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12 Silhouette Hacks You Shouldn't Craft Without

If you've been hanging around Silhouette School for any length of time, you know I love to share Silhouette hacks and workarounds with you.  They're the little crafting shortcuts that make crafting more fun, easier, faster, and cheaper.  They're also often times the ones that make you go "Why Didn't I Think of That?!"   

Today I am sharing 12 of the best Silhouette Hacks that I advise you don't craft without. Hold on to your hats because you're about to have your mind blown.  Click on any of the title links to go to the Silhouette CAMEO Tutorial.

Reusable Stencils from Laminator Sheets 

Hands down the best reusable stencils I've been able to cut with my Silhouette.  Not only are they easy to cut, they're sturdy, easy to clean, and reusable over and over again. 

Centering HTV Designs with Just a Quick Fold   

Don't want to mess with a T-square or ruler to find the center of a shirt? Just fold it in half and press.  It couldn't be easier! 

    Heat Press Teflon Sheet Hack: It's All About the Magnets!

    Need an extra hand or just always misplacing your teflon sheet? Magnets to the rescue!


    More Heat Press Hacks

    Keep small pieces of HTV in place and get a better seal with these two must-have heat press accessories.

    $1 DIY (Silhouette) Sketch Pen and Holder

    Need a cheap, quick way to hold pens steady so you can sketch with your Silhouette? This $1 DIY Sketch pen holder is one of my favorite hacks.

    10 Ways Painters Tape Makes Silhouette Crafting Easier

    Unsticky mat causing a headache? Painters tape to the rescue...again!

    Registration Marks One Click Keyboard Shortcut 

    Prefer to use keyboard shortcuts...this is my favorite one!

    Cutting Through Backing Sheet  

    Want to get a two-for-one HTV design? Cut through the backing! So tricky.

    Sketch and Nest HTV Designs for Perfect Alignment & Limited Waste

    Have trouble lining up multi-color heat transfer vinyl designs when you apply to the surface? The key is to sketch and cut!

    Trick to Cutting Text Without Downloading the Entire Font 

    Your kid wants his name in that font, but you know you'll never use it again? Check out this quick trick.

    Silhouette Hack for Easy Glitter HTV Weeding (It's All About the Sketch) 

    Cut lines impossible to see on that glitter HTV? Get out the sketch pen!

    Add a Scalloped Edge to Any Design in Studio

    It's all about the O's!

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      2. To get started use an iron and earn your way up to better equipment from a source like

        google: iron with digital temp display

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