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Learn to Design in Silhouette Studio: Design Guide + Video Course Now Update for V4

You guys I'm so excited to announce that the Second Edition of the Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing in Silhouette Studio is now available!! If you want to make your own designs in Silhouette Studio V4 - you've hit the motherlode!

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The e-course is a combination of a 114 page ebook of Silhouette tutorials and 18 Silhouette Studio video lessons for a total of more than 4.5 hours of video instruction.  The second edition is completely updated from the original and now includes sections on Silhouette Studio V4 tools and features plus an added hours worth of video instruction!  You can check out the official sales page for full details on everything that's included.

Silhouette Alta 3D Printer Unboxing and Set Up for Beginners

If you have a new Silhouette Alta 3D Printer and you're looking for some help to set it up - you've come to the right spot.

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This unboxing and Silhouette Alta set up tutorial will walk you through how to get started with the Silhouette Alta 3D printer.

Word Art Was Never Easier: Silhouette Studio Warp Template Tutorial (V4.2 Series)

Among the new features that will roll out with Silhouette Studio V4.2 is the long-requested Warp Templates tool.

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The Warp templates tool will finally allow for word art in Silhouette Studio.  But, you can also use the warp templates on designs, as well as text.

Amazon Prime Day 2018 (7/16): Silhouette Deals & Must Haves & Where to Find the Deals!

Amazon Prime Day starts Monday, July 16 at 3pm EST and continues through July 17 and just like we've done the last two years, we'll be following the Silhouette and craft deals closely!

There's never any way of knowing exactly what's going to be an Amazon Prime Day deal - or how long it will stick around - but I can give you some pointers and things to be on the lookout for and tips on making sure you don't miss a deal.

Free Summer Unicorn Silhouette Design Cut File

It's the best day of the week...Freebie Friday!!
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And even unicorns enjoy summertime sunglasses!

13 Silhouette Business Edition Features that Make it Worth Every Penny (& 50% Off Code)

Silhouette Business Edition is the highest upgrade to the Silhouette Studio software - unlocking all of the available features.

The question "Is Silhouette Business Edition worth it?" is a common one.  If you asked me this question in 2016 I would have said..probably not. But today - Silhouette Business Edition is hands down worth every penny as Silhouette America continues to advance the software and add new features - some of which are ONLY accessible in Business Edition.

Be sure you read all the way to the end because I have a limited time 50% off coupon code for Silhouette Business Edition - or any of the other software upgrades.

Siser Metal Heat Transfer Vinyl: The Perfect Silhouette Cut Settings

If you've ever worked with metallic heat transfer vinyl, you know it can be thick and brittle to work with.

Not so with Siser's new Metal Heat Transfer Vinyl!!

Silhouette Studio Puzzle Tool Tutorial (V4.2 Series)

One of the new features that will be released when Silhouette Studio V4.2 is released later this summer is the ability to put a puzzle overlay over a shape in Silhouette Studio. The Puzzle Tool is our focus for this week's Silhouette School V4.2 Tutorial Series.

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The most popular use for this tool is likely to be to cut photos - whether they are printed on paper, printable magnet sheets or some other material. 

Vinyl Wet Application Method Tutorial

The wet method of applying vinyl is a popular one with Silhouette users who will pretty much do anything to avoid bubbles.

I am one of them!
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The vinyl wet application works on non-porous surfaces where there are no 'pores' in the surface that can trap air or water.

Free Silhouette Design: Set Goals and Crush 'Em

It's Friday and around here that means it's time for a free Silhouette design!

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This week I have a free cut file that's close especially close to my heart.

Silhouette Studio Text Filling Problems: The Easy Fix

Did you ever experience your text filling in solid in spots where it shouldn't while designing in Silhouette Studio?

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The problem isn't the font itself - this can happen to any font. The good news is there's an easily fix.