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Converting Silhouette Studio Files to PDFs

Silhouette Studio, files, PDF, convert
I'm in the process of a top secret project....can't share the big reveal yet, but what I can share is a little secret I learned along the way.  The project requires me to print and cut.  However, I need a high quality print and it's not one that I really trust my home printer with.  So I needed a way to print the .studio file at a copy center like Staples or Office Max.  Obviously neither can access .studio files so my designs would need to be converted to PDF format.   But how?!

A little bird in one of the Silhouette Facebook Groups I'm a part of, pointed me, a MAC user, in the right direction and it's one that I think is definitely worth passing I take no credit for this one. K?! 

This conversion can be helpful for not only print and cuts but for any design that you create in Silhouette Studio that you later want to export and use later because once it's in PDF format, there are FREE online conversion tools that will then convert it to JPEG and well, from there the possibilities are endless.

What you want to do is create your design in Silhouette Studio as you normally would.  If you're doing a print and cut add your registration marks like your normally would.  If you're not doing a print and cut obviously skip that part.

Click on the printer icon as if you are going to send your design to the print. (Don't worry, you're not going to print.)  On the pop up window, you'll see this little PDF button.

Silhouette Studio, files, PDF, convert

Click it and you'll get a drop down mention with the option to Save as PDF.

Silhouette Studio, files, PDF, convert, save as PDF

When you name your file be sure that you manually type in the the extension ".pdf" after the file name.

Silhouette Studio, files, PDF, convert

That's all there is to it.  You can navigate to where your file saved and see that it's in PDF format and will open with Acrobat Reader.

Silhouette Studio, files, PDF, convert

And here's what the file with the registration marks looks like...

Silhouette Studio, files, PDF, convert, registration marks

Just remember, if you are doing print and cut be sure your file is exactly as you want it before you save and have it printed at 100% and DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES to your design in Studio after you save as a PDF. Once your image is printed, you can proceed with the print and cut as if you printed on your home computer - just load the images on your mat, find the registration marks, and send it to cut.

If you want to convert your file further from a PDF to JPEG, I recommend the website

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