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Organizing Patterns into Sub-Folders in the Silhouette Studio Library

I use Silhouette Studio every day and yet there are still features I come across that I didn't know existed.

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For example a few weeks ago I realized I could add sub-folders to the Patterns folder in my library and sort my imported patterns however I wanted! Mind blown. 

Being able to organize your custom patterns (you'll need Silhouette Studio Designer Edition to import your own patterns) is great especially if you're like me and you import a variety of patterns - commercial use, photos, mock up fills, etc.

To add sub-folders and sort your Silhouette Studio Patterns folder simply open your Silhouette Studio library.

Right click the Patterns folder and then click "New Folder".

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This will create a sub-folder which you can rename.

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I created a few sub-folders to sort things like Commercial Use Patterns and Photos (which I use as pattern fills.)

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The folders will be empty until you drag and drop your patterns to them. So double click on the Patterns folder so the thumbnails open in the right window.  Select the patterns you want to move into subfolders and drag and drop them into the sub folders. You can select multiple patterns by holding down shift while selecting patterns.

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You'll know they've been moved to the folder when the talley count appears or increases next to the folder name. Youcan also double check that they have moved by opening the sub-folder.

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When you click on the Pattern Fill tool along the top tool bar, your patterns will be grouped based on the sub-folders you created.

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  1. You don't need Designer to import designs. I do it and use them all the time in regular Silhouette.


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