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Sticker Paper Vs Printable Vinyl: Which Should I Use?

It's not always super clear the differences between Sticker Paper vs Printable Vinyl and when to use one over the other. 

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I've used both materials, from Online Labels, extensively over the years and am happy to be able to share some tips on when to use each. 

The biggest difference in Sticker Paper vs Printable vinyl is the material itself and the price. Let's talk about the material itself. 

What's the Difference Between Sticker Paper and Printable Vinyl?

For the purposes of this comparison we're going to be looking specifically at inkjet printable sticker paper and inkjet printable vinyl - but just know there are other types that work with laser printers, ecosolvent printers and the like. 

Sticker paper is a paper-based materials that typically comes in matte and glossy. 

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Printable vinyl is a polymer-based material giving it a more plasticy feel.  Because sticker paper is paper-based it's not waterproof or water resistant. Printable vinyl on the other hand is water resistant and weather proof. 

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Due to its water resistance, printable vinyl is smear and smudge resistant and is overall more durable. 

It's the better choice for outdoor use and when the sticker will be heavily handled (think tumblers) or come in contact with water or moisture. 

Sticker paper is better suited for indoor use and on items that won't be handled much - like in planners, paper crafts, scrapbooks, and one time use packaging and branding materials. 

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One thing to keep in mind is sometimes printable vinyl is called Weatherproof or Waterproof Sticker Paper / Sheets. You'll notice this on Online Labels, for example. This is simply to help users find the product when searching. 

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Price Per Sheet: Sticker Paper vs Printable Vinyl

Now let's talk about price - because there's a rather significant difference between the price per sheet of sicker paper and the price of inkjet printable vinyl sheets. 

Sticker paper is the less expensive option. White matte inkjet printable sticker paper costs about $0.65 per sheet when buying 10 sheets. The cost goes down to as low as 9 cents per sheet at the highest volume when ordering on Online Labels

In comparison, printable matte vinyl costs $1.35 cents per sheet when ordering 10 sheets.  That's more than double the sticker sheet cost. 

When looking at the glossy sticker paper per sheet the price starts at $1.36 per sheet compared to $1.98 per sheet of glossy printable vinyl. 

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Hopefully, this helps you decide between using sticker paper and printable vinyl based on your type of use, durability needs and price! You definitely want to find an option that's a happy balance of all three and Online Labels definitely has it. 

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  1. Glad I saw this. I was just asked to make logo stickers for ice chest. Now I know which one is better.


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