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The Best Silhouette Vinyl Weeding Tool: Finally a Hook That Works

I have made it no secret that the Silhouette weeding hooks aren’t made like they used to be.  I’ve been using a crooked old vinyl weeding tool for more than a year now, because the couple I bought to replace it have been dull which means it's a struggle to weed vinyl.

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It’s super frustrating…which is why I was so happy to discover the WeedNPick Picker hook and tweezers!

I've been using it now for a couple of weeks and I have to say I'm super impressed.  They beat the vinyl off every other vinyl weeding tool I've used, that's for sure!

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First of all - the Weed N Pick tools from Glitter Eye Candy are super sharp. The shape of the hook on the vinyl weeding tool is at the ideal angle which means it takes minimal effort to hook the vinyl and weed it away.

Lots of Silhouette crafters swear by dental picks as the best weeding tool for vinyl, but the problem is the stainless steel tools are not very comfortable in your hand. The Weed n Pick hook has a rubber coated grip handle so it doesn't slip and is comfortable to hold even when weeding large and intricate pieces. But the tip is sharp and fine enough to also pick up the tiniest of vinyl pieces.

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Along with the hook, the needle point Weed n Pick tweezers are the sharpest I've ever seen.
 vinyl weeding tweezers, best vinyl weeding tools, needle nose tweezers for vinyl

They have a point that's so fine I was even able to pick up the smallest pieces of vinyl in the tightest of quarters.

tools for weeding vinyl, vinyl weeding tools, vinyl weeding hook

So if you're like me and you've been searching for vinyl weeding tools that work, the Weed N Pick tools will do the job!

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  1. Thank you Melissa for the tool suggestions. I only use my very sharp pointed tweezers for my weeding jobs, but I think I will try the hook tool. So while I was ordering from the link you posted, I decided to buy the tweezers as well.

  2. Siser makes a weeding tool that I have been using for about 8 years and I love it. It has a comfort handle and is soft and precise.

  3. Just an fyi....when I try to go to The link for Glitter eye candy, my virus software warns me not to go there, that it is a potentially dangerous site. Not sure if there is something they can do to change that but I would think it will make them lose business if other people are getting that message too!

  4. I found some wonderful weeding tools at Harber Freight (of course they weren't labeled as weeding picks) my very favorite is a pair of craft tweezers my son bought me for Christmas.

  5. I use a metal dental pick, and it works great. It looks very similar to your black handled ones above, but the hook is much thinner gauge.

  6. Hey Melissa...when I follow your link for this I get a WHOA warning from my McAfee against going to this site. I checked and it medium risk and I just won't go there. Is there anywhere else I can purchase these tools?

  7. The Siser weeding tool from is the best!

  8. I am doing some research for transfer printing, this article is really helpful. Thank you so much.


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