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Paper Scraper Review: Tool to Prevent Paper Curling Off Cutting Mat

I can't be the only one who's dealt with paper curling when pulling it off a sticky cutting mat.

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This is a sponsored blog post, but all opinions are my own.

I just found this new tool called the Paper Scraper that claims to fix that problem! It's made by the same company that sells my favorite weeding tools so I figured - it has to work, right?!

I was making a 3D explosion box which requires quite a few paper die cuts.  By placing multiple colors of paper on the mat, I am able to cut multiple pieces of paper at the same time.

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When the cutting is done, start by removing the negative or excess area around the actual paper piecing.

Silhouette paper cuts, Paper cutting machine, paper cut, paper cutting art, paper cutting

Now don't just peel up your paper die cuts yet. If you do that, you risk them curling - especially if you are using thinner material.

Instead you can use The Paper Scraper!  It has a really sharp edge that can slide between the cutting mat and the paper to release the paper without having it curl.

paper scraper, Silhouette paper cuts, Paper cutting machine, paper cut, paper cutting

On smaller die cuts, I found using the round edge works really well to lift the paper off the cutting mat.

paper scraper, review, paper cut, paper cutting art, paper cutting

3D Paper cutting, paper scraper, paper cut, paper cutting art, paper cutting

There's no doubt the $14 Paper Scraper worked really well with heavier paper like 80lb cardstock and chipboard, but what about thinner materials such as copy paper?

I tested that too...this is just a piece of standard printer paper on a fairly sticky cutting mat.

If it was to peel it off it would most certainly curl. But if I use the front edge of The Paper Scraper to carefully get under a small area of the cut design then slide the blade around under the entire piece until it lifts off the mat, it doesn't curl at all!

Silhouette paper cuts, Paper cutting machine, paper cut, paper scraper, paper cutting

Look how flat it lays even after being cut on a relatively sticky cutting mat!

Silhouette paper cuts, Paper cutting machine, paper cut, paper scraper, paper cutting

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  1. I love this helpful "school" so much, that after I'd decided to purchase a second Silhouette machine to keep at our southern home, I purchased the eBook a second time, forgetting that I really didn't need to do that! But done is done and I'm not sorry as I use it all the time -- in both locations! Thanks for all the great advice you give!

  2. a hint at getting larger cuts off your mat without the paper curling, turn your mat over and peel the mat off the paper rather than peeling the paper off the mat.

  3. I use the method Kat described & also this $14 tool looks like a flat icer for cake decorating that you can find cheap almost anywhere

    1. I also use Kat's method all the time - even for smaller items. Doesn't work well then if the mat is very "fresh".
      About the tool - I think this may be based on/made from what you mention, I would propably call it a pallet knife - but with the edges sharpened. So there is an extra step to producing this tool (plus the idea to do that) which may justify the price.
      Having seen this, I may actually try to get a sharp edge one one of my pallet knifes using - what's it called in English - a grinding stone?


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