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Silhouette Studio Upgrade Features List: Designer Edition, Designer Edition Plus, Business Edition

I get asked all the time - is Silhouette Studio Designer Edition worth the upgrade? What features are included with Silhouette Studio Business Edition?  Does the highest upgrade include the features of the others?  Finally, I decided to put together an easy to read list of features, tutorials, and FAQs about all of the Silhouette Studio upgrades.

I can tell you - there's never been reason to upgrade straight to Silhouette Studio Business Edition.   Silhouette Studio V4.1 was just released in open Beta and it includes a lot of new features - many of them not available in the free basic Silhouette Studio version.

Silhouette U Christmas in July Membership Sale - One Day Only (7/25)

For only the second time ever, Silhouette U memberships are on sale - and you can lock in the Christmas in July pricing for the lifetime of your membership!

But here's the catch - the Christmas in July Silhouette U sale is ONE DAY ONLY - and that day is TODAY!! 

All membership plans (for new members) for Silhouette School's exclusive premium membership site - are available for 10% off the regular plan prices for the lifetime of the membership when you you join Silhouette U today only - Tuesday, July 25, 2017 from 12:00 am EST - 11:59pm EST.

19 Amazing Silhouette CAMEO Print and Cut Project Ideas

In the three and a half years I've been blogging I don't think there's been any single feature of the Silhouette CAMEO (or Portrait) that I've used more diversely than Print and Cut! Ironically - it's the one feature that scares or intimidates more beginners than anything else.  I have to tell you - it's worth getting over that fear (grab The Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Print and Cut to help you along) because Silhouette print and cut is truly amazing.

silhouette cameo print and cut project ideas tutorials troubleshooting

I've literally shared dozens of different Silhouette CAMEO Print and Cut projects and tutorials on the blog...but here are my favorites!

New Silhouette Products for 2017 Are Here!

A whole bunch of new Silhouette products were released today and I know you guys are going to go crazy over some of them!

When I say new Silhouette America products I don't mean the Pink CAMEO or the Silhouette 3D printer  (those are coming too but later) - I'm talking about specialty media - things you can cut.

Free Silhouette Studio Design: Hot Air Balloons

It's Freebie Friday and that means it's time for another free Silhouette Studio design file download!

silhouette studio designs free silhouette cameo designs, free die cutting clipart hot air balloon clipart

This week I'm sharing this set of hot air balloons.

Silhouette CAMEO Light Tote Bag Review

When the new Silhouette CAMEO Light Tote bags were released a few months back, I immediately grabbed one.

silhouette cameo bag, silhouette cameo 2 travel, silhouette cameo 3 travel

I have to be honest, the price made me think the quality of this bag and the material would be on the lower end. But I was wrong!

Organizing Patterns into Sub-Folders in the Silhouette Studio Library

I use Silhouette Studio every day and yet there are still features I come across that I didn't know existed.

silhouette studioi tutorials, silhouette cameo tutorials, silhouette cameo 3, silhouette studio library

For example a few weeks ago I realized I could add sub-folders to the Patterns folder in my library and sort my imported patterns however I wanted! Mind blown. 

Silhouette Sketch Pen Solid Fill Hack

I get asked repeatedly about how to fill in sketch pen designs - specifically fonts.

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

I've shared 4 different ways to fill in with sketch pens using the Silhouette CAMEO or other Silhouette machines, but today I'm going to introduce you to another way! This one, in my opinion, results in the absolute best sketch fill so it's ideal if you have Designer Edition (which you'll need for this Silhouette tutorial).

Designing Block Out Text Designs in Silhouette Studio (Plus Free Silhouette Design download)

I get asked from time to time how to create text-based designs in Silhouette Studio where it appears the text is in a shape - usually a rectangle.

silhouette studio text designs designing with text in silhouette studio

I don't really know what the name of this 'look''s sort of like stencil-inspired text designs or reverse weeded text designs. Since I don't know if they have a name... I'm just going to call them 'Block Out' text designs.

Updating Silhouette Studio Software: A Complete Step By Step How To Guide

Every time there is a Silhouette Studio update I get questions about how to update to the newest version of the software. This step by step guide applies to updating to any new Silhouette Studio Version...beta or otherwise.

silhouette studio software cd, silhouette studio software download, silhouette studio v4, v4.1

I know it can be scary and intimidating to update...but the good news is I'm here to walk you through step by step.

Silhouette Studio V4.1 Available to Download...BUT Not So Fast

After less than two months in closed beta, Silhouette Studio V4.1 has been released in open beta which means anyone has access to the free Silhouette Studio update packed full of bells and whistles.

I'm all about V4.1. I think the new features in Silhouette Studio V4.1 are off the charts.  I think you're going to love it...when it's ready or at least semi-ready. Right now it's not ready (in my humble opinion) and I would strongly suggest you hold off on downloading it.

I also can't help but point this highly anticipated version of the software was released late Friday, as we go into a weekend when Silhouette America's customer support is closed.  Another reason to hold off.

It's so, so tempting though...and that's honestly my fear.