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Two of the Best Kept Secrets in Silhouette Studio

Silhouette Studio is jam packed with features and tools - to the point you may be overlooking some of the most helpful tools in the software!

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Today I'm going to share with you not one, but TWO of the best kept secrets in Silhouette Studio which is super helpful whether you're creating stickers or sublimation images or even DTF transfers! 

Both of these Silhouette tools will save you time and streamline your workflow. 

Quickly Fill a Full Page with Duplicate Designs in Silhouette Studio

When you're creating a full page or sheet of the same design, instead of painstakingly importing and arranging each design individually, you can save time by utilizing the Replicate Tool in Silhouette Studio.

Silhouette Studio,Customizing Designs,Tips and Tricks,Silhouette Studio V4

It allows you to quickly fill an entire page with the same design or group of designs. Keep in mind it will not totally maximize space, as there's no way to adjust for the spacing between the images, but if you want to fill a page with the click of a button...don't pass on this option found in the Replicate panel. 

Customizing Designs,Tips and Tricks,Silhouette Studio V4,CAMEO 4,sublimation,

Also - if you're going to fill a page that's going to be print and cut, add the registration marks FIRST, then the "fill page" option will work around the registration marks!

Silhouette Hack to Change Image Colors Fast 

And now for perhaps THE most overlooked tool in Silhouette Studio: Image Effects. 

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Did you know that you can also tweak the colors of your designs right within Silhouette Studio? That's right! By using the Image Effects tool, you can adjust the colors and hues again with the click of a button. 

On the Image Effects panel, click the Colorize tab, slide the controls until you're satisfied, and hit apply. 

If you're not quite sold on the first color variation, no worries! You can experiment further by applying additional image effects to unlock even more color possibilities. 

cameo 5,Silhouette Studio,Customizing Designs,Tips and Tricks,

This one tool will help you stretch your designs further and allow you to quickly make sets using a full color scheme.  Now I've gone from one beautiful butterfly design to four!

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In a matter of just a minute or two we've created a full set of stickers.  Here's a quick video to show the full process.

There are so many different ways to use these types of designs once you have a set!  I used them for both stickers and sublimation hardboard magnets.

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Wanna know another trick? Did you know you can send sublimation images directly from Silhouette Studio to your Sawgrass printer? Check out this video on Silhouette U to learn how to direct print!

Silhouette Studio,Customizing Designs,Tips and Tricks,Silhouette Studio V4

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