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How to Cut Faux 'Stitching' with Silhouette

Silhouette tutorial, faux stitching, Silhouette Studio
Last month I shared a tutorial on how to make a word into a shape in Silhouette Studio. I cut a LOVE heart for a shirt and then added some elbow pads. I got more questions about the elbow pads than the actual design I was sharing the tutorial on. Go figure.

Some wanted to know if I sewed on the elbow pads and others questioned how I did the stitching.  The truth is the elbow pads were 100% HTV and the 'stitching" wasn't stitching at all - but rather the shirt showing through the tiny oval cuts in the heat transfer vinyl.

This tutorial holds true for cutting faux stitching on pretty much any material (paper, vinyl or HTV). If you're interested in print and cut faux stitching, you can find a tutorial here. It also applies to any shape.  I made two different styles of elbow pads - oval and heart.

The first thing you want to do is draw the basic shape of your design. So use the draw an ellipse tool to draw an oval or grab a shape from your library.

Silhouette tutorial, faux stitching, Silhouette Studio, draw an ellipse

Select the circle and then from the Offset Tool make an internal offset. The distance of the offset is totally up to you.  I went with .090.

Silhouette tutorial, faux stitching, Silhouette Studio, offset tool

Now select the internal offset line only.  Click on the Line Style tool along the top window and pick one of the dashed lines. The style is, again, up to you.

Give your dashed lines a weight by selecting them and either moving over the bar or typing in a value.  My 'stitches' are 3.0.  Now just because you gave the lines a weight does not mean they will cut correctly. 

Silhouette tutorial, faux stitching, Silhouette Studio, line thickness

The most important step is picking the correct type of cut line. Select the dashed oval and from the Cut Style window pick "Cut Edge."

If you pick 'Cut' the machine will cut the dashes as single 'splices' as opposed to tiny ovals. (Ignore the fact that the outer oval line has been deleted in the next screen shot, you DO NOT want to delete that outer oval or you'll have stitching but no 'pad'.)

Silhouette tutorial, faux stitching, Silhouette Studio, cut edge

I cut them side by side here so you can see the difference.  This is the exact same oval of dashed lines. The ONLY difference is that the one on the left is "Cut Edge" while the one on the right is "Cut."

Silhouette tutorial, faux stitching, Silhouette Studio, cut, cut edge

The outer circle, because it's just a solid line, can be either 'cut edge' or 'cut' because in that case, they are essentially the same thing.

So that's all there is to creating the stitched elbow patch designs in Silhouette Studio. Now just cut them out, weed out the 'stitching', and press them on!

Silhouette tutorial, faux stitching, Silhouette Studio, raglan, elbow patch
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  1. This tutorial is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I really appreciate all of your saves me time and money. Thank you!

  2. Very easy tutorial. Thanks for step by step instructions.

  3. The one on the right actually looks better, IMO. But I'm looking at it from a paper-crafting standpoint -- the one on the right looks closer to how dies cut stitches. So, this was very helpful to me, as well - thank you!!

    By the way, do you have any tips for stitches on squares and rectangles? Rounded shapes are easy, but when trying to do stitches (using this method) on squares or rectangles, the stitches get really wonky in the corners & it is near impossible (for me) to get all the corners to look reasonably similar. Thanks again!

  4. We must know about the different basic shape of your design. So use the draw an eclipse tool to draw an oval or grab a shape from your library. The best way is to say what is a splash page and make it successful.

  5. Hi Melissa, I'm trying to cut these faux stitch lines but I cannot select 'cut edge'. I'm using a cameo 3 with the newest designer edition software. When I go to the send tab, the choices for no cut, cut, or cut edge are all greyed out and I can't choose one. Help please!

  6. Hi there! Without being able to see your workspace and what is happening, it's hard to troubleshoot. A work around with a similar effect would be to select your dashed line, and give it an external offset, then shrink it slightly to fit inside your outer shape.


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