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Roland BN2-20A: Everything to Know About the New, Faster Printer and Cutter (And First Look)

The new Roland BN2-20A and BN2-20 models are here...and yours truly has one of the very first machines! 

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I'm thrilled to be able to introduce you to the new BN2 20" ecosolvent printer and cutter that's not only newly designed from the inside out to save you space and money, but also increase your production by printing and cutting four times faster than ever before. Did I mention auto cut lines with and direct cut with free Flexi Designer software that's included?  There's so much to love..and a few changes I'm not a fan read on!  
Before we get to all of that, here's a first look at the brand new Roland BN2-20A in action in real-time speed. 

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Just like in the original models, the BN-20 and BN-20A, there are also two variations of the BN2 models  The Roland BN2-20 has five ink channels that can including white or double magenta. The BN2-20A is a four channel CMYK printer and cutter. That's the one I have. 

Otherwise the BN2-20 and BN2-20A are pretty much the it makes more sense to talk about the differences between the BN-20A and BN2-20A. 

Roland BN-20A vs BN2-20A and BN-20 vs BN2-20: Top 10 Differences

1. Printing Speed

The Roland BN2 printing speed is up to four times faster than the older model BN-20 and BN-20A. New technology and a different type of motor allow for the increased speed with the same professional quality prints. I did a side by side speed test using the exact same file on both the BN-20A and BN2-20A and you will be shocked how much time was saved. WATCH VIDEO

The speed of the BN2-20A is more in line with the Roland SG3-300 and the speed and accuracy of the Roland GS2-24 - which is often a popular companion cutter to the BN-20 or BN-20A to speed up production. 

Roland bn2 speed, roland bn2-20A price, new roland bn 2023, roland bn2 vs bn

2. Auto Cut lines with Flexi Designer for Versaworks Included Free

All Roland BN2 users will have access to a special edition of Flexi Designer which has been specially designed to allow for a seamless workflow for adding cut lines and sending to print and cut. 

Cut line creation has always been the biggest piece of the learning curve for new Roland BN-20/A users. Flexi Designer eliminates making the process extremely fast and simple. WATCH VIDEO

Roland bn2 print speed, roland bn2-20A cut speed, roland bn2-20A price, new roland bn 2023, roland bn2 vs bn

3. Print Directly From Flexi Designer

Adding Flexi Designer to the workflow also allows for the ability to completely bypass Versaworks and print and cut directly from Flexi to the BN2 machines.  

If you want more advanced settings you can also easily save out and then import into Versaworks with cut lines, but it's no longer necessary.  WATCH VIDEO

Roland bn2 speed, roland bn2-20A price, new roland bn 2023, roland bn2 vs bn

4. Roland DG Connect

All BN2-20/A users will have to use Roland DG Connect. The Roland DG Connect Hub acts as the central spot for access to DG Connect, the BN2 Utility, as well as Versaworks and Flexi Designer.  

DG Connect is an app-based program that provides detailed information about the operation of the machine and until now was only accessible to users of the larger Roland printers. 

I typically don't like being forced into using this type of program, but after working with DG Connect for several months, I will admit it's pretty user friendly and helpful. WATCH VIDEO

Roland DG Connect, Roland DG Connect Hub, Roland DG Connect for BN2-20A, What is Roland DG Connect

5. Improved and Intuitive Utility with Advanced Features

The entire BN2 utility has been upgraded and improved making it extremely easy to operate the BN2-20/A machines. 

The utility is accessible from the DG Connect Hub and clearly displays the machine status along with things like real time job progress, nozzle checks and cleanings, the option to move the starting base point, and sheet cut off the roll with the built in sheet cut function. 

Some of the error messages displayed in the utility could be more clear but overall it's a big improvement over the BN-20A utility. 

Roland bn2 utility, Roland bn2 speed, roland bn2-20A price, new roland bn 2023, roland bn2 vs bn

6. Front Loading and Access

The redesign of the machine allowing for front loading and operation means you can save space by pushing the machine completely up against the wall. 

