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Why Small Silhouette Businesses Should Consider Outsourcing Transfers

If you run a small Silhouette business you probably - from time to time - get asked if you can take a bulk order.

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Ten or 20 shirts doesn't seem like much before you start cutting, weeding, and pressing, but we all know time is money. Sometimes it just makes the most business sense to outsource!

Looking for a few ways to be more productive and streamline in 2020, I stumbled on the single color custom transfers at ProWorld.

Here's how this works: you upload your design(s) in jpeg, png or PDF format, pick the color, and ProWorld will send the screen printed transfers to you (free shipping!) on a 12x12" sheet ready to press.  You can fit as many of the same or different designs on a single sheet as possible or just put one large design!

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The process to get a quote on your artwork took me less than five minutes and it breaks the price down per sheet and per design. This is really helpful so YOU can price out the job for your customer giving them an accurate and fair quote...and making sure you leave enough margin for yourself!

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One big thing to consider is the turnaround and shipping time.  ProWorld says any orders that are submitted and artwork approved by 3pm est will ship within 1-3 business days. So I'd give yourself at least 7  business days if you're quoting a customer. 

Outsourcing bulk heat transfer designs this way allows you to take the cutting and weeding out of it completely. Plus, you reduce the press time to just 7 seconds - from the standard 20 (compared to if you were using a heat transfer vinyl like Siser Easyweed).  Plus letting ProWorld do 90% of the work for you will free you up to take other orders while you wait on your 1 color value transfers to ship.  Once they arrive you can slap them using a heat press set to 325-350 degree to a wide range of materials including cotton, polyester, jersey material, mesh, and more!

So how much does outsourcing custom transfers cost?  The price for these single color custom transfers starts at $6.77 per 12x12 sheet and go does down with the more sheets you order.  If you order more than 25 12x12 sheets, your cost is at $2.86 (or lower) per sheet. That's actually less than Siser Easyweed which is $3.25 for a 12x15" sheet.

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  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing. Do you think this would work for koozies too? Have a bigger order of a smaller design and this would make my life so much easier!

  2. Awesome. Thank you for sharing I am just starting out and this will be very helpful for those family reunion orders!

  3. I found this to be was overwhelming to cut and weed for 50 shirts! I've tried a few of these outsource companies and my favorite, for price and ease of use, is FM Expressions. (not an affiliate...just my experience. :D)


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