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Why The Best Printer for Stickers Isn't a Guarantee for Quality Stickers

If you're looking to get professional quality stickers at home to cut with your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait, it's not all about the printer. 

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own. 

Even having the best printer for stickers won't guarantee a quality sticker if you don't have the right settings and the right paper. 

I printed six different copies of the same sticker sheet - all using this adorable Planner Girl Sticker Set from Pixel Llama  - directly from Silhouette Studio to my HP OfficeJet 8610. It's a 7 or 8 year old printer. Really nothing special...and now highly overpriced because it's not longer manufactured. 

The printer itself does a fine job. But what's really important when printing stickers is making sure you start with a high quality sticker paper and then adjusting the print settings for that specific paper. It can go a long way in the quality of your print, the vibrancy of the colors, the professional quality of the stickers. 

You've probably heard me talk about Online Labels sticker paper for years here on Silhouette School. It's because their sticker paper, in my opinion, is hands down the best. 

Take a look at these two print outs of the same stickers, the one on the top is printed on white matte Online Labels sticker sheets, the other is a different brand. 

print and cut, home printer, sticker paper, printable material, cameo 4

Now let's just look at two of the sheets I printed out - both on the exact same type of Online Labels paper

print and cut, home printer, sticker paper, printable material, cameo 3

You can see there are slight variations in the vibrancy of the colors. That's because for the sheet on the left, I just let my computer Auto pick the type of material I was printing on. 

On the other sheet, the one with the more vibrant print, I selected the Paper Type.  This is matte white sticker sheets so I selected Brochure Matte instead of Auto or Plain paper. And I bumped the quality to Best. 
print and cut, home printer, sticker paper, printable material, printer settings

By picking the exact type of material you are using and the quality print you want, you are telling the printer how much ink to lay down and how quickly. By picking "Best" as the quality the printer will lay down more ink and print slower giving that high quality of ink a chance to dry as the print moves through the printer. 

This is especially important when using printable glossy sticker sheets like these from Online Labels as it takes longer for the paper to absorb the ink. 

print and cut, home printer, sticker paper, printable material, cameo 4 plus

But the results are professional quality stickers!

print and cut, home printer, sticker paper, printable material, cameo 4 pro

So while it's hard to answer the question "What's the best printer for stickers?", it is nice to know that using a high quality sticker paper, in combination with manually adjusting the print settings will give you the best print no matter which printer you are using! 

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  1. What about laser printers?

  2. The problem I have is that the sheet does not feed into the printer evenly because it is a little slick so my cuts are always off when I out them in the Silhouette.

    1. Hi there! Something you may want to check is that you have enough lighting in the room! If lighting is off, it could cause your Silhouette to be slightly off on Print and Cut projects.


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