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How to Back Up, Save, and Export Your Silhouette Studio Library Files

Silhouette Studio, library, move, back up, export

If you've ever been on the losing end of a computer crash you know how upsetting and frustrating it can be to lose photos, files, and months or years of work. Or perhaps you are getting a new computer and don't want to have to manually move each and ever file in your library.  Well lucky for you and me Silhouette America has created a really fast way to back up, save, move and/or export your entire Studio Library. And the best part don't even have to be computer savy to do it.  Seriously, people, seriously this is like major.
BUT...what you do need to do is upgrade to Silhouette Studio V3.  If you haven't already, fear not, the bugs are worked out and it's not so scary.

Alright good, you've upgraded.  Now, open up Silhouette Studio and click on File.

Go about two thirds of the way down the menu and click on Library > Export Library.
NOTE: If you are running Silhouette Studio with Cloud, you will NOT have the Export Library option. Instead, use this method to export the Silhouette Studio library with Cloud version of Silhouette Studio.

Silhouette Studio, library, move, back up, export

Once you click on Export library you'll get this pop up box asking you where you want your entire Silhouette Library to go. If you want to back up or move your entire Silhouette Library, an external hard drive (connected through a USB port) is a great choice...that's where I saved mine as a back up.

Silhouette Studio, library, move, back up, export

Your entire library will start to export...but it will not be deleted it from your Silhouette Studio library - it will just be a copy that's moved.

This is how the exported saved library will look.  You can rename that file to something you have a better chance of recognizing or searching for, too. I changed mine to 'My Silhouette Studio Library'.

Silhouette Studio, library, move, back up, export, My Library

If you're just using this as a backup plan, you're all set! You've gotten yourself a free insurance policy.

But let's say you want to move all those .Studio files onto another computer. You can do that by plugging your hard drive into your new computer.

Open up Silhouette Studio on that computer (you've of course reinstalled the program over there) click on File > Library and this time select Import Library.

Navigate to your library of files...again mine was renamed "My Silhouette School library as you can see there in gray) and click 'OK'.

Silhouette Studio, library, move, back up, import

And off they go...into your Silhouette Studio library.

It seriously couldn't be any easier to move and back up your Silhouette Studio library now so there's no excuse not to!

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