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Fastest (and Scariest) Way to Weed Vinyl...5 Tips and a Silhouette Video Tutorial

I recently shared a quick video on the Silhouette School Facebook page showing a vinyl weeding technique I called "BandAid Method"...for obvious reasons. And from the sound of the collective gasp, you all lost.your.minds.

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This technique where you quickly rip off the excess vinyl around the cut design, rather than slowly pulling away the negative, has also been called Snap Weeding.  Some also suggest "Waxing Method" might be most appropriate.  I'll let you decide.

If you're going to attempt this fast weeding method I suggest you prepare yourself..that includes preparing your vinyl and your nerves.

The first thing you want to do is make sure you have a good cut. It can even be a good idea to cut with slightly deeper than normal or do a double pass.

Next, you want to put your vinyl on a cutting mat to keep it in place while you weed. A sheet or strip of vinyl that's rolling up is going to be impossible to weed this way.

Step three is to look closely at your design and decide the best direction to weed.  In my experience, I find the direction in which I weed depends on the design itself.  If you have very thin and delicate areas it can be easiest to weed against the grain to prevent those areas from pulling up. However, if you have larger designs and big loops it's easier to weed with the grain so those areas of negative vinyl don't snag and slow down your quick snap of the wrist.

vinyl decals, vinyl decal, vinyl window decals, vinyl stickers, bandaid method

Now take a drink or a deep breath to calm your nerves, accept that this method takes practice and a little bit of "I'll show this vinyl who's boss" attitude.

Finally, start in the upper right corner and pull down towards the left corner in one, FAST (faster!), fluid motion.

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