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Silhouette Pixscan Registration Failed? 9 Ways to Fix the Error

I have never had more love for a Silhouette product than I do for the Silhouette Pixscan Mat...unfortunately not all Silhouette crafters can say the same thanks to Pixscan registration errors.

Silhouette Pixscan registration failed

If you've met the Pixscan registration failure error I really hope you'll give your mat another chance because the Pixscan technology is jaw dropping!

1. Calibrate Your Camera for Silhouette Pixscan

If you are getting a calibration error when you try to upload a Pixscan image into Silhouette Studio, you need to calibrate your phone or camera by using the Calibration test sheet. Here's a step by step tutorial on how to do the Silhouette Pixscan Camera Calibration.

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If you are not getting a calibration error, but instead are getting a Registration Failure error when your Pixscan image is loading in Silhouette Studio, it is due to the actual picture.

What is a Pixscan Mat, Silhouette pixscan registration mark error

There are any number of issues that can cause this error.  Here's what to check:

2. Make Sure Your Material is Within the Cut Border

Material placed on the Silhouette Pixscan mat should be completely inside the black border on the mat.

3. Work on a Flat Surface

Place your Pixscan Mat on a flat surface to take the picture. It's best to place it on the floor or a table to ensure it's completely flat.

4. Tape Down the Corners of your Pixscan Mat

Even the slightest bend in the corners of your Pixscan mat can cause a registration failure.  Basically if your mat is causing a shadow, it's not flat enough.

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This was causing me issues until I taped down all four corners of my mat with clear scotch tape making sure NOT to cover any of the black registration marks on the mat. You may also want to tape down the edges of the mat to ensure it's completely flat

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5. Have Good Lighting Free of Glares and Shadows

Take the photo of your Pixscan mat with plenty of light - preferably without the flash Make sure there are no shadows anywhere in the  image which would make some areas darker than others. You also want to avoid any glares which might washout some of the registration marks.

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6. Take a Straight on Picture from Above

Take the picture of your Silhouette Pixscan Mat from above and as straight-on as possible making sure you have a good focus and straight angle.

7. Capture the Entire Silhouette Pixscan Mat 

The entire Pixscan mat should be captured in the picture and ideally you should get a little bit of the background.

8. Don't Use Your Zoom

Don't use your camera's zoom when taking the picture of your Pixscan mat.

9. Email the Image to Yourself at Full Size

Do not reduce the quality, size or resolution of the picture when you email it to yourself. It may take a few minutes for it to load into the Pixscan tool in Silhouette Studio, but a full size image is ideal.

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Now that you know how to avoid the issues that can cause Silhouette Pixscan registration failure, you can start enjoying your Silhouette Pixscan mat with your CAMEO, Portrait or Curio.  Check out all my Silhouette Pixscan tutorials here or grab my Pixscan mini guide

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