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New Silhouette CAMEO 4 Easy Weed Feature using Weeding Tool (aka Punch tool)

As soon as Silhouette America announced the CAMEO 4 would include what they call an “Easy Weed” option, the questions came pouring in.

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I had an inbox full of emails and a comments all over social media about rumors the Silhouette CAMEO 4 weeded for you. So let’s clear up exactly what the easy weeding feature is, the machine, as powerful as it is, is not self-weeding.

All CAMEO 4 machines will come with an Autoblade 2 and what’s been referred to as both a “Weeding Tool” and a “Punch Tool”.  You can see a prototype of the punching tool in the right tool carriage.

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Whatever it ultimately ends up being called, it will NOT weed vinyl and HTV (or any other material) for you. Instead, the tool will go into Carriage 2 of the CAMEO 4 and will mark with a small punch the negative areas of the material that should be weeded out.

If you’ve ever cut an intricate design you know it can be challenging to know what areas are the negative and need to be weeded out. This new tool and the software settings it will require - if they work as intended - will make weeding easier.

I have to admit I have several concerns about a tool and feature like this. First, will the areas to be weeded also be marked in Silhouette Studio so you can double check the punches - add or remove them - before cutting? For example, if you’re cutting a stencil, the areas to be weeded out would be opposite than if you’re cutting a vinyl decal.

Secondly, for very small intricate designs - even a very small punch in an area that should be weeded out - could cause the vinyl, paper, or other delicate material to tear or or peel up off the backing or mat during cutting.

Finally, how does the software treat compound paths vs different layers and groups when punching? These are all things we’ll have to test when both the Silhouette CAMEO 4 and the software to run it are released later this year.

If you're looking for a technique to have HTV designs self-weed...check this out!

cameo 4, weeding tool, punch tool, HTV, silhouette cameo 4

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  1. The link for hack on self weeding htv goes to description and comparisons of new Cameo 4 not to blog about self weeding hack.

  2. I am more interested if the Cameo4 can cut and or emboss soft copper and how thick. As it is sold by weight per sq foot I have 4oz and 160z as it would be fantastic if it could do the heavier 16oz stuff'


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