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Silhouette Buying Help

Need some advice or recommendations for buying your first Silhouette cutting machine, a heat press, printer, vinyl or accessories to go with your Silhouette? You've come to the right spot!

Silhouette CAMEO vs Cricut

Debating between a Cricut vs Silhouette? I asked four craft bloggers who use both the Silhouette CAMEO and the Cricut Explore what they like about each cutting machine.  

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Which Silhouette Machine is Best?

If you're new to the Silhouette world deciding which Silhouette machine is best may seem overwhelming. Check out this tutorial to help you narrow down the best Silhouette machine for you based on your crafting needs.

Silhouette CAMEO vs Graphtec CE-50 Lite  

The Graphtec 20" is as close to a larger Silhouette CAMEO cutter as we can get.  But is it worth upgrading to the larger cutting machine?

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Best Silhouette CAMEO Bundles

Silhouette CAMEO Bundles are a great way to get started quickly with your new cutting machine. Check out my top 7 Silhouette CAMEO bundle picks
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Recommended Silhouette Accessories and Must Haves

My favorite Silhouette accessories, tools and craft supplies! These are the Silhouette tools I buy, use, and can't craft without - all in one place!   You can browse Silhouette School's Amazon shop or shop Melissa's Craft Room!
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Silhouette Studio Upgrade Features List: Designer Edition, Designer Edition Plus, Business Edition

Side by side comparison of Silhouette Studio upgrade features to help you decide between Silhouette Designer Edition vs Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Plus vs Silhouette Business Edition.

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Best Heat Press for Silhouette CAMEO

Looking for the best heat press for your Silhouette CAMEO? The type of heat press projects you are interested in, your budget, storage space, and the heat press features that are important to you will determine the best heat press for you.

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Vinyl Types and Uses: When and Where to Use What Vinyl

Not sure which type of vinyl to use or what all the numbers mean? Confused about 651 vs 631 vs Siser vs Oracal and if what transfer tape or transfer paper does? If so, check out this beginner craft vinyl guide to help you decide the best vinyl for your Silhouette project.

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Best Printer for Silhouette CAMEO and Portrait

Shopping for a printer to use with your Silhouette for Silhouette Print and cut projects? Here you'll find the printer I use that always gives me great print quality and vibrant colors for my Silhouette stickers and print and cut projects. 

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Silhouette Blades Explained 

Not sure which blade is best to use for which Silhouette project?  Wondering how the etching tip or sketch pens work. This Silhouette tutorial explains it all! 

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