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Move Multiple Edit Points In a Jif: Silhouette Tutorial

Sometimes you need to modify a design from the edit point level. Edit points are the building blocks of designs. They give you a lot of creative freedom...but they can also be kinda pesky to work with if a design has a lot of them - which most designs do.

Silhouette Studio Edit points tutorial moving edit points

Fortunately I recently discovered an edit points shortcut that will have you editing and moving points faster than ever before.

Best Vinyl Storage Idea (5 Reasons This $1.99 Solution is the Best)

I've used a lot of different vinyl storage solutions in my days as a vinyl hoarder Silhouette crafter...but nothing has been as space saving and cheap as this!

vinyl storage silhouette cameo portrait craft room organization

As my vinyl collection has grown so has my need for better storage for vinyl rolls and sheets. I started off small...

Free Olympic Rings Silhouette Studio Cut File

Want to show your Olympic spirit? This week I'm sharing a free Silhouette Studio cut file of the Olympic rings.

Team USA Team mommy olympics 2016 Rio Silhouette CAMEO baby onesie

This file is all ready to be cut on heat transfer vinyl, vinyl, stencil material or paper.  I thought I"d made a little onesie for my niece so she could show off her love of all things #teammommy during her first Olympics :)

Cutting a Profit: My New Book on Silhouette CAMEO for Business is Here!!

I swear I thought the day may never come...but here it is!!! It's Release Day! My new ebook, "Cutting a Profit: The Ultimate Silhouette Guide for Running a Successful Silhouette Business" is now available!! It's hard to believe this digital download book on running a small business with Silhouette CAMEO is my eighth book in the Ultimate Silhouette Guide series and the third of my full-length reference guides.
Silhouette CAMEO for Business Silhouette based business book - small business tax deduction crafting business craft business etsy sellers marketing a small craft business
Silhouette CAMEO business small craft business etsy seller small business owners silhouette portrait
also available as part of a discounted ebook bundle (see below)
  Image Map
I poured countless hours into this book covering small business topics from naming to business formation to branding to marketing to pricing to shipping to working with customers (even the difficult ones) to taxes, licensing, and watermarking.   

As a wife, mother, and small craft business owner myself - I know the struggle to balance it all! That's why I've also included an entire chapter on balancing your business with all of life's other demands.  You'll find resources, time management tools, a time blocking worksheet and a suggested schedule along with tips for being a successful, organized and efficient small business owner

Silhouette CAMEO 3 Auto Blade vs Ratchet Blade: First Look

Did ya hear the news? I have the Silhouette CAMEO 3 in my hands!! Woohoo! My UPS man delivered the new CAMEO yesterday and I've spend the morning getting to know my new Silhouette cutting machine.  I even took a quick video for you so you can see how the Silhouette Auto Blade cuts!

New Silhouette CAMEO 3 auto blade auto adjusting regular ratchet blade video

There are definitely some noticeable differences in the CAMEO 3 vs. CAMEO 2 and older models. I know a lot of people are interested in the Auto Blade so I thought I'd quickly share a video on how it works.

DIY Baby Blanket Tutorial with Silhouette CAMEO and Electric Heat Transfer Vinyl

I've been scratching my head recently trying to think of a unique baby boy gift for a friend's second baby.  I came across the baby month blankets that are gaining popularity right now - but still cool and different...and then the inspiration hit!  I love when I can take an idea and totally make it my own which is what I did with this Texas theme baby blanket!

baby month blanket texas silhouette cameo
This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.
My struggle with this project was the fact that while I had a whole set of this beautiful new (as in just released yesterday) Easyweed Electric Heat Transfer Vinyl from Expressions Vinyl...I only had 12x12" sheets in each color.  (Believe me you want all the colors - they're all stunning!  You can check out Expressions Vinyl's full selection of Siser Easyweed Electric HTV here.)