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How to Retro Warp Text in Silhouette Studio

Have you ever wondered how to get the popular warped text effect in Silhouette Studio? 

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This retro look is all the rage right now so read on for the step by step details on how to make retro wavy text in Silhouette Studio. 

How to Create Text Boxes in Silhouette Studio

Open up Silhouette Studio and type out the text. 

You'll want to make each line of text a separate text box. 

Text, Fonts, font management, text tool

In the Text Style box choose your font. I'm using the JT Buble Flowr font from So Fontsy.  

Remember, to add new fonts to Silhouette Studio, the font will need to be downloaded and installed on your computer, and Silhouette Studio re-started for fonts to show up in the Text Style panel.

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Once you'e picked your font, size each line of text and use the align tool to justify it how you want.

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Filling Text and Designs with Color in Silhouette Studio 

Then to get a better visual of the finished design, you can fill the text with colors using the Fill Color tool. I also prefer to change the line color to transparent.

specialty fonts, text, fonts, text tool

How to Make Wavy Text in Silhouette Studio

Now you're ready to warp the text. 

Select all three text boxes and click the Warp tool from the right side menu.

Select the option to "Warp Selected Shapes."

warp tool, Text, Fonts, font management, text tool

Use your mouse to grab the internal anchors and start moving them up and down to get the retro wavy look. 

Warp Tool, So Fontsy, specialty fonts, Text,Fonts, tool

Change each of the four internal anchors dragging the two on the left up and the two on the right down. 

The further you move them the more dramatic the wavy text will be.

Script Fonts, Warp Tool, So Fontsy

Once you're happy with the wavy-ness of the design, click "Release Warp." 

At this point your text is no longer text, but instead a path or shape. Each letter has been ungrouped so select all of the same-color letters and group them all together. 

Script Fonts,Warp Tool, Text, Fonts

Now you can size your design. Since this was going on a baby bodysuit, I size it down to about 4" wide.  Mirror the image to cut on HTV and then send each color to cut

Warp Tool, So Fontsy, specialty fonts

Weed and press each layer separately. 

Warp Tool, So Fontsy, specialty fonts, Text, Fonts

You're all set with an adorable retro wavy text! 

wavy text, Warp Tool, silhouette

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