and yes, for those of you wondering you can use the stamps to mark the back of your wood signs.  And what's even better...I have 25% off code for you hat will work on not only the Silhouette Mint, but also all Mint Bundles and Mint accessories.

21 Must Read Silhouette Tutorials, Tips, Tricks And Troubleshooting! (July Wrap Up)

We've got 21 awesome Silhouette tutorials for you in case you skipped school in July!

Silhouette Studio designer edition tutorials, Silhouette Studio Software tutorials, Silhouette Design Studio tutorials, silhouette tutorial, silhouette cameo tutorial for beginners

July was a busy and exciting month which included Freebies, learning more about those Silhouette Studio v4.2 features that are to come, info on a 24" vinyl cutter since we don't know when Silhouette will get one to us.  The Silhouette Alta also launched, so we have been having fun with that too!