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Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl for Dishwasher Safe Mugs

Did you know that Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl can be cut with Silhouette CAMEO and then applied to ceramic to make dishwasher safe mugs?!  It's true...and it's amazing!

Dishwasher Safe Glitter Mugs

Weekly Silhouette School contributor Becky Dykes is here today to show us exactly how you can add HTV to mugs! Here's Becky...

So you know from our past experiments (remember when we tested it out on glass?) that Heat Transfer Vinyl isn't just for fabrics anymore.  Little did most of us know that it would soon be the answer to personalized and dishwasher safe mugs!

Not only are they super easy, but they save you the mess of using actual glitter for mugs. 

Cutting Glitter HTV with Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait

To start out, go ahead and set up your design in Silhouette Studio.  Be sure to measure the cuttable area of your mug to make sure your design is sized appropriately.  Don't forget to mirror your design, as it will still be applied in reverse.  It's also important to note that we are going to cut glitter HTV, not smooth.

Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl Silhouette Studio

Cut the HTV like normal with your Silhouette CAMEO and then weed it.

Glitter HTV Silhouette CAMEO 

How to Apply Glitter HTV to Mugs with an Iron

Once your design is cut and weeded, line it up with your coffee mug to judge your placement. To apply the glitter htv to the mug, we used a household iron.  I used my handy dandy Crafters Cradle to hold the mug in place while I worked.  Since the HTV carrier sheet is sticky it's enough to hold the HTV to the mug.

Glittler Heat Transfer Vinyl on Mugs

Using a household iron, and a thin fabric barrier, I applied heat to the mug and HTV.  Remember, when using an iron, you want to make sure you turn the steam off and set the temperature to a cotton or linen setting (usually the highest temperature). As you apply heat to the HTV, keep your iron moving along the curved surface and apply even pressure (without cracking the mug).

Iron on Glitter HTV coffee mug

Since I used a two color design, I removed the first carrier sheet and then layered the second color and pressed again.

Layering glitter heat transfer vinyl

And now for the big reveal of my coffee mug with glitter htv... 

Glitter HTV Dishwasher Safe Coffee Mug

I love my new coffee mug and I've been washing it in the dishwasher for about two weeks with no sign of wear or early peeling!  Of course, dishwasher temperatures and settings will vary, but I believe you'll find this HTV trick is much more durable than regular adhesive vinyl on mugs.  

If you're interested in this simple but FREE cut file (of course), join us over at My Paper Craze and download a copy for yourself!

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