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Circle Split Anchor Silhouette Studio Tutorial (Works for Any Shape)

The split anchor with circle is so in right now. After I posted a recent tutorial on getting vinyl to stick to canvas, I was asked over and over again where I bought the design I put on my canvas.  I rarely buy designs...and this one was no exception.  So I figured it was worth a tutorial to show you how to make a split design with a welded circle.
I am using another anchor design to demonstrate, but this splitting method can be done with any shape. Start by opening up your anchor in Silhouette Studio.

With the shift key being held down, draw a circle.  This just ensures you get a perfectly symmetrical circle.

 Align the circle over the center of the circle.  To perfect align open up the Align window. Highlight both the anchor and the circle and click Align Horizontally > Center, Align Vertically Center.

Now you want to click the Modify icon.  Highlight both the anchor and the circle again and click Subtract all.  And the center of your anchor is now gone.  At this point your design is three separate pieces: the top of the anchor, the circle and the bottom of the anchor.

Before you weld...we're going to create an offset.  So select the circle click the Offset icon and then offset.  I went with the default distance, but you can change it if you want by moving the slide bar or typing in a distance.

Now select the offset and the original circle > Right Click > Make Compound Path.

Finally highlight the entire anchor and the circle and weld (Right Click > Weld) so you create solid design.

And here's what the design looks like filled in, giving you a better idea of what it would look like cut on vinyl or paper or HTV or as a stencil.  And now you're ready to add a name, a quote, a monogram or whatever it is you're looking to do!

The same method works for welding a circle to any other shape or design such as chevron or a straight line.

How will you use your split circle designs?  Share in a comment below.

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  1. LOVE this !!!! Wondering why the circle and offset need to be a compound path. The whole compound path confuses me. Haha

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  3. How do you highlight both?


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