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Free Roland BN-20 / BN-20A Online Training Videos

If you have a new Roland BN-20 or BN-20A ecosolvent printer and cutter and are looking for some help getting started and beyond - my Free Roland BN-20 Online Training Videos will help you do just that.

If you're considering buying a Roland BN-20A and are concerned about the learning curve, you can also view the free Roland BN-20 videos to get an understanding how to use the 20" Ecosolvent printer and cutter before you purchase - and how you can even use Silhouette Studio to create contour cut lines Roland BN-20A can read without the need to purchase or learn another software! 

This series of videos will help you gain a firm understanding on everything from how to set up your Roland BN-20 or BN-20A to how to create Roland cut lines in various software programs for printing and cutting. 

Before You Buy: Roland BN-20 vs BN-20A

Roland BN-20 Online Training Videos: Set Up


 How to Use Silhouette Studio for Roland BN-20A 
Written step by step tutorial

Adobe Illustrator and Roland BN-20 Video Classes 

How to Add Roland Cut Lines in AI (SVG) How to Add Contour Cut Lines (PNG/JPEG)

Affinity Designer and Roland BN-20 Video Classes 

How to Add Roland Color Swatches in
Affinity Designer
How to Add Versaworks Contour Cut Lines
in Affinity Designer 

Free Beginner Roland BN-20 and Roland BN-20A Video Classes

How to Avoid White Edges on
Roland BN-20 by Adding Bleed
How to Add Bleed in Affinity Designer

More Roland BN-20 Tutorials, Videos, and Info

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