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Free Silhouette Studio Cupcake Design

It's Friday and on Friday's we give away a free Silhouette Studio cut file!

This week I'm sharing this adorable cupcake design I created in Silhouette Studio.  I think it would be so cute as a sticker or a card or for a birthday shirt.

Easy Trick to Fitting Larger Designs on a 12 x 12 Sheet

I know I can't be the only who sometimes just needs a tad bit more room for my design.

That's why I was so excited when I realized, it's possible to fit a 13"+ long design on a single 12x12" piece of patterned paper or vinyl sheet?

The trick is all in how you position the design in Silhouette Studio. Check this out -

Trick for Getting Vinyl to Stick to Wood

Anyone else love putting vinyl on wood, but struggle to get it to actually stick?

vinyl on wood, silhouette vinyl wood, silhouette cameo vinyl, silhouette cameo 3

The struggle is real...but today I have a little trick that's going to save you a lot of time and wasted vinyl because it pretty much guarantees your vinyl will stick to wood!  Silhouette School monthly contributor Cat is here with more!

Rhinestone Setter Tool Review for Silhouette Rhinestone Projects

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not a rhinestone-wearing kinda girl...but I do love me some bling on other stuff. Like Silhouette Cameo paper projects.

rhinestone setter tool rhinestone applicator rhinestone rhinestones silhouette cameo

Did you even know you could put rhinestones on paper?! You can and you don't even really need to cut a Silhouette rhinestone template. You can put the rhinestones on paper freehand with just a few tools. Today I'm going to introduce you to my favorite rhinestone setter too because they're not all made equally.

How to Turn Silhouette Cut Files into Print and Cut (And a DIY Baby Month Blocks Project)

If you're looking for the perfect DIY baby gift to make with your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait - look no further!!
To help me out as we are moving, my good friend Rachel Teodoro - who is not only incredibly talented and crafty - but also a little Silhouette-obsessed like we are - is here today to share a fun, cheap and easy print and cut project with you!  The best part is she's sharing her tips on how to turn regular Silhouette Studio cut files into print and cut designs in just a few simple steps!

Free Watermelon Set of Silhouette Studio Design

It's my favorite day of the week here at Silhouette School: Freebie Friday!
Free watermelon silhouette studio design for Silhouette CAMEO
I'm so excited to share this watermelon set with you this week!

13 Genius Ways to Use Vinyl

Let's just be real honest right now: pretty much nothing is off limits when it comes to vinyl.  It's rare to find a Silhouette crafter who hasn't cut vinyl with their Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait.  If you're new to vinyl, start with this Silhouette vinyl tutorial for beginners...then let your imagination run wild!

Every once in a while, just when I thought I had seen it all, my jaw is left on the floor when I discover a new 'thing' that has been vinyled.

I thought it would be fun to round up some of the most usual places for vinyl!  (You can click on each of the links for more details and the Silhouette tutorial).

Custom Printed Pattern Vinyl and HTV

Oh my gosh you guys I've been dying to share this huge secret with you...for months I've been sworn to secrecy but finally today I can!!!

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own

Sparkle Berry Ink just introduced custom printed vinyl and heat transfer vinyl. When I say custom printed I mean like you can design you own designs in Silhouette Studio...then upload it to their portal, they professionally print it out, and a few days later it shows up in your mailbox.

Literally dying!!

How to Add Any Word to an Arrow in Silhouette Studio

I don't know that arrows will ever not be popular...and putting text in an arrow - even better! Right?!

silhouette studio silhouette cameo 3 designing in silhouette studio
Today my friend Kendra from Simply {Darr}ling is taking over Silhouette School to help me out while we are in the process of swapping coasts. She's going to explain exactly how to add whatever word you want into an arrow in just a few quick steps in Silhouette Studio!

How and Why Pressing Pillows are the Secret to Applying HTV

There are some craft gadgets that I think are 'nice to haves' and then there are some that I think are 'must haves' for Silhouette Crafters.

pressing pillows htv silhouette cameo tips

A set of pressing pillows is definitely on the must have list.

How to Apply Vinyl to Flip Flops (So It Actually Sticks)

I know it's Friday and I know we normally do Freebie Friday around here...but this week I'm interrupting Freebie Friday because...well I am quite literally on my way to the new house in California via the All Things Silhouette Conference in Atlanta and...well, let's just say I ran out of time! There. I admitted it. I can't always do all the things as much as I try.

how to add vinyl to flip flops - silhouette tutorial 

Fortunately, my amazingly talented and crafty friend and blogger Alexis from Persia Lou literally stepped up (pun intended!) to saved me by offering to share a really fun summer HTV project that anyone can do in just a few minutes!