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When to Use SVG or PNG files for Making Shirts with HTV

Have you ever opened a file in Silhouette Studio and it didn't have the cut lines you were expecting - or have you downloaded a big design bundle that has both PNG and SVG files? Keep reading for the difference between PNG and SVG files so you know which is going to be best for your HTV project!

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How to Clean Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Tumblers So It Shines

When you laser engrave stainless steel tumblers it can be a scary moment when you first take the tumbler out of the engraver. 
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There's this layer of black soot all over what's supposed to be a shiny, sparkly silver. Don't worry's easy to clean laser engraved stainless steel tumblers. Today I'm sharing my secret for the easiest way to clean up engraved tumblers.

How to Free Up Silhouette Cloud Space Quickly and Easily (2023)

If your Silhouette Cloud storage has reached its max and you need to free up space, it's quick and easy to do.'
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All Silhouette users have 1 GB of storage space in their Silhouette Cloud, but when you reach that limit you need to move designs off the cloud.

Free Silhouette Design: Going Through Terrible Thirties (Commercial Use Available)

Freebie time again here at Silhouette School! 

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I know everyone has heard of terrible twos, but what about terrible thirties? If you are in it or knows someone who's there, you need this design!

Fastest Way to Resize Large Images in Silhouette Studio

When it comes to designing in Silhouette Studio, we're all about speed and efficiency! 

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So, here's another quick tip to resize and move designs or files (like JPEGs or PNGs) that open very, very large.

How to Add Roland Cut Lines Automatically to PNG Files with Free Flexi Designer for BN2-20A (Free Practice Design)

With the release of the new Roland BN2-20A and BN2-20 one of the biggest changes from older models is the inclusion of the Versaworks Edition of Flexi Designer included with the 20" ecosolvent printer and cutter. 

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This creates a fast and seamless workflow that has made creating Roland cut lines faster than ever before.  In fact - I put myself up against the clock and was shocked how fast you can add Roland cut lines for BN2. Follow along to learn how to go from SVG or PNG to cut lines for BN2 in Flexi in minutes. 

As an added bonus, you can download this Sunshine On My Mind design from So Fontsy for free with the code ROLANDBN2 to practice with and follow along. 

Silhouette Curio 2: Everything to Know (And Is There More We Don't Know About Yet?)

The long anticipated Silhouette Curio 2 is just weeks away...and is among the new 2023 Silhouette machines!

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The second generation Silhouette Curio is one of four new cutting machines Silhouette announced for release in 2023. You can find all the details on the CAMEO 5 and CAMEO 5 Plus, including pricing, release date, and a features list here. If you’re interested in what the Curio 2 features are, when it will be available and on! 

If you're looking for a complete Silhouette Curio 2 unboxing and set up, you can find that here.

New Silhouette Power Tools Explained and Machine Compatibility (And What’s That Hidden Door)

Along with the launch of four new Silhouette machines, Silhouette also announced the release of five new power tools that an be used with the next generation machines: Silhouette Curio 2, CAMEO 5, and Portrait 4.

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the power tools including what are they, what machines can the new Silhouette tools be used with, how do they work…and of course will the Silhouette power tools work in the Silhouette CAMEO 4, original Curio and other older machines? 

Read on for all the details...and check out the accompanying video to get your first look at the Silhouette Power Tools.

Free Silhouette Design: Be Kind (Commercial Use Avaliable)

Fridays just keep rolling around here at Silhouette School...which always mean freebies for you guys! 

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I think this week's is one that we can all love and make some creative projects with too!

New Silhouette CAMEO 5 and 15" CAMEO 5 Plus: Everything to Know (Price, Features, Release Date-ish)

Four new Silhouette machines have been announced by Silhouette America along with a list of Silhouette Studio software and app updates..and I've got EVERYTHING you want to know about the long awaited Silhouette CAMEO 5!

Silhouette CAMEO 5 Price, CAMEO 5 release date, cameo 5 features and more!

Along with the CAMEO 5, the 15" Silhouette CAMEO Plus, Curio 2, and Silhouette Portrait 4 have all been unveiled at the Silhouette Summit in Hawaii. You can get your first look at all of the new Silhouette machines for 2023 here.

The new 2023 Silhouette products are the first time Silhouette has announced new products in more than four years…and their upcoming release will be the first machines since the 2020 release of the 24" CAMEO 4 Pro.

Silhouette kept a tight lid on this release and unlike any other launch in the last 8 years I've shared on Silhouette School, I did not receive a machine to test, try out, or form an opinion on ahead of the right now I can't tell you anything more than the "on paper" details and what I've witnessed at the Silhouette Summit.

Silhouette cameo 5 sound, noise, Silhouette CAMEO 5 Price, CAMEO 5 release date, cameo 5 features and more!

Read on for all the Silhouette CAMEO 5 features, release dates and price details along with a features list and information on what comes in the box...and sign up for my alerts on these new machines as we head into a busy few months of new Silhouette machine releases! 

New Silhouette Machines 2023 (CAMEO 5, Curio 2, Portrait 4 and Mobile Software Updates)

The excitement around the Silhouette CAMEO 5 and Silhouette Curio 2 I thought I'd share some additional photos of the new Silhouette CAMEO products announced for the Fall of 2023.

It's important to realize that while the Silhouette CAMEO 5 features have been announced it's a whole lot of information for me to get organized so your best bet is to watch my Quick First Look Video here (as soon as it finishes uploading with this SLOW wifi!. 

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Silhouette School is among a small group invited to the Silhouette Summit to see brand new CAMEO 5, Portrait 4 and Curio 2 in person and in action.