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Silhouette CAMEO Print and Cut Registration Marks Won't Register

If you recently updated your Silhouette Studio software and now your Silhouette is suddenly having trouble finding the print and cut registration marks there could be a simple fix.

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It seems that some of the recently released versions of Silhouette Studio V4.3 are more sensitive when it comes to finding the printed registration marks which is causing the registration mark error.

Freebie Friday: Buffalo Plaid Deer Head

It's that time of the week yet again - time for Freebie Friday on Silhouette School.

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This week we've teamed up with one of our Silhouette U designers for a design I think many of you will LOVE since I know buffalo plaid is all the rage! 

How to Make Silhouette Rhinestone Sprays (Cut on Vinyl, HTV, & Stencils, too!)

Today I'm answering a reader question on the blog.   The reader asked how to create a rhinestone spray design in Silhouette Studio. It's actually something I've contemplated myself, but it wasn't until this reader inquired that I really felt the challenge to sit down and figure it out. OOHHMMMGGGG you guys - this is so stinking easy - and fast. She literally emailed me back, "How did you do that so fast?"

Silhouette Studio, rhinestone sprays, HTV, vinyl, stencils, rhinestone material

Well, my friends it's far easier than it looks - if you have Designer Edition. As we've discussed here in the past, you need Silhouette Studio Designer Edition to make custom rhinestone templates and that's what is needed for this tutorial.  But the best news is just because you're using the rhinestone tool, doesn't mean you have to use when you you can see, I cut my spray design on HTV!

Multi Color Sketch Pens on Silhouette CAMEO 4

Silhouette CAMEO 4's high pressure carriage offers a ton of benefits (hello rotary and kraft blades!!!), but also sacrificed a couple of techniques a lot of users got used to on the dual carriage CAMEO 3 and Curio.

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Just like with the single carriage Silhouette machines, it's not possible to do a multi color sketch (with two different color sketch pens), foil and cut, or a sketch and cut in a single pass with CAMEO 4. This is because Carriage 2 is exclusively for the specialty tools. That means sketch pens and the sketch pen holder won't fit.  But the good news is, it is still possible and just an extra step or two.

Adding Custom Silhouette Cut Settings for 3mm Kraft Blade (And Why You Should NOT Skip This Step)

The key to cutting with the Silhouette 3mm Kraft Blade is cutting in multiple passes with varying levels of force and blade depth.

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Because Silhouette Studio is not able to do this automatically, you need to set up a series of custom material cut settings for every material you cut with 3mm Kraft Blade.

21 Can't Miss Silhouette Tips, Tricks and Tutorials (November Wrap Up)

Oh November...where did you go? I can't believe how quickly it went...probably because here at Silhouette School we've been busier than ever!  

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Freebie Friday + More Black Friday DEALS = Silhouette Heaven

Happy Black Friday...and Freebie Friday! Today I have some one day deals AND a set of freebies for you!! 

It's like all of the best of days for all of the readers at Silhouette School Blog!

Silhouette CAMEO 4 3mm Kraft Blade: What You NEED to Know to BEFORE You Cut!

One of the big brags of the Silhouette CAMEO 4 is the power of the high pressure right side tool carriage which is reserved for just three tools: the Rotary Blade, the Punch tool and the 3mm Kraft Blade.

silhouette 101, silhouette america blog, 3mm kraft blade, cameo 4, kraft blade

The 3mm Silhouette Kraft Blade, which can ONLY be used in the CAMEO 4, is a very powerful tool which not only can cut through thick materials, but can also take advantage of the increased force of Carriage 2. However, it requires a whole different type of cutting - and thinking and planning.

I would suggest you read this blog post first before you get started as I've intended it to be an overview with some best practices for using the Silhouette 3mm Kraft Blade.

How to Use Foil Quill in Silhouette CAMEO 4 (Plus Best Cut Settings)

If you've been trying to figure out how to use your Foil Quill with Silhouette CAMEO 4 you're in luck.

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In this Silhouette tutorial I'll show you exactly how to get your Foil Quill tips working in the CAMEO 4 - even with the re designed CAMEO 4 tool carriages.  Are you ready to make some stunning foiled stickers?!

How to EASILY Cut Felt with Silhouette CAMEO (Plus Felt Cut Settings)

It's now easier than ever to cut felt with Silhouette CAMEO.

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The trick is to use the CAMEO 4 rotary blade - and you can skip the stabilizer.

2019 Silhouette Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Updated 11/27: 15x15 Mint Heat Press $50 off! 
Updated 11/25: Pink Heat Press DEAL! Reg. $315, Now $274 
Update: 11/25: Portrait 2 and Curio Bundle Deals

It is just me or does Black Friday turn into Black Friday Thursday Wednesday Tuesday Monday earlier and earlier each year? 

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Well you're in luck because the Black Friday deals on Silhouette are starting now! I'll continue to update this post throughout the end of next week so bookmark it so you can find it easily.  You can also join our Silhouette CAMEO Deals and Crafty Steals Facebook group where I add new deals constantly.