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DIY Photo Phone Case Cover: Silhouette Print And Cut Tutorial (Free .Studio Cut File)

My phone is full of pictures of my kids and now my phone case is adorned with their adorable little faces, as well.  This is actually a really easy project to do using the Silhouette.  I have the iPhone4 and used a blank case from Punch Place Plus. They have a really nice selection of colors, have covers for various phones, and are super affordable....I'm talking a two-pack of phone cases for less than $2. (Plus, PPP has lots more than just phone cases so take a browse around if you're looking for anything from blank headbands to acrylic bracelets cuffs to doll shirts and so much more....all of which can be decorated with vinyl and/or HTV.)

The toughest part about this whole project is the sizing.  There are a few ways you can go about getting the correct sizing and shape for your phone case photo cover.

1) Scan your phone case and import into Studio to perform a trace.
2) Snap a photo of your phone case, import and trace...then measure your phone case and size the image.
3) Use and/or modify the cut file provided (based on the iPhone4/5 plastic) case.  This is for personal use only!!!

I fooled around with the sizing of the image a lot, but the best size I found for these phone cases from Punch Place Plus is 4.5x2.25" so that's the size the studio cut file is.  I prefer my case wraps NOT to wrap onto the sides around the phone because I think they peel up easier.  If you'd rather your photo wraps around, you'll need to adjust the sizing slightly.  Likewise if you're using a different style, brand, or size of phone case, I would recommend cutting the case studio file on paper first to see how the sizing works on your phone and then make any slight adjustments before moving on.

Once you have the sizing right, drag your photo into the phone case design.  This was actually Part 1 of this tutorial and the process to fill a shape with a photo was covered extensively here.

When your photo is ready, add registration marks like you would any print and cut design. (Click here for the Print and Cut 101 Tutorial)  And you're ready to print!

I like Square 1 Printables because the sheets are printable in an inkjet printer and you can reposition the fabric once it's on the phone case if you don't get it perfect on the first go.  You can think of it like printable, cuttable, repositionable, resuable vinyl.

Feed the SQ1 Printable sheet into the printer so the photo will print on the rougher side.

Then stick the sheet onto your cutting mat and send it to cut.  The registration marks will be found (hopefully on the first try) and the machine will cut out the image in the shape of the phone case cover.

Now just peel up your print and cut photo case cover off the backing and place it directly onto the blank phone case.

I think it's easiest to apply it around the camera hole first, and then work your way down.

Press down around the entire phone paying special attention to the edges. If you have a Silhouette scraper tool you can use it to get out any bubbles..and you're good to go! 

Not into the photo phone case thing, no worries...we'll be sharing more phone case Silhouette projects in the coming weeks so be on the lookout." target="_top

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  5. is there anything else you can use besides square 1 printables? if not, where do you buy it?


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