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Silhouette Studio Library Missing: How to Get It Back

I have been getting more and more frantic emails recently from Silhouette School readers who have lost their Silhouette Studio library.  First - don't panic. Unless your computer crashed and you never backed up your library, it's likely you can recover the majority - if not all - of your designs.

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No matter how you lost your library, you can get your Silhouette America designs back - as they are linked to your account. Silhouette America can re-sync your library and you will get those designs back - no worries.
The same goes for those designs that you've stored on the cloud. That's the beauty of the cloud - your design files are stored safely there.  (You may also want to keep your own back up copy of the files stored on the Silhouette Cloud, as well.)

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The bigger concern, however is the files that you created yourself or imported into Silhouette Studio from other sources outside of the Silhouette Design Store.

The issue with the missing Silhouette Studio library is happening more and more often with the upgrade to Silhouette Studio V3.8.088.  For that reason it's imperative that you back up your Silhouette Studio library before you upgrade to that version of the software.

However, if you've already upgraded and failed to backup or export you Silhouette Studio library - all hope is not lost.

Most of the time reverting back to a previous of Silhouette Studio will solve the problem. For example if you updated to the troublesome V3.08.88 version of Silhouette Studio only to discover your Silhouette Studio library is empty - going back to a previous version will likely solve the problem.  (By the way, unless you have a Silhouette CAMEO 3 I would NOT suggest you upgrade to V3.08.88 at this point.) You can find and download older versions of Silhouette Studio by going to the Silhouette America website and clicking > Update Software > Beta & Legacy versions of Silhouette Studio

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Installing the previous version of Studio you were running should re-index your library.

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Once you've recovered your Silhouette Studio library by installing an older version of the software, export your Silhouette Studio library. Depending on which version of the software you are running there are different ways to do this.

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With your library safely backed up, now re-install the newer version of the Silhouette Studio software. If your library comes over with this installation - wonderful.

If it doesn't, you can import your backup library which has been saved to your computer as an exe file.  Also, I should point out, you won't be able to click on the exe file and view it. It's just a bunch of code so don't panic when you try to preview it outside of Studio an see just a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

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In order to risk losing your Silhouette Studio library again, I would highly suggest you make it a habit to export and back up your Silhouette Studio library at least once a month.

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