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Amy Chomas Sketch Pen Holder Review & Tutorial

Amy Chomas, sketch pen holder, review, Silhouette tutorial

The Silhouette Sketch Pen feature is one of the coolest...but if you haven't tried a Chomas Creation adjustable sketch pen holder you don't know what you're missing.  The sketch pen holder created by Amy Chomas is not only great quality, but what I love the most - adjustable!  So you can use the same older to sketch with a thin pencil as you can with a Sharpie! I mean how cool is that?
The sketch pen holder fits right into the blade holder on your CAMEO, SD or Portrait and you use the light bulb switch-type screw to tighten and hold in your pen, pencil or marker (you'll need the Chomas marker holder to fit a sharpie, BTW).

To use the Chomas Creations Sketch Pen Holder simply loosen the screw somewhat, remove the blade from the blade holder and replace it with the sketch pen holder on your machine...

Amy Chomas, sketch pen holder, review, Silhouette tutorial a popsicle stick (provided) below the sketch pen holder and then put your pen or pencil into the holder with the tip touching the popsicle stick.

Tighten, but don't over-tighten, the screw to secure your pen or pencil.  Lock the blue lock to hold the sketch pen holder tight.
Amy Chomas, sketch pen holder, review, Silhouette tutorial, pencil

Then slide the popsicle stick out (it's just there so you know how far down to place your writing tool.)

If it's too far down you risk getting drag lines, if it's not far enough down you'll have areas that are not sketched.

Amy Chomas, sketch pen holder, review, Silhouette tutorial

The sketch pen holder worked just as it should keeping my pencil still and steady for the entire hour and a half-long sketch (OMG!!! I thought it would NEVER end...but more on that in another post).

If you haven't already, be sure to check out my tutorial on how to use the Amy Chomas engraving tip for Silhouette, too!

Amy Chomas, engraving tip, Silhouette tutorial

Have you tried any of the Chomas Creations Silhouette attachments? Share your experience below.

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