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Last Day of School Autograph Shirt (Free Silhouette .Studio Cut File)

Shirt, autograph, last day of school, free, Silhouette Studio, cut file
I have a confession to make...this has been the most frustrating project ever.  Let's just say had I not promised my 5 year old I would make it for her for the last day of school, I would have bagged it 20 times over!   Sorry for the ringing endorsement, I bet that just makes you want to jump right in, huh?

Admittedly, most of the hiccups were user error.  See that gold glitter HTV banner? Yeah, it wasn't supposed to be there...but it's hiding a big ol' screw up.  See that cutout around the K? Yeah, the circle was supposed to be solid and it was supposed to say "kindergarten" not just "K".  I am only pointing all this out because I want you all to know that even us experienced Silhouette users run into trouble... I did manage to get it back on track and save the project which was half the "fun."

Now to make this a whole heck of a lot easier on you I'm going to give you the free .studio cut file (one mirrored and one not in both V2 and V3). FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY!

I'm also going to suggest you do one of the following (click the link to hop over for more info/tutorials):

1. Print and Cut the design on Square1 Iron Ons (easiest method)
2. Cut on regular heat transfer vinyl (101 HTV lesson here)
3. Make a freezer paper stencil, then paint on the design using craft paint

NOTE: I'll have a beginner-level tutorial and review on glitter HTV (this is from Expressions Vinyl) next week.

Using the free .studio file provided above, go ahead and change anything you need to change to personalize it (use the mirrored image if you're using HTV and the regular image if you're using freezer paper or Iron Ons), and when you are ready then cut it. 

With the exception of SQ1 Iron Ons, you'll need weed the design carefully - there are a lot little areas between the letters and numbers.  Place the stencil, iron on or HTV (shiny side up) onto your shirt and iron it on.

1. Square1 Iron Ons: Iron for 15 seconds on Cotton Setting (no steam)
2. Freezer Paper: Iron on to seal the freeze paper onto the shirt, then paint and peel off the stencil
3. HTV:  Cover the design with a thin piece of fabric, using a lot of pressure, press down the iron (Cotton Setting, No Steam) onto the design for at least 1 minute.

Shirt, autograph, last day of school, free, Silhouette Studio, cut file

See...I knew you'd have an easier time than me, right?! 

Get out your fabric pens and let your child's classmates go crazy! SCHOOL's OUT FOR THE SUMMER (unless you're in Silhouette School).

Shirt, autograph, last day of school, free, Silhouette Studio, cut file

On a side note....I am not nearly as happy that kindergarten is over for my baby girl.  I can't believe she's already headed to first grade!!

What's been your most frustrating Silhouette project and how did you save it? Or did you just throw up your hands and move onto the next one?  Leave a comment below.

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  1. I love this!!! BUT I can't figure out how to change the wording on it. I can't seem to click on it and change and I tried to replicate it but couldn't figure out the bend of the words. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!

  2. Jennifer this shows you how to do the curved wording. Hope this helps!

  3. I'm struggling on how to get the text to curve to the path like kinder is...I can get it to the top and underside but when I do the underside it's upside down...I know it's got to be a simple click, but just can't figure it out.


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