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How to Put DTF Transfers on Hats

You can put DTF transfers on hats even if you don't have a hat press. 

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Since DTF transfers can be ironed on, applying to hats is fast and easy! Read on for some tips on making and applying DTF transfers for hats. 

I limit my HTV designs to no more than two colors since the time it takes to cut, weed, and layer after that gets excessive. Not to mention, layered HTV can be thick, crinkly, and uncomfortable.  When I have a design like this multi color rainbow SVG, printing DTF transfers is the perfect easiest and best option. 

Of course you can put DTF transfers on t shirts, but you can also apply to bags, hats and even some hard goods. 

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To make DTF transfers for hats you want to upload your image into the So Fontsy Gang Sheet builder or find one that's in the free image library. 

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Size the design so it fits on the front of a hat. I usually size hat transfers so they're no taller than 2 to 2.5" inches.  They're actually perfect for filling in extra space on a gang sheet

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There's no weeding or cutting and the gang sheets show up at my door ready to apply in 15 seconds. 

Cut the transfers apart and hold or tape the transfer in place on the front of the hat while you apply the heat. 

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You can fill the hat with a towel or something to get more pressure from the back if you want. And the best part - a heat press isn't even necessary. In fact a small iron or Cricut EasyPress is perfect! 

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After the entire design has been pressed, wait until the transfer is completely cool to the touch before peeling off the film. 

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I love that you can use DTF transfers for more than just shirts..and yes you can put them on some hard goods too!! 

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DTF transfers,direct to film,transfers,dtf

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