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Use the Silhouette Studio Nesting Tool Like a Pro

Nesting tool, Silhouette Studio, pro, Silhouette tutorial
One of the added features you get when you get the free V3 upgrade of Silhouette Studio, if you also have Designer Edition, is the nesting tool.

The nesting tool is one of the coolest features and one that will actually save you money in the way of supplies and materials.   The tool takes all of your designs and 'nests' them in the smallest surface area possible without any overlapping - minimizing waste.

It's really easy to use, too! I used the nesting feature recently while cutting out the numbers for a ruler growth chart.  I only had a scrap piece of white vinyl but by nesting, I was easily able to fit everything on the scrap piece.

All you have to do is create your design or type out your font like you normally would in Studio.

Nesting tool, Silhouette Studio, pro, Silhouette tutorial, numbers

When you're finished designing select your design elements > click the Nesting tool icon. When you do this you'll automatically get a blue border around your work area. Keep 'Use Media' checked then just hit "NEST".  This is the result if you DO NOT check the align box as shown in the left window.

Nesting tool, Silhouette Studio, pro, Silhouette tutorial, icon

But watch what happens when I check the align box...that same design is put into an even smaller space!  It's just slightly smaller, but sometimes that's all you need to fit on a scrap piece!

Nesting tool, Silhouette Studio, pro, Silhouette tutorial, align box

But wait...what if my scrap isn't 2.6 inches's closer to 1.5 square inches.  No problem..just ungroup your font or design and group into smaller groups.  You can see here I've grouped my numbers into two 3-digit groups.

Nesting tool, Silhouette Studio, pro, Silhouette tutorial, ungroup

Then select all the groups and nest again...

Nesting tool, Silhouette Studio, pro, Silhouette tutorial, groups

How do you prevent wasting materials? Leave a comment below to share your tricks to stretching your supplies. 

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