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Dollar Store Stencil 'Vinyl' Material for Silhouette

Stencil, dollar store, vinyl, Silhouette
I am so excited to share this little tip with you today because it's gonna save you some money and there's not much I like more than a deal!  The Dollar Tree and Deals sell rolls of Con-Tact Quick Cover Clear Self-Adhesive Shelf Liners for just $1 ($2 at Deals) that is a great substitute for Silhouette Stencil Vinyl.  

The sticky Clear Cover has a backing that can be peeled off after it's cut - just like vinyl - and then transferred to another surface for stenciling. 

This stuff is really versatile.  It can easily be cut with the Silhouette and then used on glass, plastic, fabric, and wood to get nice crisp lines when you paint or etch.

So here's how to turn the dollar store stencil 'vinyl' knockoff into a stencil.  Start by cutting off a piece from the roll.  Place it on your Silhouette cutting mat with the backing side down and then get ready to cut.  I used the default cut settings for 'Silhouette Stencil Vinyl.'

Stencil, dollar store, vinyl, Silhouette, clear cover

Once your design is cut, weed it carefully leaving the stencil material and the backing in place for the actual stencil.

Stencil, dollar store, vinyl, Silhouette

When you're ready, use a piece of gridded transfer tape to pick up the stencil material.

Stencil, dollar store, vinyl, Silhouette, gridded, transfer tape

This part can be kind of tricky because it's very difficult to see if the stencil has been picked up since it's clear.  I used the Silhouette scraper to rub across the transfer tape to make sure the entire design got picked up.   If you look carefully you can see the thumb (along with the rest of the design) is on my transfer tape.

Stencil, dollar store, vinyl, Silhouette, gridded, transfer tape

As you can see, the backing was left behind just like it would be with regular adhesive vinyl.

Now you can transfer it to where you want to put your design.  Again, use the scraper to make sure all areas are flat so you get a tight seal.  It is easy to see if you have any bubbles so if you do just go around went around with your finger and press them out.  I also pressed down on the edges of the stencil really well to ensure no etching cream or paint leaked under.

Stencil, dollar store, vinyl, Silhouette, etched, mug

Tomorrow I'll share a beginner-level tutorial on how to etch etching using this stencil!

Etch, glass, Silhouette tutorial

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