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How to Download Embrilliance Essentials for Beginners

Embrilliance Essentials is a sewing and embroidery design software - compatible with both Mac and PC - that will give you a lot of flexibility if you are trying to merge applique or embroidery designs. 

Embroidery,Sewing,brother se2000,embrilliance essentials,Brother SE600

There's a free version of Embrilliance, but if you want a lot more features you'll want to do the one time paid upgrade to Embrilliance Essentials. In this tutorial I'll show you how to download Embrilliance Essentials for beginners on a Mac.  The process is essential the same on PC. 

You want to start by purchasing the upgrade to Embrilliance Essentials. You can do that here. After your purchase you'll get a license key code. Hold onto that code while you do the next steps. 

To start go to the Embrilliance website and locate the Downloads page on the top menu bar. 

embrilliance essentials, embroidery, Brother SE600

In the middle of the page find the correct version of the Embrilliance Essentials software that matches your operating system. 

Embroidery,Sewing,brother se2000,embrilliance essentials,Brother SE600

If you're not sure go to the About this Computer on your computer (little Apple in the very top left corner of a Mac) and verify your operating system. 

Embroidery, embrilliance essentials, Brother SE600

Click the correct download link to match your OS to begin downloading Embrilliance. 

embrilliance essentials,Brother SE600

What's downloading is the free "Express" version of Embrilliance. We'll upgrade it to Essentials later in the process so you have more features and tools. 

On your computer locate the download where your Downloads typically go. 

brother se2000, embrilliance essentials, Brother SE600

Double click the installer file to begin the installation and then follow through the on screen prompts. 

embrilliance essentials, Brother SE600, embroidery software

If it asks you for a password during any of the steps, this is your computer password.  

You'll get a confirmation message that the software installed successfully. 

To launch the software and to upgrade to Embrilliance go to your Applications folder and find the Embrilliance software. Double click it to launch. 

Embroidery software, embrilliance essentials, Brother SE600
In the box that pops up to enter the license number, this is where you'll enter the Esssentials upgrade license key if you purchased one.

Embroidery, Sewing, brother se2000, embrilliance essentials, Brother SE600

Click Continue when you're done and the software will open.  

Embroidery, Sewing, brother se2000, embrilliance essentials, Brother SE600

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