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Deco Gel Transfer Gel and Foil Review and Silhouette Tutorial

Tell me I am not the only who one has to try out their new crafting toys like now?!  I just got my hands on some of these brand new Deco Foil Transfer Gel. It was barely out of my mail lady's hands and I had the box open and the wheels were spinning on how I could use it with Silhouette!

Deco Foil Transfer Gel Tutorial  Review silhouette cameo
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As we've talked about before - you can't craft foil with your Silhouette CAMEO machine - it's just too thin.  But...the Deco Foil Transfer Gel is a brand new product from ThermoWeb - the same company behind Heat N Bond and the pretty Deco Foils.

Basically you smear the Transfer Gel onto a paper-based surface, let it dry and then apply the Deco Foil with heat to set.  It adds just a touch of dimension to foil and is perfect for scrapbook layouts, note cards, paper projects and mixed media.

I decided to use it on a simple note card to test it out.  The first thing you need to do is create a stencil. I designed my stencil in Silhouette Studio - of course making a mock up first. The gradient fills will give you the best foil-like look.

silhouette studio tutorial gradient fill

Be sure to add a box around the stencil design before you cut so you get a border area to help protect the paper that's around the area to be stenciled. I definitely don't want any transfer gel getting on the rest of my paper or the foil will stick to that too!

 With my design sized and ready to go, I cut it on Oracal 631 vinyl.  The indoor matte vinyl is perfect for one-time stencils with paper because it provides a great seal, but is easily removed from paper without any tearing or sticky residue left behind.

When it's finished cutting be sure to weeding OUT the area that you want to eventually foil.
vinyl stencil silhouette cameo silhouette tutorial

Next, since I am making a note card, I cut a piece of card stock on Silhouette CAMEO as well. I prefer 110lb card stock.

silhouette cameo 3 autoblade tutorial

Now you're ready to add the vinyl stencil onto your paper.  Use clear transfer tape to pick up the vinyl from the vinyl backing.

That box you drew around the stencil can also be used to help you line up the stencil evenly on your paper. Just use the straight top edge of the box and place it along one of the grid lines on your Silhouette cutting mat. 

silhouette cameo clear transfer tape silhouette studio oracal vinyl
Press the top edge of the transfer tape onto the mat while then sliding the paper card piece into position. Use the left side edge along a vertical grid line to make sure it's straight too.

When you're ready, slowly roll down the vinyl stencil.

vinyl on paper silhouette tutorial help ideas

Press it really well onto the paper before carefully removing the transfer tape.

best transfer tape oracal vinyl 651 631

Move the paper with the stencil away from the mat (so you don't get any Deco Foil Transfer Gel on it) while you work.   Use a plastic spoon to put a glob of the transfer gel onto the vinyl area.

deco foil transfer gel review tutorial foils

Then use the straight edge of a plastic knife or a popsicle stick to evenly put the transfer gel across the stencil. It's kind of like screen printing! You can return any extra gel back into the container to limit waste.

Using Deco Foil transfer gel with foils silhouette cameo tutorial

Next CAREFULLY using your Silhouette Hook tool remove the vinyl stencil. 

 Let the transfer gel dry for about an hour.

mixed media paper projects silhouette cameo deco gel

Once the Deco Foil Transfer Gel is dry, you can use either an iron or a heat press to apply the foil.  I swear the hardest part of this project was picking which of these Deco Foil Watercolor Foils to use!

watercolor deco foil craft foil

Lay the paper down on the heat press or firm surface and cover with a sheet of Deco Foil - color side up. Then apply heat and pressure for about 30 seconds.

heat press craft foil

Remove from the heat and let the foil cool before peeling it away.

add foils to paper without minc silhouette cameo tutorial

The foil will stick to the areas with the transfer gel.


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