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Silhouette School Launches First Virtual Classroom: Master the Silhouette Studio Text Tool

You guys!! I'm so excited to announce the release of our latest product: our first ever Virtual Classroom titled "Master the Silhouette Studio Text Tool."

Silhouette Studio Text Tool: Virtual Classroom Video Course

You guys made me do this. Really you did. Here's the thing...I am constantly asked to travel to here, there, and everywhere. It's just not possible - this is a 2.5 (wo)man operation, we have littles, and there's work to be done (a lot of it) on Silhouette School blog and Silhouette U. It's all a whole lot of work that can't be done from the air or a hotel. 

Even when I do travel - which I do multiple times a year (check out where I'll be later this year on the Events page) - it's not always to the places where you are. That ALWAYS leads to questions from people about if my talks/classes/presentations will be streamed live or recorded. Honestly - it's just not possible to do that. BUT Bob and I had this light bulb moment a few weeks back and we think we've found something just as good - if not better!

We're taking retired content - content that's still 100% still relevant but no longer among the presentations I'm teaching - and converting them into virtual classrooms. I'm thrilled to say our first Virtual Classroom: Master the Silhouette Studio Text Tool is now available

Silhouette Studio Text Tool: Virtual Classroom Video Course
silhouette studio word art, text to path, wrap text around a shape, add new fonts silhouette studio, silhouette cameo 3

If you can't make it to a conference, if you can't travel, if you don't have the time or the resources to travel - I'm making some of my most popular classes - those that are now retired and will never be taught at conferences again - available to you!  The best part is you - you can watch them as much as you want, you can stop, pause and re-start as you please.  Need to go grab your coffee, need me to slow down and repeat what I was teaching, need to take notes on the never-before-provided slide deck, want to skip over a section you're not interested in or have already mastered? Go for it!

So how are the Virtual Classrooms any different than Silhouette U, my Silhouette video courses, and the Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing eCourse? Great question!
  1.  This virtual classroom "Master the Silhouette Studio Text Tool" is an 85 minute video - taking an in-depth look at how to take full advantage of the Text Tool. 
  2. It's a converted presentation so you'll never see me, you'll hear me talking over slides and then switching over to Silhouette Studio for some interactive demos throughout the virtual classroom. 
  3. Similar to the Ultimate Silhouette Guide Design eCourse where you have the ebook to follow along with the videos, you have access to all 79 slides so you can print them out, write notes on them, and follow along as we move through.  
At the end of the day, our mission at Silhouette School Inc is to offer teaching resources for every.single.type of learner! Whether you like reading 800+ free Silhouette Studio and CAMEO tutorials on Silhouette School Blog, prefer having in-depth or mini reference Silhouette guides from The Ultimate Silhouette Guide Series at your finger tips, like watching Silhouette video tutorials, or are looking for a full service Silhouette resource and help desk available anytime (hello, Silhouette U!) - we want to make sure you're learning and loving your Silhouette cutting machines!  Adding the Virtual Classrooms is just another way to do that!

So let's talk specifics! What are you going to learn in Virtual Classroom: Master the Silhouette Studio Text Tool? Let's just say we can cover a lot of material in 85 minutes! Here's a glance at the topics covered...
  • Intro to Text tool icon and how to start a text box
  • Adding new fonts to Silhouette Studio
  • Personal Use vs Commercial Use vs Public Domain Fonts
  • Where to find (above named) Font types
  • Welding vs Grouping/Ungrouping Text
  • What is a Path?
  • Text to Path: How to Use it
  • When Text is No Longer Text: When and Why
  • Cutting Thin Fonts Cleanly
  • Why tiny Offsets are HUGE
  • Using Properties for Font Notes
  • Printing Text: Why You're Getting Blank Pages
  • Filled Text vs Outlined Text and Line Weight
  • Understanding Sketched Designs
  • Single Line/Sketch Fonts: How to Use them (and for More Than Just Sketching)
  • Filling Sketched Fonts
  •  Trick to Designing Text Based Designs
  • Getting Started with Word Art
  • Using Dingbat Fonts
  • Getting Special Character/Glyph Fonts into Silhouette Studio
  • Modifying Text for Stencils
Ready to jump right in? Add it to your cart now! Just like all of our digital products, the Master the Silhouette Studio Text Tool Virtual Classroom will be delivered as a PDF instantly at checkout (and also to your email inbox). All 79 slides will be found in the PDF and the link to stream the Virtual Classroom video can be found on the first slide.

silhouette studio word art, text to path, wrap text around a shape, add new fonts silhouette studio, silhouette cameo 3

Want to learn more or still have a few more sure to check out the full information page on the Master the Silhouette Studio Text Tool Virtual Classroom here.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and purchasing products through my links, I receive a small commission. That's what helps fund Silhouette School so I can keep buying new Silhouette-related products to show you how to get the most out of your machine!

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