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Silhouette CAMEO Tutorials and Help

Welcome to Silhouette School Blog

Welcome to Silhouette School Blog! Since January 2014, Silhouette School Blog has been providing free Silhouette CAMEO tutorials (and Portrait tutorials), Silhouette CAMEO projects, honest Silhouette product reviews, and much more!  Silhouette School isn't an actual "school", but an online resource providing free Silhouette help.

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If you're just here for the best beginner Silhouette CAMEO tutorials, don't let me hold you up. But if you want to spend a few minutes checking out all that Silhouette School has to offer and my best advice on getting started with your Silhouette machine, carry on...

Meet Melissa 

Hey guys! ... You'll hear me saying that a lot around here! I received a Silhouette Portrait as a gift in December 2013 from my husband (and now business partner, Bob) and started Silhouette School Blog a few weeks later. Today Silhouette School Blog's more than 3000 free Silhouette tutorials have been been read by more than 36 million crafters around the world. 

Silhouette School Blog is not affiliated with Silhouette America and is therefore 100% independently run by me, Melissa.


Along with the blog, I have also self-published and sold more than 100k copies of my Silhouette guide books in the series, The Ultimate Silhouette Guide - many of which are now sold with the Silhouette machines.  The Ultimate Silhouette Guide Second Edition for V4 has been called the Silhouette bible, the Silhouette Dummies Book, and a life saver... and not by me ;)

I'm also the founder of Silhouette U where I offer 1:1 Silhouette help, fast Silhouette help, an exclusive library of  Silhouette videos, and a monthly $12.99 credit for fonts and designs of your choice at So Fontsy. Check out this month's Free Video of the month at Silhouette U

I am also the co-owner and founder of the design and font marketplace, So Fontsy which launched in January 2018.  We offer a free beginner set of Silhouette designs that you can use to follow directly along with the beginner Silhouette CAMEO 4 project tutorials here on Silhouette School! 

I love helping Silhouette crafters of all skill levels and do so by sharing new tips, Silhouette tutorials, free Silhouette designs (every Friday!) and project ideas daily on Silhouette School Blog. 

How to Get the Most Out of Silhouette School

Grab a cup of coffee...or wine...and browse a bit!

While you wait for your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait to arrive, join Silhouette School's Facebook page and sign up for our emails to get Silhouette tutorials right to your inbox.  Looking for Silhouette CAMEO supplies to get started? Check out my Amazon shop with all my favorite Silhouette things!
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Once you get your Silhouette machine, take it out of the box and check out these few important Silhouette basics before your first cut! Then take my best advice for getting started and jump right in with one of the beginner Silhouette tutorials

Silhouette Tutorials for Beginners

What to do BEFORE Your Silhouette CAMEO Arrives

10 Silhouette Terms Every Silhouette CAMEO Beginner Needs to Know

Getting Started with Silhouette CAMEO: Take It Out of the Box

Before Your First Cut with Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait

Silhouette CAMEO Beginners Tutorials: 5 Things to Master Before Your First Cut

Best First Silhouette CAMEO Project and Tutorial (PLUS Free Silhouette Design) 

Best Silhouette Beginner Tutorials AFTER Your First CUT

Silhouette Designer Edition vs Designer Edition Plus vs Silhouette Business Edition

Best Heat Press for Silhouette CAMEO Crafters 

    With more than 3000 Silhouette CAMEO and Portrait tutorials, you'll want to make sure you're using the search box to sort through and find what you're looking for!  ('s all the way at the bottom of the site on the mobile version.)
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More Silhouette CAMEO Help & Resources

All Silhouette Studio V4 Tutorials

Silhouette CAMEO 3 Tutorials

Silhouette U - Silhouette School's premium membership site (heavy on Silhouette video tutorials)

Silhouette School's Ultimate Silhouette Guide Series: Silhouette Guide Books

So Fontsy - Silhouette SVG & Font Marketplace (100% cut friendly & Commercial Use designs, fonts, bundles, and freebies)

Silhouette Video Classes by Silhouette School 

Thanks for sticking with me! I hope you enjoy learning your Silhouette cutting machine! If you ever need help feel free to hit up the Contact Us page we answer every email that comes in!