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Silhouette Studio Files Get Design Thumbnail Preview When Saved to Hard Drive (V4.2 Feature)

Silhouette Studio V4.2 includes a bunch of awesome new features. Among them is the long requested ability to preview Silhouette Studio files saved to the hard drive.

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This means you'll no longer get the Silhouette Studio symbol as the file preview....but instead a thumbnail of the design.
All you need to do to take advantage of the new Silhouette Studio thumbnail is update your software to Silhouette Studio V4.2.

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This is a feature that is included in the free standard version of the Silhouette Studio design software.

It's an immediate change that will include all files saved to your hard drive both previously and going forward.  One piece of feedback, provided to Silhouette America is that thumbnails for Design Store designs are appearing as cut lines only as opposed to the matching thumbnail fro the Design Store which would be much more helpful.

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I am hopeful that Silhouette will take this feedback and implement this change - to an otherwise awesome new feature.

A thumbnail preview of Silhouette Studio file has long been requested by Silhouette crafters and Silhouette America has finally made it happen on both Windows and Mac.

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  1. Well, I have been seeing the dut lines on files for a long time. Maybe it's a function of how I get the file into the library. I wish the Store thumbnail would download with the file. thanks.


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