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Uninet iColor 560 Printer and Pro Rip Tutorials, Tips, and Videos

If you're just getting started with the Uninet iColor 560 White Toner printer or another white toner printer or if you're considering buying a White Toner printer this is a great place to start. I have put all of our resources and information on White Toner printing in one spot so you can easily find what you're looking for whether that's the best Uninet iColor 560 Bundle or white toner printer tutorials and videos.

Best Uninet iColor 560 Printer Bundle

The best Uninet iColor 560 Bundle is the one that has everything YOU need to get started and is within your budget. 

All Uninet iColor 560 White Toner Printers include the white toner printer, "starter" CMYK+White toner cartridges (about 3000 yield for the white cartridge and 1500 pages for the color cartridges vs the refills which are 7,000 yield at 5% coverage), the iColor ProRip software, the SmartCut software, and power cords.  That's the basic iColor 560 bundle....and there is a standard retail price of $3695 set for that by the manufacturer, Uninet.  

There are two additional things you will need to use the Uninet iColor 560 printer out of the box: a heat press and printing material. 

Swing Design offers a Uninet iColor 560 Printer bundle at that same $3695 price that has several valuable add ons including a 100 count pack of iColor 2 Step Standard paper ($219 value), 25 sheets of coated kraft paper needed for pressing, a roll of heat safe tape, and $500 for designs and fonts.  This is the iColor 560 printer bundle I have and I think if you already have a heat press, this is the best Uninet iColor 560 bundle to get started

Uninet iColor 560 Bundle

If you need a heat press too I would recommend one of these white toner printer and heat press bundles. I use the Swing Design 8 in 1 heat press with my iColor 560 and have had no issues with marrying or pressing t shirt transfers!  It's an affordable heat press that can be used to heat transfer vinyl, sublimation, and ready to press white toner transfers. 

The only other thing I would highly suggest adding on is the T Seal Finishing sheet. It makes a noticeable difference when pressing laser transfers.  

T Seal Finishing Sheet review

You can purchase the T Seal paper an add-on or get it included in the iColor 560 printer business bundle which also includes several other materials including for hard surfaces.

If you want to expand the use of your White Toner printer and take full advantage of it's capabilities and printable materials like stickers, tattoo paper, window cling, and printable vinyl you'll want to pair it with a cutting machine like a Silhouette CAMEO.  When the White Toner Printer and cutting machine are used together you can print and then cut with the use of registration marks. 

Using the Silhouette Pixscan mat will even allow you to print and cut on dark papers and materials where the black registration marks otherwise would not be usable.  This Silhouette CAMEO for Uninet iColor bundle was curated with Uninet iColor printer users in mind and will greatly expand the way you can use your printer. 

Uninet iColor 560 Printer Tutorials 

The Uninet iColor 560 printer definitely has a learning curve, but these free iColor 560 tutorials should help you get started. 

Uninet iColor 560 Printer Videos 

Whether you're trying to decide if a white toner printer or sublimation or DTG is best for you and your shirt business or if you're a iColor 560 beginner looking for help getting started or troubleshooting when ProRip won't print, I have a whole series of Uninet iColor 560 videos on Youtube. 

Uninet iColor 560 beginner videos

Learn how to use Uninet IColor 560 White Toner Printer and the ProRip software! Coming from the vinyl and HTV world and want to expand into white toner? Need a solution because sublimation can't do darks or cotton? Just jumping right in to expand or start a T Shirt business at home? 

This Uninet iColor Youtube video playlist will help get you started and troubleshoot so you can get printing and start making money making white toner transfers!

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