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Adding Patterns to Silhouette Studio in 3 Easy Steps

Patterns, adding, Silhouette Studio, easy steps
Today we're answering a reader question on the blog and it has to do with fill patterns.  Anne wrote to Silhouette School on Facebook asking:

"How can I import patterns I find on google into my Studio V3 folder called Patterns?" 

It's a good question and one that if you use Print and Cut, especially, you've probably run into at least once.

It's actually very easy to add new patterns to Silhouette Studio, but you must have Designer Edition to do can do so in three easy steps. Search > Save > Drag and Drop.

The first thing you want to do is find your pattern.   Remember, a pattern is like wallpaper.   Its colors can't be changed and it won't get cut lines around the actual design in the pattern unlike a background.

Patterns, adding, Silhouette Studio, easy steps, background

To find patterns, I usually do a Google image search for something like "Geometric Pattern" and a whole slew will come up.

Patterns, adding, Silhouette Studio, easy steps, geometric patterns, search results

Pick the one you like and then save it to your computer by right clicking > Save Image As.  Name it and then save it to your desktop for easy access.  Here's the pattern I went with...

Patterns, adding, Silhouette Studio, easy steps

Open up Silhouette Studio >  click on your library (on the left tool bar) > My pattern folder.

Patterns, adding, Silhouette Studio, easy steps, my pattern folder

Now you can simply drag and drop your saved pattern from your desktop directly into the pattern folder.  You'll see it appear in alphabetical order.

Patterns, adding, Silhouette Studio, easy steps, drag and drop

To use your own patterns in a on a design, then go to the Fill Patterns, scroll down to 'My Patterns" (below the pre-loaded patterns) and pick the pattern you want to fill the design with.

Patterns, adding, Silhouette Studio, easy steps, fill pattern

Clicking on 'Advanced' fill patterns gives you a bunch more options to manipulate the pattern...everything from changing the size, to panning, and rotating.

Patterns, adding, Silhouette Studio, easy steps, fill pattern, advanced

Now, like I said you do need Designer Edition to add your own new patterns to your My Pattern library.  I recommend DE and here are 13 reasons why! 

If you're wondering why I have a photo of my kids in my 'My Pattern' folder...well, check out this tutorial on filling shapes with photos. 

Photos, filling, shapes, Silhouette tutorial

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  1. I saw on you tube a video how to import my own pattern into my patterns in silhouette studio, it told the same as you did, drag and drop. But I tried this, and it did not work at all. I tried with a png-file 256x256 pixel. Why doesn't that work? Oh and I have the designer edition. Last hour was really frustrating for me because I tried again and again, did not find my mistake. Can you help?

  2. I used have no problem importing my papers following this method as well but now since I updated to v3.3.639ssde and it's no longing allowing me to follow this method. Any suggestions? Thanks! I love your blog!

  3. I too can no longer import my papers into my library. I am using 3.4.436sbe. As a digital designer, I have oodles of papers I would like to be able to use in my designs (as well as ones that I design specifically for projects). Any ideas or work arounds that you are aware of?

  4. im having a problem seeing my patterns on the fill page!!! but my patters are under my library and i am able to use them on my designs! they just don't show up under the pre-loaded designs.

  5. To anyone having trouble putting digital papers into the pattern section in silhouette studio, make sure that you have silhouette studio designer edition. If you've recently changed computers and had to download the program again, make sure that you upgrade to the designer edition *again* (you can use your original upgrade code). That solved my problem. I thought that my account had the design edition on it but it didn't. So I wasn't able to drag and drop my patterns anymore. Hope this helps!

  6. I am having trouble using the Fill Pattern feature, even if I've downloaded the pattern from Silhouette directly or if I want to use the default patterns. Once in the Library, I have no problem dragging and dropping designs or backgrounds, but I cannot "import" patterns from the Fill Pattern option in the Design window. This is the first time that I have had this problem. I am running Designer Plus on a Win 10 computer. Any suggestions how to double-click a pattern in the Fill Pattern feature once again so I can avoid searching for everything?

  7. I can't drag patterns into my folder since upgrading to Business Edition... anyone got any tips? :(

    1. I'm having the same issue. I'd love an answer!

  8. I have Designer Edition and am not able to move the image that is on my Desktop into my Pattern Library. The image is a jpeg. Any ideas?

  9. Hi Melissa,
    Well, I guess I'm not the only one who can't get the drag and drop to work. Have they changed the software or something? I couldn't even get one of their own textures to move to the pattern library, which is extremely annoying. And given the significant lack of help from the company, if you weren't here, I'd be throwing my machine out a window by now! :-)

  10. Having BE, I could only drag and drop AFTER saving to my cpu then the file would move. My question is, how does the resolution affect the pattern? Getting the low res warning makes me wonder how the image will turn out...

  11. Please make sure pattersn you use are copyright free!

  12. I have the same problem since updating my software when I was connecting the Cameo3 to my desktop.
    I wrote to Silhouette support and this is the reply :(
    Thank you for your alerted concern. The library is intended for cutting files. In previous versions of the Silhouette Studio® software the Import to My Library had allowed users to bring in other file types. Unfortunately, it was found to cause confusion since these files would not be able to be cut once opened from the library unless traced thereafter. As such, the Silhouette Studio® software program only allows users to directly import cutting file types (such as STUDIO, GSD, and DXF files) into the library.

    Please note that you can still open raster files (such as JPG, PNG, BMP) in Silhouette Studio® using the Open feature to access the file. Once brought into the software program, cut lines can then be created using the Trace tools as directed at Once a cut file has been created, the file can then be imported into the library with the File >Save to Library option.

  13. I have had no luck either, importing pattern papers into my pattern library. I have the designer edition software and used to be able to import patterns but not since the latest update. It would seem that the software update is limiting the use of my machine which is frustrating and I'm seriously thinking of looking at alternative machines. April 2017


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