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Roland BN-20D DTF Printer Tutorials, Tips and Resources

If you're just getting started with the 20" Roland BN-20D DTF printer or if you're considering buying a Roland DTF printer and vinyl cutter combo machine, this is a great place to start. 

I have put all the BN-20D DTF printer resources and information in one spot so you can easily find what you're looking for whether that's the best Roland BN-20D Bundle or tutorials and videos. 

Roland introduced the 20" BN-20D DTF printer and vinyl cutter combo machine in early 2023. The BN-20D price is about $6500 which puts it about in the mid-range for desktop DTF printers.  The Roland DTF printer can only be used with a roll of DTF film, but the roll can vary in width up to 20". 

You can check out this beginner DTF video to learn how to print transfers with the Roland BN-20D

Roland BN-20 vs BN-20D

Before we even begin, let me address one of the biggest questions I get about the BN-20D which is "how is the BN-20D different than the BN-20?" The two look pretty much identical. While the two 20" Roland machines do look identical (hence the giant white vinyl letters on the front of my DTF printer) their function and inner-workings are different. 

20" Roland BN-20D vs Other Desktop DTF Printers

If you are currently researching which DTF printer is best for you, you may want to start here to learn more about several options for desktop DTF printing.  I also have some detailed comparisons between the Roland BN-20D and other desktop DTF printers here to help you with your decision. 

A direct to film printer eliminates the need for cutting and weeding and the transfers can be applied to any color garment and any type of fabric including cotton.  Say goodbye to sublimation limitations and ecosolvent cut lines with DTF!

Some DTF printers are sheet fed, while others can take a roll. Typically roll-fed DTF printers can be connected to an inline system with an automatic shaker and oven, but the BN-20D can not due to how it prints. 

Given that, there are some really important things to know about the 20" DTF printer and I went over them all in this quick video. 

Best Roland BN-20D Printer Bundle

The best Roland BN-20D Bundle is the one that has everything YOU need to get started.  The Roland BN-20D does not include inks out of the box, so I would suggest you get a BN-20D bundle that includes inks - which Swing Design offers.  

I would also suggest a stand for the Roland DTF printer. This Roland BN-20D bundle includes both the inks and the stand. 

Rip Software to Use with Roland BN-20D

The Roland BN-20D runs off Roland Versaworks software which is included with the printer and cutter. 

You won't need any other software to print your DTF transfers, but you may want to download my settings cheat sheet as there are quite a few steps to ensure the white ink prints over the CMYK correctly. 

Roland BN-20D Tutorials 

The Roland BN20D DTF printer and cutting machine has a learning curve, but these free Roland BN-20D tutorials and my Youtube video series should help you get started. 

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  1. Followed your amazing guide thank you, but when I print the white overcoat on my designs, the white on the left side of the media isn't aligned correctly? Any suggestions, my media is loaded as instructed. I've adjested feed and bidirectional adjustment. I'm not sure if I am missing anything?


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