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CB09 Blade and Silhouette CAMEO 3: Will They Work Together?

You guys know I love my CB09 Blade...but I was super disappointed when I got my Silhouette CAMEO 3 only to realize my favorite blade for cutting vinyl would not fit in the re-designed blade carriage on the new Silhouette machine. guys...I was so wrong. I was so, so wrong and (in this case..take note, Bob!) I'm happy to admit it!

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When I first got my Silhouette CAMEO 3 I immediately tried the CB09 in it and it would not fit.
And I was not willing to jam it in there or wittle it down to make it fit.

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Fast forward a few months and someone swore to me their CB09 blade fit in the CAMEO 3. Could it be? No...they must have a different CB09 Blade holder - as there are slight variations on the popular blade and holder. 

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I figured I'd try again to see if I could get the CB09 Blade to fit in the CAMEO 3. Low and went in with just a press of my finger! I stand corrected: The CB09 and CAMEO 3 can be used together!

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So here's my theory...when it was brand spankin' new the blade housing in the Silhouette CAMEO 3 was still a little tight. But with use over the last several months the 'joints' have loosened up a bit making it possible for CB09 blade to fit into either housing without any added pressure or force. 

silhoeutte cameo 3 dual carriage, CB09 blade, graphtec CB09 blade

And every Silhouette CAMEO 3 user said AMEN that they can once again use get those amazing vinyl cuts with their CB09 blade!!!

Want to know how to put the Graphtec CB09 blade together? Check out this Silhouette School tutorial and video.

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  1. I saw posts that you had to file it down a bit...but the lazy person I am...just wiggled it a bit as I applied a little more pressure than usual...and lo and behold it went in. I usually keep my autoblade on the left and my CB09 on the right....that way IF I am being lazy, I can always resort to the Autoblade rather than taking the CB09 out to adjust (cuz it is definitely harder to take out of the housing than the standard ratchet blade. AND sometimes I just don't want to deal with the blade setting since there are no markings).
    Melissa, somewhere I saw a post on making a label to stick on the the CB09 to mark the blade settings... Was that you??. I can't seen to find it now.

  2. Hey, Melissa! Thanks so much for the info as I'm really considering getting the CB09 blade. However, I am recently learned that there are different types of CB09 - a 30 degree, 45 degree, and a 60 degree! Talk about confusing! What are the pros and cons to each of these? (...or even the purpose of each!?)

  3. Do you have a link where you bought your blade?

  4. I've tried using my cb09 on my Cameo 3 several times and it just won't cut right! I can move the same blade, save settings, etc. to my 2 and it'll cut perfectly. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

  5. I love reading your silhouette blogs! I am interested in the CB09 blade, but I have the Silhouette Curio which I LOVE! Will this blade fit the curio? I can not seem to find an answer to this online? Cheers! X

  6. I don't have the 3 (yet), but that would be a deal breaker if I could not use my CB09! Thanks for the information!!! LOVE your blog!

  7. Hi can anyone please tell me if the cb09 blade can be used for cutting card or is it only for vinyls. Thank you in advance. Dawn

  8. I have a question Melissa, can I use this blade with the original Cameo.



  9. Can I use this blade with the original cameo.


  10. Melissa, I swear you are reading my mind!!! I was just wondering this YESTERDAY. I have a CB09 blade I just bought and I was looking at the C3 realizing that the housing for the blade is different and what that means. I don't know if mine is loose enough yet, but I intend to try!! Thanks for being the trailblazer!!

  11. Do you just leave your CB09 set on say, paper, and leave it alone and then use the auto adjust blade in the other slot so it can change as needed?

  12. I was so disappointed in my CB09 blade. I could never get it to cut right. Followed several tutorials on how to get the blade set to cut correctly only to have it not cut when I put it in my machine. I wait until I see the silhouette blades on sale and buy them them. Just felt the CB09 blade was not worth the time money and aggrevation.

  13. Has anyone had any issues with the cb309 blade coming out of the blade housing? Is there any way to lock it in the cameo 3?


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