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How to Change the Blade Depth Setting In Silhouette Studio for a Better Cut

With the popularity of the Silhouette CAMEO AutoBlade, many users have never had to manually adjust their blade depth. 

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However there are times when you need to adjust the blade depth - most often due to the recommended default cut settings are not working for your material. 

In order to do this you need to be able to find the Blade Depth setting...which unfortunately is not labeled in the Silhouette Studio Send panel.

When a material is selected from the material drop-down menu, the recommended default cut settings for that specific material are displayed in the Send panel. The recommended blade depth is found on the black dial to the left of the Force and Speed settings. 

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The black dial is numbered 1-10 when the Autoblade or Ratchet Blade are selected as the tool. 

If you are using an Auto Blade and the cut settings are not working for you, you can change the blade depth by pressing the arrows on either side of the dial. This is crucial when using an Auto Blade as this tells the machine change the blade depth. 

Let's say you pick Glossy Vinyl as the material. The default cut settings put the blade depth to a "1" which means the machine will adjust the Autoblade to a depth of "1" before cutting. However, a blade depth of "1" is often not deep enough for a clean cut on vinyl. A blade depth of "2" is better. 

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If you increase the blade depth setting to a "2" now your machine will increase the blade to a 2 when it's tapping the Autoblade before cutting. 

Keep in mind, if you are using a Ratchet Blade the number on this scroll bar is literally a recommended blade setting for you to reference. You will need to then manually adjust the ratchet blade to match that setting. 

If using a ratchet blade you need to adjust the blade yourself

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  1. I want to know why my machine is terrible at cutting glitter htv. So wonder what setting I put it on it ends up at some point getting stuck and messing up. I’m ready to give up on the glitter htv

  2. I am having an issue with it cutting through the vinyl and backing even on 1.Is there a way to fix this?

    1. Hey there, it sounds like your blade may not be installed correctly. Check out this blade troubleshooting blog post:


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