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21 Silhouette Tutorials, Tips and More (November 2023 Wrap Up)

I am not sure where November went, but it flew by!

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If you missed anything on Silhouette School, we were jam packed with Silhouette tutorials on the new machines, Studio tips, free designs and much more!  We always have you covered!

Which xTool Laser Cutter Can Cut Acrylic?

If you're looking for a laser cutter that can cut acrylic, you'll likely find a wide range of answers.

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It's important to understand that not all acrylic is the same, just like not all lasers are the same.  You can technically cut SOME acrylic with all xTool lasers...but if you're serious about cutting all acrylic there's only one option. 

First Print and Cut with Silhouette CAMEO 5 for Beginners

If you're a Silhouette CAMEO 5 beginner, don't delay learning how to do you first print and cut. 

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Printing and cutting opens up the ability to really expand what your Silhouette can do, including making stickers. In this beginner print and cut tutorial I'll walk you through every step so grab your Online Labels Sticker paper and sticker designs and let's go! 

How to Use the Silhouette Heat Pen in Curio 2 for Beginners

If you're new to using the Silhouette Heat Pen in the Curio 2, I'll take you through the process to foil step by step. 

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When using the heat pen in the Curio 2, you can add foil to materials and items that are up to 20mm thick thanks to the high clearance. Read on for how to use the Silhouette foil heat pen.

Free Silhouette Design: Iced Coffee and Dogs (Commercial Use Available)

It's another Freebie Friday here at Silhouette School! 

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Where are my iced coffee and dog lovers? I know you are out there - this design has your name written ALL over it! 

The Best 2023 Black Friday and Holiday Deals for Crafters & Small Business (Continuously Updated)

The 2023 Silhouette Black Friday Deals (and Cyber Monday, of course) are here...and I'm here to help!! 

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As I do every year I'm excited to bring you not only the best current deals, but a sneak peek of upcoming 2023 Black Friday Silhouette Deals! 

How to Load the Silhouette CAMEO 5 Cutting Mat (So It Doesn't Slide and Shift)

Did you know you can semi automatically load the CAMEO 5 cutting mat, to ensure it loads straight and doesn't shift during cutting? 

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Read on for how to properly load the CAMEO 5 mat.

Laser Engraver Comparison for Crafters, Small Business and Pros (Speed and Power Test)

If you're trying to find the best laser cutter and engraver it can all seem a bit overwhelming. 

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I have three xTool laser engravers and cutters. I would consider one for crafters, one for small, side businesses and one for shops and pros.  In the laser world, a higher power laser means faster cutting and engraving. But it also usually means a higher price.  

The good news is there's a laser out there for everyone and as the prices drop and safety with enclosed lasers become more common, the biggest challenge is deciding which is best. 

How to Make Die Cut Stickers with Roland BN2-20A (with Automatic Perf Cut Lines)

You can easily make die cut stickers with Roland BN2-20A or BN2-20...and adding the perf cut lines has never been easier with the 20" print and cut machine

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Perf cut lines allows you to cut through both the material and the liner but keep the sticker attached to the raw material roll until you're ready to pop them out. Read on for how to automatically add perf cut lines for Roland! 

Pre Black Friday Sale! All Ultimate Silhouette Guides HALF Off Plus Free Month of Silhouette U

Black Friday is coming, but I've got a Pre-Black Friday deal for you!! 

The good news is Silhouette School is celebrating with a 48 Hr Pre-Black Friday Sale...not only are all Ultimate Silhouette Guide eBooks and eBook bundles on sale for 50% off, but when you buy any ebook bundle OR gift card on Ultimate Silhouette Guide you'll get a FREE month to Silhouette U too

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Free Silhouette Design: Turkey and Touchdowns Gnomes (Commercial Use Avaliable)

It's Freebie Friday and I know that is everyone's favorite time of week here at Silhouette School!

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This week I have a design for all of the gnome loving thanksgiving football fans!