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Free Fall Leaf Wreath Silhouette Studio Design

Happy Freebie Friday! This week I'm sharing a free fall Silhouette Studio design with you!

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You can use this Fall Leaf Wreath in so many different ways!

Silhouette CAMEO Project Idea: Cut Real Leaves for Your Thanksgiving Tablescape

I am never surprised by the number of ways you can use a Silhouette cutting machine - or by the number of materials that can be cut.

Silhouette School monthly contributor, Cat from Pocketful of Posies, is here today to share how she cut fall leaves with her Silhouette CAMEO to create a stunning table setting!

Silhouette CAMEO Beginners: Get Started with Silhouette Studio (Before You Even Have a Cutting Machine)

If you're thinking about getting a Silhouette CAMEO or you're waiting for one to be delivered - you can get started with the free Silhouette design software before you even get the Silhouette cutting machine.

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The Silhouette Studio software is free to download from the Silhouette America website and you don't even need to register a machine to download it - which means anyone can use it at any time!

Silhouette Gift Ideas You Actually Want: 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Every year we do a Silhouette Gift Guide ahead of the busy holiday shopping season. If you're shopping for a Silhouette crafter (or you are one!), let me just tell you what they really want. 

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We've put together the best picks for the crafty cutter. So if you're the crafter, feel free to just grab the link to this gift guide or print out the Dear Santa note below and leave it in a convenient spot. Or if you're the shopper for the crafter, just know you can't go wrong shopping here and/or off our best craft gadgets list.

Tips for Using Silhouette Studio for Home Decorating Mock Ups

A few months ago I shared a little trick on Facebook about how I sometimes use Silhouette Studio to help with decorating ideas...or ya know to convince my husband that a bunch of "+" vinyl decals will look good on an accent wall.

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He wasn't convinced by my argument so I had to 'show' him what it would look like and then...I got my way.  Thank you, Silhouette Studio.

By the way - I can tell you no one mocks up a room faster than a wife on a mission to convince her husband she 'needs' to make a home decorating change. In other words this won't take you long.

Free Farm Fresh Silhouette Design File

It's Freebie Friday and this week I'm sharing a design file that I keep getting requests for!
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I created this design a few weeks ago to put on a market basket, when I shared the best blanks for heat transfer vinyl.

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The design was created in Silhouette Studio Designer Edition using the warp tool. I'll be sharing a Silhouette Studio tutorial on how to use the warp tool to make word art like this later this month.

Until then, feel free to download this free Silhouette Studio design file. It's free for personal use. If you'd like to share it - I'd love that. I just ask that you please share the link back to this blog post rather than the design itself or the link to the Dropbox.

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Opening Silhouette Store Designs in Silhouette Studio: Beginners Tutorial

I get quite a few questions about how to open and use Silhouette Store Designs in Silhouette Studio.

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Some designs are pretty cut and dry, but some come into Silhouette Studio not looking anything like the preview picture in the Silhouette Design Store or the library.

The Heat Press Machine Accessory You Didn't Know You Needed

If you use a heat press you very likely have a teflon sheet and maybe even pressing pillows.  But do you have a heat press bottom platen cover?

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This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own
It's not likely...and what's more likely is you are probably like me thinking, "Why would I need a cover on the bottom platen of my heat press?" 

Heat Transfer Vinyl Remover for Lights and Darks: Review

Did you ever need to remove heat transfer vinyl from a shirt?

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There are several different ways to remove heat transfer vinyl - some use actual heat while other use a solvent.

3 Ways to Perfect Print and Cut Stickers with Silhouette CAMEO (No White Border)

If you've ever print and cut stickers with your Silhouette CAMEO you know you can get the dreaded white edge sometimes.

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own

It's caused when the machine cuts just a tad bit off leaving the unprinted sticker sheet as part of the sticker.

Free Thanksgiving Banner Silhouette Design

With Halloween now behind us, it's on to Thanksgiving.
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This week for Freebie Friday I'm sharing a free Thanksgiving banner Silhouette design with you.