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Problems Detecting Registration Marks on Silhouette...and How to Fix It!

Problem, registration marks, Silhouette, solution, fix, Silhouette Studio
And the number one question to Silhouette School (other than how to cut a Captain America shield..not even joking) is:  Why won't my Silhouette detect the registration marks for a print and cut?

Well, my friends there are a few different reasons and a few different ways to fix this problem.  Some of them are honestly just silly and others are more time consuming than anything else. 

First of all - did you remember to actually add your registration marks before your printed?  In other words, they are printed on the sheet, right?

Be sure the entire registration marks are actually being printed.  Sometimes the printer will only print one side of the 90 degree registration mark. If this happens it won't be fully detected by the Silhouette.  To fix this issue, move the registration marks up and/or in on the page from the 'Add Registration Marks' window.

Problem, registration marks, Silhouette, solution, fix, Silhouette Studio

If the registration marks are printed on the paper or canvas sheets and are printed completely, but are still not being detected there are a few more things to check.

1) Are they oriented and in the same position as they are in Silhouette Studio? Hold your paper exactly like you see it on your monitor and that's how you want to feed it into the machine.

Problem, registration marks, Silhouette, solution, fix, Silhouette Studio

2) Are you working in an area with low light?  I am completely serious when I tell you that flipping on an extra light or even shining a flashlight on the registration marks has been enough to get my machine to find the marks.

3) Is your paper or medium heavily patterned? If the paper on which the registration marks is patterned it may be tough for the machine to actually find the registration marks.  A little tricks is to actually trace over the registration marks with a sharpie marker so they are more easily detected by the machine.

4) Are you loading the mat correctly? If you load the mat too far to the left or right the machine may be looking in the wrong spot for the registration marks.  This can cause it to fail when trying to detect the marks.

Problem, registration marks, Silhouette, solution, fix, Silhouette Studio, loading

If your issue is that the machine is finding the registration marks, but not cutting along the edge of your design and is the same distance away from your design through the entire page you need to recalibrate the alignment. 

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