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Silhouette CAMEO Print and Cut Hack to Re-Use Pre-Printed Sheets

You know what I hate? Wasting materials!!! For instance, when you print and cut a small design on a piece of paper or sticker paper you're wasting the rest of the sheet...right?! No! I've figured out an awesome Silhouette CAMEO hack that will let you utilize the rest of that sheet for future print and cut projects!

print and cut registration marks silhouette cameo tutorial
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Okay let's take a look at this little trick using the just the Standard Matte White Sticker paper from Online Labels.
(Really this can be done with any material you print and cut on...but I love making stickers - so there you have it).

A few weeks ago I did a project in which I needed a single print and cut sticker. I printed the small sticker and then applied it to my project.  

silhouette cameo stickers paper fans medallions

Then I sat there looking at the rest of the perfectly good sheet like, "I just can't bring myself to throw you out!"  That's when I realized I could add more print and cut designs to it and print and cut again and again on the same sheet...LATER!

sticker paper registration marks print and cut silhouette cameo portrait tutorial

A few days went by and I decided to make a few more paper medallions. Again, I needed just one or two small stickers. So here's what you're going to do....keep in mind this ONLY works when using registration marks in their default position.

In Silhouette Studio open up a new work area and set the Design Page Settings to Current Printer. I also turned on the Show Print Border.

silhouette studio print and cut tutorial cameo portrait beginner tutorial

Using the Registration Marks shortcut "M", I turned on the registration marks and added my new designs to the work space.  I made sure the designs were NOT in the same place where the sticker was already cut out of my sheet. In this case that was in the top left area. 

silhouette studio beginners stickers how to cameo portrait
Once you are sure the designs are safely INSIDE the registration mark area, turn OFF the registration marks before you print.  You already have registration marks on the sticker sheet, so you don't want to re-print them.

print and cut how to re-print registration marks studio
Put your sheet of Matte White Sticker paper into your printer oriented exactly so the top registration marks will still be at the top and the designs will print on the correct side. 

best printer silhouette cameo diy stickers

Once printed, remove the sticker sheet from the printer and place it on your Silhouette cutting mat.

whales stickers silhouette cameo print and cut beginners tutorial

Go back into Silhouette Studio and TURN THE REGISTRATION MARKS BACK ON.
The Silhouette CAMEO and Portrait need those registration marks in Studio so they know to look for them on the printed material.

silhouette registration marks planner stickers

From the Cut Settings window adjust your cut settings for your material.  Remember, the fine people over at tested all of their materials with Silhouette CAMEO to find the perfect cut settings for each! You can find the full list of recommended cut settings for Online Labels products here. For Standard Matte White sticker sheets you want to use Blade depth: 2, Thickness: 3, Speed: 4.

When you're ready send the design to cut. The Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait will find the registration marks first and then cut out your NEW print and cut designs!

kiss cut sticker paper silhoeutte cameo print and cut
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And there it is..the perfect print and cut on a piece of scrap sticker paper!!!  Sometimes I even amaze myself. :)

make your own stickers silhouette cameo portrait print and cut

The beauty of this is you can keep adding new designs to new work areas in Silhouette Studio and keep re-using the same sticker sheet until you use the entire sheet!

re-use print and cut sheets silhouette cameo registration marks printer

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  1. THANK YOU, thank you!! I have stacks of paper that have one little spot cut out and I just hated to throw away. I have wondered if it could be reused but have never tried it so this will help so much.

  2. Thanks for all of your amazing tips! I have used this trick as well and discovered that you don't have to use only the default settings for the registration marks. I like to push the marks out as far as I can to maximize cut space. After I've cut my images, I make sure to write the registration mark measurements across the top of the page so I can input the measurements again when I want to reuse that sheet. Works great, and I can squeeze even more stickers out of my pages 😋

  3. In future I will leave the markings as default, then I can use the paper again, you are amazing, thank you.

  4. Fabulous!!! Thank you! I hate wasting all that paper!

  5. Brilliant! This has always bugged me too!!!

  6. Merci Mélissa pour cette nouvelle astuce !
    Bises de France

  7. Thanks a million for the info. I don't like wasting paper either. This tip is a big help.
    Nancy Jr

  8. Awesome info!! Thanks for doing the legwork to figure this out and share with us!

  9. OMG!!! This has really made my day! I hate wasting any material, especially sticker or foil paper, and this is brilliant!!! Thanks so much !!!

  10. Unfortunately this does not work the same if you use paper. It depends on what and how much is cut out earlier. The sheet will get stuck in the printer for sure!! I use this technique for quite a while. So take care if you use other material than sticker paper (that stays flat and can safely be used again)

  11. Thanks for the great tutorial! One other thing I thought of to make life easier is why not save the original file with the first sticker you cut out. And then reopen the same file when you want to print and cut more stickers on the same sheet. Doing so will allow you to see where your first image was placed. Then you simply add your new images and delete the one you already cut. This will eliminate the guess work of where to place the new images so they don't overlap accidentally. Just a thought. :)

    1. I had the same thought Teresa! But I would suggest instead of deleting the previous image, leave it on the design exactly where it was, and simply turn OFF the cut lines. As you are finished with a design, just turn off the cut lines so you can see where NOT to place new images. No guesswork needed.

  12. And the sucess of course depending on your printers accuracy, you can see a little bit of the shark left over on the page. I know my printer sometimes goes off-center a bit or prints at a slight angle, so that would be even worse.

  13. I have used adhesive to glue large squares of white paper over the registration marks and let the printer print new ones -- just in case I don't get it lined up just right somewhere along the line. I've also used white-out to cover them. When using textured paper, the piece of white paper has saved my bacon more than once because the marks just don't print right for the machine to read them. Also, if the paper is too cut up, I salvage what I need and adhere it in the middle of a piece of printer paper. Make sure your PnC figure is lined up where it needs to be and send it to the printer and then the Silhouette.

    1. I have been known to cut and place a piece of self-stick white address label over the old registration marks. Just in case they are a little different 😉

  14. Great idea, Melissa! NEVER would have thought of that. I think I saw a tutorial/video somewhere where the woman covered the registration marks with Post-It notes, but this seems even simpler. I turn to you for help on a regular basis, since I haven't been using my Cameo as frequently, and I forget how to do things. This evening, not only did I search for this, but your tutorial on moving the registration marks. Thanks again!


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