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Which xTool Lasers Can Cut Sublimation Blanks?

If you want to cut you're own sublimation blanks, you maybe wondering which laser is up for the job.  From earrings to magnets to ornaments, coasters, signs, keychains, frames, and tumbler lid toppers, sublimation hardboard is extremely versatile for making your own sublimation blanks.

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I've done a ton of testing and found not only the best cut settings, but good news about laser cutting sublimation hardboard sheets at home!  Read on to learn which lasers can cut sublimation blanks and the best laser cut settings. 

The good news is you don't need a super expensive CO2 laser to cut sublimation board. With the right settings, even the 10w xTool M1 diode craft laser can successfully laser cut sublimation blanks. 

For the M1, that is extremely limited with the acrylic it can cut, being able to cut sublimation hardboard is a really good alternative! 

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The more powerful xTool S1 40w laser can cut through hardboard with ease and the xTool P2 - the 55W CO2 laser - can of course as well.  

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The xTool P2 will cut hardboard the fastest since the speed can be higher, since the power is greater.

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With lower power lasers, like the M1, the cutting speed is slower and you do need double passes, adding to the time it takes to cut your own sublimation blanks- but it is doable. 

Best Laser Cut Settings for Sublimation Hardboard

Hardboard is typically 3mm or .118 inches thick so you can manually enter that into the xTool Creative Space software. 

xTool M1 10w Laser Cutting Settings for Sublimation Hardboard: 
Power 100, Speed 4, Passes 2

Other Notes: The M1 can only cut 12x12" hardboard sheets

xTool S1 40w Laser Cutting Settings for Sublimation Sheets: 
Power 100, Speed 10, Passes 1

xTool P2 55w Laser Cut Settings for Sublimation Sheets: 
Power 100, Speed 10, Passes 1

Other Notes: If you are using 15x18" sublimation hardboard sheets, the P2 requires the riser and honeycomb tray to cut hardboard.

If you'd like to download and print a full list of laser settings for the xTool P2 or M1, you can do that here and I'll email them over.

epson sublimation,Blanks,xtool,xtool M1,xtool P2,xtool S1

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