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Best Printer for Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait Cutting Machine

I get asked almost daily about the best printer for Silhouette CAMEO.  If you have a Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait cutting machine you likely want to have a quality home printer, as well, so you can create beautiful print and cuts and DIY stickers.

Best printer Silhouette CAMEO Portrait

I can only speak to the printers I use with my Silhouette cutting machines.  I should also point out I didn't purchase either of the two home printers we have specifically for use with the Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait.  One printer I had prior to owning a Silhouette cutter and the other was a home office printer my husband used, which I have since adopted.

I have been using the HP PhotoSmart 5520 all in one printer for years and it has been a workhorse. Before I started using this scanner-fax-copier-printer with Silhouette CAMEO I put it through torture by sending burlap through it to print on burlap.

Still, years later, it continues to produce a beautiful, vibrant print with very few issues - on everything from standard printer paper to sticker label sheets to card stock for Silhouette print and cuts.

printing silhouette cameo print and cut portrait silhouette cameo printer

Here are some examples of Silhouette CAMEO projects I printed on my HP PhotoSmart 5520. (I did not edit the photos at all so you could see the original print quality and colors.)

best printer silhouette cameo cardstock

Best printer silhouette cameo portrait print and cut

Best Silhouette CAMEO printer DIY stickers at home print and cut
Silhouette print and cut tags professional print at home

Silhouette CAMEO printer print and cut glitter pattern

In my opinion, the only drawback to this 8 x 11.5 printer is that it drinks ink....and the printer cartridges (564XL Black and 564) are not cheap.

More recently - within the last three months - I have also started using the HP OfficeJet Pro 8610 Printer with Silhouette CAMEO and Portrait.

larger printer silhouette cameo print and cut stickers

This printer was one my husband mainly used when he worked at home and since it has been sitting in my office now for months I decided to hook up this printer too to see how it works with my Silhouette machines.  So far so good as I have been very happy with the print quality, colors, and ease of use.

Silhouette CAMEO stickers summer stickers print and cut stickers

Silhouette Portrait stickers summer planner best printer

Cute summer planner stickers print and cute printer Silhouette CAMEO

You don't need to buy a specific printer for Silhouette CAMEO, any printer should work....but when it comes to which printers I would recommend the HP PhotoSmart 5520 and the larger HP OfficeJet Pro 8610 have been great home printer for me as a crafter and neither will break the bank!

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