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What is Going on With the Silhouette Design Store? 2024 Update

You may have noticed the Silhouette Design Store is slow..painfully slow.  An announced May 2024 update to the Design Store as well as the Silhouette America website is going much slower than I'm sure anyone would like...including Silhouette.

It's preventing or causing delays in downloads, syncing and navigating.  So..what's a crafty person who needs designs and fonts to do?  Read on..

As a business owner who's migrated more than my fair share of content, customer accounts, products, and data to new websites and platforms, I know how frustrating a website update and migration can be. Things, you don't predict, always go wrong.  Weekends and/or holiday weekends get in the way and the more users who try to access the already slow system cause it to run even slower creating timeouts, 404's and a backlog that seem to create a never-ending cycle of server issues. 

As a crafter and a customer I can empathize with frustrated customers who have limited time for crafting and want or need to access their digital purchases instantly. 

So if you're among those who are finding the Silhouette Design Store slow to search and shop, slow to navigate, slow to sign in, slow to check out, and possibly even impossible to download purchases from...what can you do? 

First know that eventually it usually all works out - probably just not on your timeline. And secondly there are alternative options so you can keep on crafting or fulfilling orders!

Many of your favorite artists and designers like Lori Whitlock, Wild Pilot, Sarah Hurley, Wispy Willows, Rivka Wilkins and many others sell their designs on other websites like So Fontsy.  In full disclosure..So Fontsy is near and dear to my heart just like Silhouette School.  

I launched the design and font marketplace in 2016 with flexibility for crafters and small businesses in mind who needed on-trend designs and digital products like cutting filesfonts, mockups, and sublimation images quickly when designing wasn't their own forte. 

We currently have nearly 500k digital products for cutting, sublimating, laser engraving, and sewing from more than one thousands artists  and have expanded to also offering DTF iron on t shirt transfers

At So Fontsy you can instantly search and sort by theme or collection, price, or new products. Then just add to cart, and download your purchases.  So Fontsy purchases include the SVG file, PNG, or JPEG or some combination of those file types. Unlike .Studio files that can only be used in Silhouette Studio, SVG, PNG, and JPG are more versatile file types so you use them in almost any design program.

While the Silhouette Design Store is the only place you can purchase .Studio files, the free version of Silhouette Studio allows the import of JPEG files and automatically adds cut lines to PNG files on import.  SVG files can also be imported with Silhouette Studio Designer Edition or higher.  

To get So Fontsy files into Silhouette Studio (or any other program): 
  • Download zip file from So Fontsy My Account / Orders Page 
  • Unzip / Extract the zip folder
  • Open Silhouette Studio
  • Drag and drop the file (not the folder) into Silhouette Studio Design area or go to File > Merge and navigate to the file to import 
To open So Fontsy fonts in Silhouette Studio
  • Download zip file from So Fontsy My Account / Orders Page 
  • Unzip / Extract the zip folder
  • Double click the OTF or TTF file to install on your computer 
  • Re-launch Silhouette Studio 
  • Find the font in your Text Style list 
At So Fontsy, you'll always get the free commercial use license with every purchase at no extra cost.  Plus if you ever lose the file, we store it for you in your account and there's no limit on how many times it can be downloaded. Wanna see how easy it is?  Try a few of our free designs and fonts.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and purchasing products through my links, I receive a small commission. That's what helps fund Silhouette School so I can keep buying new Silhouette-related products to show you how to get the most out of your machine!


  1. So, is this what is keeping Studio from syncing our libraries or logging onto Studio?

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  3. Thanks for the info. Is it true that synchronization in the program does not work and that you receive an error message? Yesterday they also tried to debit my monthly subscription from our credit card and received an email that that was unsuccessful, but I have never experienced that before, could this also have something to do with it?


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