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What Do You Need for DTF Printing? Getting Started Supply List

If you're considering getting into Direct to Film printing and are wondering "What do I need for DTF printing?" - don't let that stall you from jumping in!

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There's nothing more frustrating than thinking you've got a full DTF set up only to realize there's an essential piece that you're missing just to get started. I also understand you definitely don't want to overbuy what you don't need especially if you're on a tight budget when making this small business investment! 

I've created a Getting Started Supply List for DTF that will make sure you get everything you need for DTF printing so you can get set up and start printing transfers within an hour of opening the box or should I say crate?

For at home DTF printing I highly recommend the Prestige A3+ DTF Printer because it's a desktop DTF printer that has a small footprint while printing transfers up to 13x19", it prints white, and it's a great beginner DTF printer due to the ease of use.   You can read my full Prestige A3+ DTF printer review here.

What Do I Need for DTF Printing Besides the Printer?

It's important to keep in mind the Prestige A3+ does include the RIP software, but it does not include any ink, film, or powder - all essentials you'll need to get started DTF printing. You can get everything from the Prestige A3+ DTF printer to the inks to film individually, but I would highly suggest, if you're a beginner, you get a Prestige A3+ bundle with inks, film, powder, the curing oven and air filter.  A DTF starter supply pack will ensure you can get set up and printing very quickly. 

Supplies to Get Started with DTF by Silhouette School

Best Prestige A3+ DTF Printer Bundles and Starter Packs

There are so many options for DTF printer bundles it can get overwhelming to pick the best one for you. You don't want to overbuy and get stuff you don't need, but you certainly don't want to end up missing a key piece of equipment. 

Here I'm sharing what I think are a few of the best Prestige A3+ DTF Printer bundles and below you'll find a short explanation of the benefits of each DTF starter pack. 

A: This is a full DTF printing set up that includes the printer, CMYKW inks, software, film, powder, the curing oven, the filter for the oven and extras including a free month to So Fontsy's VIP membership for DTF designs, a warranty, and more. If you are just getting started with DTF and want the full set up to be as productive as possible, this is the bundle you'll want to get.

B: The same as Bundle A, but without the air filter. If you are not working inside and instead are DTF printing in your garage or more of an open space you may opt to skip the air filter. 

C: If you're looking for an economical DTF printer bundle to get started that only includes the essentials this is a great starter pack. It includes the printer, software, inks, film, and curing powder.  This bundles assumes you already have a curing oven and filter or that you will use a heat press to cure the DTF powder. Using a heat press to cure is possible but it takes about three times as long as using a curing oven. 

Now that you know what you need, be sure to read up on how to setup the Prestige A3+ DTF printer and print your first DTF transfer.

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  1. Thank you so much for this post! My sister and I have been looking into starting our own business selling DTF prints, this helps a lot. We appreciate it!

  2. Do you have 2-3mm cardstock in blue shades? 8.5 x 11 or larger?

  3. I found your breakdown of the best DTF printer bundles very helpful, especially in terms of the benefits of each bundle. It's great to have options that cater to different needs and budgets.

    Overall, this article provides valuable information for anyone interested in DTF printing and is a great starting point for those looking to get into the craft. Thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge in this area!


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