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5 Ways High Temperatue Tape Can Save a Silhouette CAMEO Project

There are a few crafting essentials that I think every Silhouette crafters should keep handy because they are just that useful! Among them: High Temperature Tape also called Thermal Tape or High Heat Tape.
how to use High Heat Tape  Silhouette CAMEO projects
This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.
I honestly never realized just how useful a $5 roll of heat resistant tape could be until I got my hands on this high temp tape from Pro World and now I use it all.the.time.

Today I thought I'd share with you 5 different ways high heat tape can save a Silhouette project!

#1 Use Thermal Tape to Keep Fabric Appliques Perfectly Placed

Let's start off with cutting fabric. You cut your stabilizer-backed fabric with your Silhouette cutting machine and it cuts perfectly.

silhouette cameo cutting fabric

Then you realize that if you pick up the individual pieces to move them onto the surface you'll likely NEVER get them aligned or spaced perfectly again.
cutting fabric silhouette cameo, cutting fabrci applique silhouette cameo pixscan tutorial help

Enter High Heat Tape!! Put down a few pieces of this half inch wide tape across the entire design.

High heat tape move fabric

Use your Silhouette spatula to encourage the pieces to release from the mat.

You can then easily move to your shirt and onto the heat press. Apply heat and pressure and then peel off the tape leaving the fabric applique on the shirt!  In other words: this stuff is a god send when you need to move unwelded text or multi-piece designs onto a new surface.

#2 Move Freezer Paper Stencils With High Heat Tape

The same method can be used when moving freezer paper stencils that have 'inners' onto a fabric surface!  Cut the freezer paper with the shiny side down, weed, and then apply the high temp tape while the freezer paper is still on the mat.

silhouette cameo freezer paper stencils tutorials

Peel up the tape bringing the entire freezer paper stencil with it - including the pieces that are not connected by a bridge. Use the Silhouette Spatula to help as you pull the design off the cutting mat.

 freezer paper, silhouette cameo stencils, silhouette studio, freezer paper paint
Move the freezer paper stencil to the surface. Then apply heat from an iron or heat press to adhere the freezer paper to the surface.  When temporarily ironed to fabric as a stencil, freezer paper gives you a nice tight seal so you can get crisp edges when you paint.

moving freezer paper stencil silhouette cameo cutting mat

Once applied, you can easily peel off the high temp tape without removing the freezer paper.

No more struggling to hand-place those pieces that 'fall out' of your stencils.  You're freezer paper stencil is ready for paint!

#3 Save HTV Mistakes with High Temp Tape

This thermal tape from Pro World is also hugely helpful when you accidentally cut through the carrier sheet of your heat transfer vinyl with your Silhouette CAMEO!  The carrier sheet is the sticky part that helps keep the design in place on the shirt while you apply the heat.

htv mistake heat transfer vinyl mistake silhouette cameo cut through htv

BUT if you cut through the carrier sheet the heat transfer vinyl decal won't lay flat and can easily move out of place.  A piece of high temp tape is all you need to keep the design exactly where you want it as you apply.

silhouette cameo tutorials heat transfer vinyl heat press
This also works for printable heat transfer designs that don't include a sticky carrier sheet at all and tend to curl up instead of laying flat.

#4 Use High Temperature Tape to Secure HTV While Pressing

When applying heat transfer vinyl to small or curved surfaces like shoes or caps or stuffed animals, high heat tape is a godsend. Even if the design is still on the sticky carrier sheet, a few strips of 1/2" high temperature tape will guarantee the design will stay firmly in place while pressing.

htv on stuffed animals heat transfer vinyl stuffies silhouette cameo

#5 Keep Small Rhinestones in Place with High Temp Tape

You can also use high heat tape to apply rhinestones - those created with or without rhinestones templates. Templates that are small enough can be picked up and transferred with high heat tape rather than rhinestone transfer material. High temp tape is also helpful if you want to freely add rhinestone embellishments to fabric or paper creations.

putting rhinestones on paper, high temp tape, high heat tape, thermal tape

Place the rhinestones where you want them, cover with high heat tape to secure, apply heat with a heat press, and then remove the tape.

So I guess what I'm saying is you need to get yourself a roll or two or five of High Temperature tape from Pro World because it will save pretty much any Silhouette craft project! 

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  1. Thanks Melissa. On my way to get me some High Temperature Tape. I've struggled with several of these issues. :)

  2. WOW!!! This stuff sounds amazing. Off to order myself some! TY!

  3. I bought this tape on ebay for 3.75 including shipping.

  4. So it's basically transfer tape for use with heat? Good to know!


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