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How to Change the Mat Color in Silhouette Studio

I often hear from people who want to know how to change the mat or background color in Silhouette Studio.

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Some people find this helpful when designing so they can see how their design will look on different color backgrounds.

Heat Press Pressure Test: The Paper or Dollar Bill Test

You've probably noticed that heat transfer vinyl manufactures give recommendations on the amount of pressure to use when heat pressing heat transfer vinyl.

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Question is - how do know you what pressure you're actually pressing on? That's where the heat press pressure test comes in.

Siser EasyPSV Adhesive Vinyl Review & Silhouette Cut Settings

Did you hear...Siser is getting into the adhesive vinyl game with the launch of Siser EasyPSV.

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This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.
Last fall I shared the big news from SGIA and now the new Siser vinyl and transfer tape is available so of course I had to test it for you.

Free Love Heart Wreath Silhouette Studio Design Download

It's Freebie Friday here at Silhouette School and this week I'm sharing a design perfect for Valentine's Day...or any day!

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This Love Heart Wreath is perfect for t-shirts using HTV or a card for that special someone using Print and Cut.

Silhouette Studio Weeding Lines Tutorial: Automatic vs. Manual

What's all the buzz about weeding lines in Silhouette Studio?

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Silhouette School contributor, EllyMae from Silhouette Secrets+, is here to share the low down on when you can and should use the Silhouette Studio Business Edition Automatic weeding lines feature vs. manually adding your own.

How to Back Up or Export Your Silhouette Studio Library in V4

If you're working in Silhouette Studio V4 and need to export or back up your entire library, it's easy to do.

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In just a few steps you'll be able to export your entire Silhouette Studio to save it to your computer's hard drive, a flash drive, or move it to a new computer.

How to Move the Silhouette CAMEO 3 Rollers

If you are cutting on your Silhouette CAMEO, without a cutting mat, you will likely need to move you rollers to ensure the material does not slip while cutting.

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Fortunately the rollers on the Silhouette CAMEO 3 are easier to move than on the CAMEO 1 or 2.

Sparkle Berry Glitter HTV: Tutorial and Best Silhouette Cut Settings

Just when you thought Sparkle Berry Ink heat transfer vinyl couldn't get any better they go and add glitter to it!

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This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.
Sparkle Berry glitter HTV is here and it might just be the best thing since patterned vinyl! This Silhouette tutorial will show you exactly how to cut it with Silhouette CAMEO and apply.

Free Unicorn Face Crown Cut File

It's Freebie Friday guys!! And lately, nothing is hotter than unicorns. 

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This week I have an adorable unicorn face crown for you.

Cheaper Alternative to Pressing Pillows: Pressing Pads!

Pressing pillows are pretty much an essential heat pressing accessory - the problem is they're not cheap.  BUT...I recently found out about an alternative to heat press pillows - and they're a fraction of the cost.

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I'm not talking about making your own pressing pillows, which shared how to do here. I'm talking about pressing pads.

Oracal 641: Matte Permanent Vinyl (Best Silhouette CAMEO Cut Settings and Uses)

Did you guys know there's such a thing as Oracal matte permanent vinyl? Yup...Oracal 641 is a thing and all the crafters said AMEN!

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Matte Oracal 641 was introduced to the market in late 2017 combining the best of Oracal's popular permanent vinyl 651 with the matte finish of Oracal's removable vinyl line - Oracal 631.