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The Best Way to Add Vinyl to Glass (And Making a Custom Whiteboard with Silhouette)

Sometimes you just have to add vinyl to glass. But it's not always best to put the vinyl on the front side of the glass.

vinyl on glass, vinyl glass picture frame silhouette cameo
Silhouette School monthly contributor Kati from  Houseful of Handmade is here today to show you how and why you should consider putting vinyl on the backside of the glass! And while she's adding she's sharing a really cool idea for using your Silhouette cutting machine to make a custom white board!

7 Tricks to Cleanly Cutting Tiny Script Fonts on Vinyl with Silhouette CAMEO

One of the biggest frustrations for Silhouette CAMEO users trying to cut very intricate designs and text is the more intricate and the smaller the design, the harder it is to get a clean cut.

cutting vinyl without tearing silhouette cameo, silhouette cameo tearing vinyl
This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.
The problem is some of the most beautiful designs are the most intricate ones with scrolls and flourishes and swooshes and sometimes you just need to cut them small!  That's when having a few tricks up your sleeve for cutting very small designs or text on vinyl can be the difference between a chewed up design and one that cuts perfectly.

I recently came across this set of stunning Elegant Scroll Monogram letters from the shop Kut That Out (I have a coupon for you to grab it at 40% off at the end of the blog post)!  In case you're wondering you have to import each of the 26 letters in DXF and/or SVG format into Silhouette Studio. I use the bulk import method so it's fast and I'm not dragging and dropping each one individually.

Deco Gel Transfer Gel and Foil Review and Silhouette Tutorial

Tell me I am not the only who one has to try out their new crafting toys like now?!  I just got my hands on some of these brand new Deco Foil Transfer Gel. It was barely out of my mail lady's hands and I had the box open and the wheels were spinning on how I could use it with Silhouette!

Deco Foil Transfer Gel Tutorial  Review silhouette cameo
This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

As we've talked about before - you can't craft foil with your Silhouette CAMEO machine - it's just too thin.  But...the Deco Foil Transfer Gel is a brand new product from ThermoWeb - the same company behind Heat N Bond and the pretty Deco Foils.

CB09 Blade and Silhouette CAMEO 3: Will They Work Together?

You guys know I love my CB09 Blade...but I was super disappointed when I got my Silhouette CAMEO 3 only to realize my favorite blade for cutting vinyl would not fit in the re-designed blade carriage on the new Silhouette machine. guys...I was so wrong. I was so, so wrong and (in this case..take note, Bob!) I'm happy to admit it!

CB09 blade cameo 3, CB09 Blade silhouette cameo, silhouette cameo 3 blades

When I first got my Silhouette CAMEO 3 I immediately tried the CB09 in it and it would not fit.

Tickets and Time Are Running Out for Silhouette School LIVE Workshop (Free Silhouette Design File) just over a month the first ever Silhouette School Live!!  But if you want to join us you better hurry!!

You guys we only have a few tickets left for this one day workshop - so if you want to join me and Terri Johnson and 125 of your closest Silhouette better hop on it!

And if you're just here for the free Silhouette design file...well, I guess that's okay too ;).

Trick to Apply Silhouette Vinyl Level with a Clip on Stencil Level: Video Tutorial

Did you ever cut a vinyl design, weed it perfectly only to apply it and it wasn't straight?'s so frustrating!

That's where the Clip on Stencil Level comes in! Silhouette School contributor, Cat, shared a tutorial on how to use this little gadget a few weeks ago. But today she's back to SHOW us how handy this tool is with a follow up Silhouette video tutorial!   Here's Cat...

Wait...What Happened to the Ultimate Silhouette Sticker Guide?!

And just like that the Ultimate Silhouette Sticker Guide is gone...kinda. But not really.  After a lot of thought we've decided to re-brand my second full-length ebook with a new title and some additional content.

You see the "sticker" reference just wasn't doing this 48 54 page ebook justice. After all, stickers are print and cut, but not every Silhouette user who does print and cut wants to make stickers.  We thought the title of this Silhouette guide was not making it obvious to those who might be interested in other forms of print and cut that this is the ebook for them, too!

Small Silhouette Cuts? Easy to Cut Alternative To Vinyl!

Who knew that cutting Clear Sticker Paper with Silhouette would somehow be the answer to the two most frequently asked questions I get.

spice rack, craft storage,craft supplies, silhouette cameo, silhouette school
This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

Yup...if you're wondering how to cut tiny vinyl designs without tearing or you're wondering about that a spice rack on my desk - you're in luck.  It all comes down to Online Label's Clear Sticker Paper!

How to Cut on Up to 9 (Different) Silhouette Machines Simultaneously

One of the biggest benefits of Silhouette Studio Business Edition is the ability to cut on multiple Silhouette machines simultaneously.

silhouette machines, business edition, cutting with mutliples silhouette cutters

This is a huge time savings for business owners, specifically, who can cut multiple designs at the same time.

Silhouette Studio V4 Beta Released: What You Need to Know to Get Started

The long awaited Silhouette Studio Version 4 (aka Silhouette Studio V4.0) is finally open Beta.  That means all Silhouette users can download it from Silhouette America's Legacy and Beta Software page.

Getting Started Silhouette Studio 4 Version 4 (v4), silhouette studio v4, help tutorials, silhouette cameo

Be aware there is no official technical support on how to use Silhouette Studio V4 yet...but I am here to help you and it's honestly pretty easy and not that scary!

That being said, at this point I would go so far as to say I am hesitant to encourage you to take the free update for the simple fact there is no support.  But...since I know some of you will anyway and others are just curious about what Silhouette Studio V4 looks like...I'm here to show you!

Free Hello Spring Silhouette Studio Design

Nothing gets me feeling like we almost made it through winter like our first spring-themed Freebie Friday cut file of the year!! Woohoo!!

I'm so excited to partner with the talented Sabine from Chameleon Cuttables for this week's free Silhouette Studio Cut File!