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How to Use and Open Files from Etsy in Silhouette Studio

When you just don't have time to design your own file or perhaps designing just isn't something you enjoy, you have resources available to you outside of the Silhouette Design Store.

Open SVG Files silhouette studio

Silhouette School contributor Becky Dykes from My Paper Craze is here this week to tell us about using and opening files from Etsy in Silhouette Studio.

Etsy is home to a wide range of handmade or personalized products, including cut files for Silhouette users. Due to the proprietary nature of the .Studio files which can't be sold, most files Silhouette users purchase on Etsy are in SVG format. 

Be sure that the download comes with a format that Silhouette Studio will accept.  Most cut files are downloadable as SVG files, which means you must have the Designer Edition upgrade.
You can also download GSD and DXF formats without the upgrade, but these are less common.

Finally, you can also purchase image files, such as PNG, PDF or JPEG, and trace them once they are imported into Silhouette Studio. Check out this Silhouette tutorial on tracing if you need help!

Etsy Shop Listing silhouette studio

You can also check the main description, which will tell you what formats are included. Just a tip: make sure you read the description and the terms and conditions of the merchant. There's always important information in there that you don't want wait and find out AFTER the purchase, such a return policy and licensing (what the file can be used for).

Shop Listing Description

After you purchase, as long as the file is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, you will be immediately taken to the download page.  This is where you will download the files you just purchased. You should also receive an email from Etsy with download instructions. 

One thing to remember about downloading files is that these files are uploaded by the individual sellers and are susceptible to viruses and malware, just like we all are. So be sure to have your antivirus software handy and scan the files before you download, when possible, to protect yourself.

Download Link

After downloading, I locate the file in my Downloads folder. I then drag-and-drop into a folder I have designated for my SVG files. This part will be up to you, depending on how you organize your computer and your library. After saving the file into your desired location (could even be your Desktop), you can now open Silhouette Studio.

In Silhouette Studio, go to File > Open and locate the file you wish to use. You can also Import this file into you Library if you choose to do so (personal preference).

cut jpeg silhouette cameo svg etsy

After locating the file, it should open seamlessly into Silhouette Studio. If you receive an error message, you may want to check 1) the type of file you are opening and 2) if you have Designer Edition which is necessary to open SVG files.

Finished File Open

If you're interested in checking out the SVG files we have available for purchase, visit us at Glitter N Glue Boutique on Etsy, an extension of the My Paper Craze blog.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and purchasing products through my links, I receive a small commission. That's what helps fund Silhouette School so I can keep buying new Silhouette-related products to show you how to get the most out of your machine!

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  1. Thank you once again for great tutorial. Just wondering if you know how to open a WpPC file using the Cameo.....I also own a Pazzles Mighty. Thank you.

  2. Thank you once again for great tutorial. Just wondering if you know how to open a WpPC file using the Cameo.....I also own a Pazzles Mighty. Thank you.

  3. I purchased an svg file that is layered. I have it in the png form and I am able to get it in my silhouette studio but how do I break it apart? Or even trace it since it is a layered design.

  4. I download my cut file from etsy and it is now in my library. However I can not get it to print? Any suggestions?


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