With the BN-20 and BN-20A versions it was necessary to get behind the machine to load it which required it to always be on a wheeled stand or set away from the wall. But with the new Roland BN2-20A and BN2-20 models, there's no need or reason to access the back of the machine and it can be set on pretty much any desktop.

While the machine is taller to allow for the roll to be loaded almost vertically, the space savings with a 20% small footprint is noticeable especially if you're limited to a small space. WATCH VIDEO

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7. Ethernet Connection Required

I have a lot of prints and a lot of cutters and I will say this is the only one that requires an Ethernet connection. I'm not a huge fan of this and its made worse because the Ethernet cable is not included...nor is the adapter that you'll likely need to connect this old technology to your modern-day computer. 

There are two options for using Ethernet. You can hardwire your BN2 by Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port in your home or office (you do have one right?? and it's exactly in the same place where you plan to keep your BN2??). If you use this option you will still need to use a USB cord to connect the computer to the BN2. 

The second option is to connect the computer directly to the BN2 with the Ethernet cable. 

Again, I'm not a fan of either option...but it's what's needed for DG Connect to work as intended and since it's a requirement for the Roland BN2-20/A so is the Ethernet.

8. Price of BN2-20A and BN2-20

The price of the BN2-20A and BN2-20 models is at least $1,000 more than the Roland BN-20A and BN-20 which will remain as a lower priced option.

The BN2-20A starts at $6,495 (vs BN-20A at $5295) but that doesn't include ink (another one of my gripes). The BN2-20 CMYK+W has a starting price of $7,295 (compared to $6,795 for the BN-20). 

Roland BN2 price, roland bn2-20A price, roland bn2-20 price, roland bn vs bn2

If you're looking for the best Roland BN2-20A bundle, I recommend either this BN2-20A bundle with ink or this BN2-20A with double ink and starter media.

9. Auto Sheet Cut 

The Roland BN2 models both offer auto sheet cut which means you no longer need to struggle with a utility knife or scissors after your image has print and cut. This saves time, money, and material and is such a great feature to have. WATCH VIDEO

10. Move the Starting Position

The BN Utility now offers the option to move and set a new base point starting position, again allowing you to save materials.  This option is useful for nozzle checks and regular print jobs. WATCH VIDEO
It can be a little confusing to use at first, but once you get an understanding of how to move the print head in the direction you need it's a game changer. 

roland bn2 sheet cut, Roland bn2 speed, roland bn2-20A price, new roland bn 2023, roland bn2 vs bn

15 More Differences Between BN2-20/A and BN-20/A

  1. Digital Servo Motor (BN-20/A have a steppar motor
  2. Realtime Job Progress Status
  3. 20% Smaller Footprint
  4. Perf Cut Image Boundary Option
  5. No BN2-20A Stand Available (I am using this table)
  6. Automatic Suction Fan
  7. Improved Dryer
  8. Detachable Media Clamps
  9. Improved Media Holder with Easy Locking Mechanism (like the TruVis VG3)
  10. Moveable Pinch Rollers with Blue Markings
  11. Multi Sensor Adjustment for Automatic Calibration for Printing and Cutting
  12. In-Machine Storage
  13. 1.8L Ink Drain Tank (Only the inner bag needs to be replaced) 
  14. Limited to 220mL inks
  15. Internal Ink Cartridges

And the big Question...Is the Roland BN-20A or BN-20 Being Discontinued?

No! Even with the launch of the new Roland BN2-20 and BN2-20A, the original Roland BN-20 and BN-20A machines will still be available. 

Given that the price difference to the new models is between $1000 and $2000, the original BN models will still offer a lower price point to jump in although...when after seeing the list of 25 differences and improvements on the newer models you may be tempted to stretch your budget. 

You can learn more about the 25 differences between the Roland BN2-20A and BN-20A models in this video. 

Roland bn2 speed, roland bn2-20A price, new roland bn 2023, roland bn2 vs bn

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