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Silhouette Sketch Pen Lines and How to Prevent Them

Silhouette sketch pen, sketch pen, lines, avoid
Ya know what's the worst when using Silhouette Sketch Pens? When you get to the end of your beautiful sketch only for the pen to drag a big ol' line straight back to the starting position.

When you're using Silhouette brand Sketch pens they have a ridge on them that ensures they go into the holder the perfect distance.  But the stray line issue can happen when you're using a regular pen, pencil or marker to sketch with one of the pen holders adapters - either the Amy Chomas Sketch Pen holder, the Silhouette Pen Holders, or the DIY version I shared here.

The drag lines occur when the pen is too far down into the holder. It's actually easy to prevent - you just have to make sure your pen is at the exact right distance from the paper.

A popsicle stick, of all things, is the perfect thickness and so it's going to be all we need to guarantee a perfect sketch.

Silhouette sketch pen, sketch pen, lines, avoid, popsicle stick

Just place your sketch pen into whatever type of holder you're using.  Put the popsicle stick right under the pen.  Push the pen down until the tip of the pen just touches the popsicle stick. Now lock the pen into place.
Slide the popsicle stick out of the way and you're ready to sketch.

Silhouette sketch pen, sketch pen, lines, avoid

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